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    Vaders Fist, Storm Commandos and Nova Troopers are currently empty, and we are looking for new potential commanders to fill their positions! If you want to apply, head to this LINK HERE Please follow all instructions at the start of the form and answer ALL questions to the best of your ability! Remember, how you respond to each question is a direct extension of character and personality and is how we gauge if you are suitable or not for the position. On Saturday, 6:00 PM AEST, I will hold a meeting with the most eligible few to come to the final decision of who shall receive these positions. Remember. Commanding a regiment is a responsibility you will be expected to uphold. Good luck! ~ Major General Hornet
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    Hi Sol, Your application is made to a decent standard, outlining some points in some detail. Personally, I haven't seen you or your involvement on the server and in the community, not enough to be eligible for PAC in my books. Your playtime is decent, but I would recommend you would obtain at least one-week playtime to assure yourself and to tick one box. I would like to see some examples of your so-called knowledge of PAC before changing my opinion. I will sadly have to -1 this application. I would recommend that you become active on the forums, as a means of getting yourself out there and known. I would also recommend that you put more effort into your application, and to expand on the answers some more. Regards, Twinkie
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    Banned everybody above with more than 3 posts on this discussion.
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    Banned for being part of the kool kids klub
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    lol - apparently saying lol gets you 3 downvotes
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    Banned for not cleaning shoes good
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    @Gr8_Gatsby Please contact the Management Team for a meeting as soon as possible.
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