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    Hello members of Imperial Gaming, it's time for yet another steam game giveaway. I was going through some random .txt documents on my laptop today and found about 30 unused steam game codes so I thought I would give them away. I will be giving away games in two different ways. I have a bunch of codes that require another game to have been redeemed, and because I don't want to go through them all, I will list them all below for anyone to use if they have the game required. The second set of games I will be giving away to the first 10 people that post a screenshot of their character on the server is a series of locations (ALL). At the Engine Room Checkpoint doing the 'Salute' animation (act salute). In the Mess Hall watching a video on the TV whilst doing the 'Laugh' animation (act laugh). Standing on top of the Star Map outside of the Bridge Checkpoint doing the 'Agree' animation (act agree). Sitting on top of the ship claw that is used to move a TIE Fighter from TIE Bays to Main Hangar 02 (can be controlled from MH2 Control Room). Good luck to all Games Remaining: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 A
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    Sick of being SW, I can relate. Unluckily you made the wrong first impression, but sticking to the road you are on now will give you earlier gains now. Stay focused, and I'd probs use a spare game on the side for the long haul. Shock is a very solid foundation, has been throughout this servers known life. Imperial is still the best server for miles, the people's (including staff's) history go back in double digits of Months. These are the true big fish nowadays.
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    @Fred please send me a message over the forums with a number between 3 and 8 (excluding 6 and 7) to get your game.
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    @zaspan Please send me a forums message with a number between 3 and 8 (excluding 6) and I'll send you your game.
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    Please post the actual screenshots like the people above for this to count (can't access steam websites at school).
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    At this current stage I will have to deny this application. You have received positive feedback from the community but issues have been raised by staff.Things we would like to see improved before the next possible application:- You have only just come back from a long break after leaving EMTake all the positive feedback on this App and channel it to improve yourself and apply again when you think you are truly ready.Denied - You may apply again in 2 weeks
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    I would have to agree with Emerald on this one. While my experiences with you while haven't been anything too noteworthy in a positive or negative way. As for Scenarios: For somebody who claims to have multiple sources of moderation experiences from what i can read you don't have a good grasp on how the ULX logs work along with how the Moderation system of Imperial Gaming works. Being a Lieutenant Colonel is difficult, stressful and definitely not for everybody. But that is no reason to act immature. The difference between a "meme" and a "minge" is non-existent...It depends on the situation, cuffing a navy officer for no reason is pointing towards a player who would abuse Admin Powers because "lel" ^^This is vitally important. A Good moderator doesn't have to be the most "Serious" or "Strict" but rather reasonable, relatable and good communication skills. I can think of many Moderators and most are pretty mingey...But when it comes to their moderation role they are very Professional. -1 as of right now and in the foreseeable future until you can prove it to the community
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    -1 This applications looks really rushed and doesnt follow the proper template, I dont know if you have what it takes to be the big gae quite yet. ❤️
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    ^ Agree With You Mauler Neutral Till Later. *cough* Minge *cough* @Mauler
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    -1 Hi Sol, After reading your application, It's alright however you are NOT mature enough to obtain a position like this, For example at the Sith Inquisitor Tryouts, You had to duel someone and lost, You then talked when you died (which is failrp) and started to swear and be disrespectful at this certain person, Which is NOT the way someone applying for Trial Moderator should act. You've recently been kicked and demoted from your previous regiment and you now just minge that much it's not funny, Yesterday you broke heaps of Server Rules obtaining a ton of AOS's, Which is an perfect example of how immature you are. Also, I don't believe you would really do well as Staff because to me you would just plain out abuse the crap out of the powers T-Mod gives in my opinion. Terribly Immature. Lied about obtaining Staff Position on another Server. Massive Minge. Would abuse in my opinion. Short Temper. Not well known. Good Luck.
