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    This is the power of the Empire and we will never die !
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    Name: Tooth What will you bring to imperial rp?: im a trusted moderator on many servers for example destroyerRP (deleated due to exploiters) What regiment are you currently?:I am a sith inqiositor apprentice Why do you want to be a trial mod?:to makesure noone breaks the rules, to stop abusers/rdmer's/rda Will you ever abuse this "trial moderator":i will not abuse no What is your time played on this server?:my time played is over 1 year but it says 10 hours due to a glitch Terms: i afree to the terms and service and will follow all rules
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    Ok yes a whole heap of members left does not mean we give up. We can all feel the death of servers is near but we need to push past this and we will come back. Imperial Gaming is my second home and I know what it feels like to leave a real life home. It is hard and depressing. But I bounced back. If Imperial Gaming is your second home fight for it don't give up with out a fight. I fought for my 1st home now I go back every year for a mouth+. What I mean is if you love this community fight for it don't leave it to die. I already lost lots of brother and I will fight on for the living. WHO IS WITH ME!!!!!! o7.
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    Or the power of like- eight people :-P
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