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  1. I think you should Keep your sh*t together, Your getting mad at a Tiny Rare occurrence and You can either Watch It or Not watch it If it happens and PK duels are Pretty Rare to see cause They are Basically a Double-Edged Sword cause 1 or the other gets PK'ed and Lose all progress, So why are you Crying over this?
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  2. This is some binds that we normally use and a link to clearance levels and team-speak hope this helps some people
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  3. Remembered just after I posted, but I can't figure out how to delete comments or posts (that I make)
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  4. Okay. So. You lying sack of crap. You describe me as a Navy personal, when you knew who it was. I see during this you try and refrain from using Iden (Or Maxine) as I was the leading cause of your ban and kind of demotion. Considering you called Frank and I a cunt more times than I can count on 1 hand, and plus the reason that you thought of so many "creative" ways to insult me by calling me not just a cunt, but an asshole puts your maturity level down to a kindergarten student. I recently put a post a post on the forums explaining who I am. That being Transgender. Th
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  5. Sorry guys, this post was made during a fit of rage over something that has no benefit making a post about.
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