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    Hello everyone! If you've been around the server at all in recent weeks, you'll notice that there has been a lot of problems surrounding ISB, their activities and the way in which they respond to events. Upon myself having a conversation with Wolf and Whitey in Teamspeak, they recommended the creation of an ISB Handbook, like the one Navy has. Everything that ISB is able to do and is associated with is in there in the respective section. This version of the document has been discussed by myself and Whitey and he has signed off on it, making it officially in place as of this post. The link follows below, there will also be a much easier way to access it in the near future. Any questions in regards to the content of this handbook, ask me. Link to ISB Handbook: https://goo.gl/ga1Tf6
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    NOMINATIONS ARE CLOSED!!! The video is now in production! expect delays however since mid year exams are around the corner...and i actually want to do well in them.
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    Humble Bumble back at it again. 8 Hours left https://www.humblebundle.com/store/hacknet-deluxe
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    Freshly Baked in the MS Paint Oven
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    Cody I have to say, you posted this thread quite fast after my removal. 85 days of my life well spent. Sorry I disappointed you... #ripengineerbutcherpressftopayrespects
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    +1 these pacs are amazing. I believe that you would do good things with pac3 and im eager to see them
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