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    If anyone has seen Jman recently...you know what i'm talking about...
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    Hello Imperial Gaming Community! I would like to give away a prize to the person who has the funniest screenshot. Comment your funny screenshot below, the funniest one will be chosen in 1-2 weeks win the prize! Also please put your steam link under your screenshot.
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    Hello everyone, As you may have noticed l have been on for about 2-5 hours everyday of the week. I was busy with exams for roughly 2 weeks however now that l have finished them l am glad to be a lot more active. Also sorry if l offended any in the forum post l made, l have got in contact with some people (2-3) to say sorry <3. Otherwise, glad to be back and active! ~Commander Of Shock: Solvan
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    -1 THINGS YOU NEED TO IMPROVE ON: -You say you're VERY experienced in PAC, but have provided no examples. -Your application is very white, and unpleasing to look at -Being in ISB is not a way to gauge how trustworthy you are, rather, rank is much more substantial. And you are a constable, which (correct me if i'm wrong) Is the lowest rank you can be in ISB. Just because i'm an ST doesn't necessarily make me untrustworthy, because i have proven myself by getting to where i am now. And i've seen many regiments have VERY mingey people be a part of them, even some of the ones which are meant to be elite. -Your ideas for PAC are VERY generic. Give us something new! I could train a monkey to make a hologram or someone holding a datapad! and when you actually get PAC, the opportunities for RP go THROUGH THE ROOF! so don't limit yourself there, and be creative! -As mentioned by a few people, donating is not a reason why you DESERVE PAC3. And your second in your answer: "I deserve PAC because it would make my time on the server more enjoyable". Is a reason WHY you want PAC3, not why you deserve it HOWEVER: -Your answers i would consider an acceptable length in response to why you want the privilege of using PAC, but keep in mind that you will need to add more for what you might need to change or remove when adjusting your PAC application. -If you fix the points mentioned above, I, and i'm sure many others might be willing to change their -1, to a +1 Good luck ~Hornet
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    Definitely can. To PL 3
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    Hey! Thanks for offering but l actually have a Pilots Licence. Unless maybe you're able to level it up?
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    Changing to a +1, you have good intentions, we'll see if those intentions follow through if you get EM.
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    Update: Added New Time Made It look better
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    Hola! Welcome to the sever
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    you should name moisty Mondays, Tilted Tuesday, wailing Wednesdays, Tomato Thursdays, Fatal Fridays, Salty Saturday, Snobby Sunday's Btw those are the names of places were u can drop and on those days you can only drop on those places (10/10)
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    Just going to put this out there but Friday nights are the busiest nights for a lot of members of this community with Commander’s Meetings, Staff Meetings, Moderator Meetings, Event Master Meetings just to name a few.
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