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    There's seriously something wrong with you people.
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    -1 In Summary, You want to arm your regiment to the teeth, give Kreel a lightsaber, throw in a Sub-Regiment and Restrict it all to PAC Users only. Please do explain to me how this is fair to everyone else on the ship?
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    +1 Rickle has shown me nothing but maturity in his time in SCAR. Not to mention that this regiment is already full of experienced PAC users, so Rickle will be recieving heaps of tutoring. SCAR is also now in the works of creating Lore SCAR members, as Zuke (Fear) has begun to showcase, having another member of SCAR with PAC3 access will allow us to continue in our effort to bring lore members to the server.
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    +1 Good player, Active, Doesn't Minge, Could do a lot with PAC3 even without experience as there are 3 members with PAC3 in SCAR (including myself) which could help him along the way.
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    Yes and No. While it's great to have SCAR Lore charcters coming along, we have to keep in mind that we are still just another regiement. - Acceptance into SCAR will Not be restricted by PAC Access, - Kreel will not be wielding a Saber (The last Kreel made damn sure that no one would ever be trusted with one again) and weapons as whole will be put on maybe. - I do plan on speaking to Wolf/Whitey about possibly allowing temporary use of specialist weapons while on missions/training (i.e. Jet pack for Mic, z6 for Zuke, sniper for misty etc.) but aside from that, not much else needs to be adressed here. - We don't need a sub-regiment, we are still trying to build up SCAR itself,
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    “Salutations sirs and soldiers, this document will be used for the purpose of: explaining why SCAR specialists should be given specialised weaponry to suit the class and job, and why they should be added as a sub-regiment of SCAR.” Background Information/Reasons SCAR stands for special advanced recon commando, and refers to the regiment of the empire that was led by Emperor Palpatine. It is most well known for Squad 99 (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Special_Commando_Advanced_Recon_trooper) which consisted of six different troopers specialising in different tactics. Kreel, the sergeant who led the squad, was put in charge of the squad by Darth Vader after joining SCAR. He had a green lightsaber that he captured after recovering it from Grakku’s Hut in a mission, and was gifted it by Darth Vader. Task Force 99 - *Aero: Served as the engineer for the squad, having technical abilities to repair vehicles and hijack them. *Cav: Close quarters combat/melee specialist. *Mic: Skills in hacking systems to gain information. *Misty: Long-range combat/sniping *Shrap: AOE attacker, uses flamethrowers and explosive charges. *Zuke: Heavy weapons and explosives specialist (not the same as explosive charges). Pictures - Requests 1. Class weapons with heavy power, a.k.a explosive charges, explosives, flamethrowers, etc. only be given out during events if needed. 2. Class weapons that are low power, a.k.a heavy guns, sniping rifles, close quarters weapons, lightsaber, etc. be allowed on the ship. 3. Classes for TF-99 are added to the server to increase RP, and variety in statistics to suit the class. 4. PAC3 users only are allowed in TF-99 and the position of Kreel. 5. Kreel get’s his lightsaber when he becomes leader of TF-99. 6. TF-99 be added as a sub-regiment of SCAR. P.S Zukelander
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