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    The officers lounge...that place where the people who run the ship can congregate and have fun... We're in such good hands people...
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    Hey everyone. I have decided to put this up on the forums for those who don't see it ingame. I have decided to move my character's weapon and armour engineering skills and business from the private military sector to the Empire's sector, now that he is an enlisted soldier within the tank trooper squadron. You can currently order weapons and armour from him here (https://goo.gl/forms/5srNbIzmM1xhYGAd2) but more will be coming soon.
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    Hell yeah Kawhi be fire
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    When you king hit the emperor and nothing happens @zaspan
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    Dear Friends, After 12 months within the community, this will be my final post on these forums (for now). I have been here through the ups and downs of the community, through RST, ISB, SM and MHC, meeting lots and lots of great people; but as times pass, people come and go. And so, after a few weeks of deciding, this is my resignation from the server. Thank you for the good times. If anyone wishes to talk to me or receive my content (regarding iG roleplay), feel free to PM me or add me on Steam. Free to use stuff: Catch ya, Arkas
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    As a mentally handicapped cacti, I am triggered by this video.
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    And petting people for no reason
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