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    +1 Gatsby would be an excellent choice and would do great within the Staff Team. Active Mature Friendly Serious Loyal Detailed Application It's Gatsby. Good Luck!
  2. 1 point
    +1 Mature Active Great Application Well-Known Friendly I Feel That Gatsby Would Be A Great Choice For T-Mod For All The Reasons Stated Above. Good Luck!
  3. 1 point
  4. 1 point
    +1 Very active Responsible Great application GOOD LUCK!!!!
  5. 1 point
    A Huge +1 Great Guy, Always on, a very good Roleplayer, Mature, Respectful, Responsible,
  6. 1 point
    +1 Active, Amazing Person, Amazing Roleplayer and Very mature
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    RIGHT! Everyone is still making terrible suggestion for awards... 1. No awards for minges, they don't deserve awards. 2. This awards system isn't designed to label people as 'the worst BLANK'. The biggest potato award is a joke, and is designed to SOUND like a joke. Whoever will receive that award knows that it isn't serious. 3. A lot of the suggestions have already been done. For example, i have had people suggest the best pilot award, or something around pilots. Thats was literally done last month. 4. I try to stay away from awards that are so specific, we KNOW only one person can win it. It was stated in the pilot award last month that the winner did not have to be a member of the pilot regiment, and it could be anyone with a pilots licence. Awards like the best TMOD as well are terrible, since that is SUPER specific. The 'Best Event creator' Award would be a much better suggestion 5. I try to give some of the awards unique names, so that they aren't so bland. For example, this month there are things like 'The Voice' and 'The I'm no Soldier' Award. Whoever receives these awards gets a unique name added to them. If you REALLY want to suggest an award, which i usually don't accept, try think of these criteria before saying anything, because it gets kinda annoying. ~ John Shover
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    Sometimes there are client-side glitches which are resolved by a relog - or asking the user to re-wear their PAC. If you've tried this make sure your PAC is enabled client side by typing 'pac_enable 1' in console. As previously mentioned you could also try changing your PAC render distance 'pac_draw_distance 2000' (or any distance you want, really just depends how well you can run GMod..)
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    Just a quick reminder to all commanders (troopers/regiments) and leaders (Navy/ISB), make sure you come and talk to Carnifex or myself by the end of Friday. Any commanders/leaders who have already had a chat with Canifex or myself and hasn't given us what we need, you've also got until the end of Friday. If you don't follow through you may be disadvantaged.
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    Oh my young Padawan you have a lot to learn.
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    Shock as the honour guard for the ANZAC Memorial
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