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    hello all this is a video that i have made about an event on this server i hope you enjoy, there are two different vids in that
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    P.S I'm trying to contact an event master, see if we can make this an event tonight
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    I'm sad I don't have all our funny screenshots you know considering 99% would incriminate us into things that are very naughty anyhow this is a duo submission from ya 2 favourite neighbourhood memes Ridge and myself. Woah this is only 1% of all our funny moments feelsbad I dont have more
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    if he can hand ST's he can handle pac +1
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    Ok. Will be sure to add more details and play more often. Hopefully, you change your mind as I add stuff. Thanks for the feedback guys.
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    Huge + 1 . - Role Model to everyone
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    +1 Known Pavonis for a long time.
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    When It Gets Off To Non-Rp Why Have 1 Emperor When We Can Have 3? zaspan please dont beat me Fun Times pinejack <3
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    If anyone has seen Jman recently...you know what i'm talking about...
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