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    Hi, Head of Production here. Let me attempt to save this before we lose a great applicant. From what I see, your application is more than sufficient for you to become a Graphic Designer for the Media Team. You have provided various, great examples of your proficiency in Photoshop and obviously have a passion for graphic design, something that should not be underestimated. The Media Team will always appreciate help graphically to help us differentiate our community and to create an identity unique to us and suited for us. Now, in relation to your passion. Just because "some guy on the internet" has decided to needlessly shit on your application for whatever reason does not mean you should close your application. From when I'm writing this, you have 7 people in support of your application, which is far more important than one person's negative support. It is obvious to me that you are wanted more than you are not wanted, so give yourself a chance. You should not let one person govern your dreams and doubt your passion. +1
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    -1 Reasons: Firstly, we have a rule in the staff team that you are not able to be staff on another server while you are staff on Imperial Gaming. From what you are saying you are still staff on this other called "Hyplex". So if you really wanted to be staff on our server you would have quite the other server and shown you are committed to IG. Second you say you are active, but in your own words you say this "I've been a Trial Mod on a server called Innovative gaming, But I've gone inactive." You are saying you are active but got removed from your last staff position because you went in active. Then we have Twinkie telling us this: So you get removed from mod on another server for inactivity, then you show you are continuing to repeat the behaviour of going inactive again on Imperial Gaming. So are you really going to be active? or jut go inactive like you have in the past....you say "I've managed to keep may rank" this being on the Hyplex server, who knows how you have kept it with how inactive you must be. You have only just have a week game time. The minimum amount required for staff and in my opinion you do not have the experience on our server with that amount of play time. You again point out in the what can you bring to the staff team section(see quote below). I would have thought that someone so active might have closer to two weeks game time with how active you apparently are and board, not knowing what to do with your time.... Idk what servers you come from prior to this but you say "there are a group of people who I'd consider "the elites" Imperial Gaming has no interested in a tier system of members. Everyone is equal and no one person is treated differently or seen as more important then anyone else. Now you say this as a good thing in your statement but what you are implying is that you will show a great deal of favouritism towards your so called 'elite' people that you see. You may not believe this but that is how psychology works. So essentially you be ineffective in a moderation position do to your bias towards to elite. So my final thoughts, I'd rather not have someone on the staff team that hits their inactivity, and repeated inactive behaviour within later repetitive paragraphs talking about their grammar being fantastic. Because tbh anyone that goes to school can type a half decent sentences, this isn't a book writing club, its a staff team. And if your punishments and admin sits are going to be as long as your punishments, there is an issue in itself.
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    What is your In-game name: Dolmio Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:17685208 Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/bro_d791/ Play time: 2 Weeks, 3 Days, 7 Hours Have you used PAC Before: No Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I feel as though I am a very trustworthy person. I don't recall my self minging on the server at any time or breaking any rules. I have never lied to a staff member and I would not ever abuse my power that comes with Pac3 Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): I've never had it before and hostely don't know what it is. People told me to apply and I thought to my self "Hey, why not?". So here I am applying for it as I feel as it would also be a great new experience because I love trying new things Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): Honestly, I don't think I "deserve" it, but I don't see any reason as to why I shouldn't have it. I won't abuse it, nor have I abused any power I've been given on the server. I just wish to try some new things and (hopefully) have some fun doing it. I also feel like I "deserve" it becase people have recently told me to apply and no one has told me otherwise. Thanks everyone. - Dolmio
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    Hey dude. Great that you remember me. But as it says in my application, I have no prior experience with Pac3
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    +1 Sickest guy. Knows his stuff. Never seen him break a rule on the server.
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    +1 Very Good at RP and all rounder great guy. +Very sexy Secretary.
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    I feel like maybe trial it on a different server if posible. If not, just trial it for a bit and then have a proper vote afterwards.
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    It's gonna be sick. I can't afford PUBG, so I finally have the chance to get it for free.
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    Legend has it, @Wolf + @Whitey are the only ones to ever hear his voice after an extremely intense post-application interview.
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    Yo while you're there hang up a tank on the crane to make me happy. #obsessed
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    Well, I believe that under Gatsby, Sol will become quite the respectful player on the server. I won’t give an opinion for now but I urge others to do the same. Some of the current staff were minges and memers before they became staff. Look at em now. (dont look at me)
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    Denied - Currently holds a staff position on another SWRP Server.
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    Denied - Due to inactivity within the community
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