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    Because this post has gotten out of hand I am now going to have to put my foot down to explain different situations. Now to start off with I am upset that the Staff team has blown this out of proportion. Firstly I see this as very wrong way of doing this and also a way that shows no respect to myself, when a report is given to me with evidence I sit down with the party and discuss like I have done recently, I show respect and I make everyone speak to each other like Adults however if they do not treat me with respect I show them I do not continue the meeting and I will ignore them due to I do not have time to deal with people who cannot show respect when they are given it. To the User that has posted this, I am not aiming this at you as you have done the right procedure by creating this thread however some people have blown this up to the point that I do not find this Professional at all with some of the comments I have read from particular staff members that are having a go at other people who have a different opinions to them in this situation. I do have a concern that the staff team gets too involved with these scenarios, and by too involved I mean they let their emotions control them and start having a go at players/other staff members or making comments based off emotions and not the facts. A comment made tonight is that "us going public makes the higher ups do shit" is actually completely false, it actually shows that the respect I give you as not only staff members but as a team is being thrown out the window and stomped on which upsets me to know that the respect I try to give is wiped on the ground and thrown into my face. Another comment I noticed is that someone has said "Another post that should have been made months ago, however, due to the state of fear was never done by said person." I literally almost snapped my pen because of this due to the fact that the reason this post was made was that he knew that nothing will happen to him, no one will ban him and no one will yell at him for following procedures by uploading what he sees as a evidence. Ridge has been assisting Imperial Gaming In-Game and Out of game, spending hours arguing with me on projects, working with me on different projects and assisting other players creating different methods to help ImperialRP. A comment that is always thrown around is that “He's a red tag/he's friends with the owner/Community manager so nothing will be done” is one of the stupidest comments I have heard as I give countless opportunities to staff members no matter there rank of there friendship with me, some of them being the driven forces for this, I will not name and shame however they know who they are so they should think about the opportunities I have given them when they are not red tags. Regarding being friends with myself, yes Ridge and myself are friends due to the fact that with doing all these projects together has brought us closer together along with the other Top-tier staff such as Admins, SNR Admins. A good example for this is Little and myself, Little and I have a very particular friendship where practically if he was in trouble I would fly down to help him as him and myself have grown a massive friendship however when he does something wrong I still talk to him and get up him for it like I do with to the other SNR Admins. You might go oh its a slap on the wrist, No trust me its not, as yes they are my friends however Imperial Gaming does come first as that is the duty I need to uphold while being a Community Owner which means that punishments are given out such as revoked access to functions if they sue it incorrectly. I will also revoke certain things they are able to do on the server and in the community, you may not have seen punishments I have given as I do not need to involve the public to the punishments I give out. With the majority of these reports, I have noticed that these do not revolve around his title of Senior Admin, more his General rank and the fact that people are apparently scared of AOS Generals when they do something wrong. I do not know where this has come from however if any Rank does something that is arrestable then they can be AOS. I myself was stripped of my rank for 1 week as punishment for shooting into the fog on rishi-moon and accidentally hitting a fighter and I had the rank of High General, if a High general can get in trouble for an accidental shot then a General can be arrested. If you think that Ridge has gone against In character aspects that deserve a demotion from General submit your evidence in the appropriate way. This is all I am going to say on this matter, as the rest of it will be discussed internally with other evidence if submitted.
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    Did you seriously down vote Shekelburg for his statement? Honestly Ridge, how do you justify your actions? What is your thought process on this? All I'm seeing is a man that cannot accept any criticism. Your ego is so inflated and you are so insecure about receiving any sort of criticism that you would down vote the comment that goes against anything you say. Honestly, @Little5avage @Imposing @Wolf @Caboose lock this thread because the only thing this thread is doing now, is adding fuel to the flame. Wolf has already made his judgement, anything further should be taken behind the scenes from here or another staff report if necessary.
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    Hello to everyone reading this message, this will be my final statement on the issue, I just want to address a few things. Firstly thank you to @Ridge and @Wolf for your responses. Secondly, something I did not make fully clear to the public and more to the people involved in this report, my intention. Did I want Ridge demoted? Not exactly, could that have that been in the picture? Possibly. The intent was to firstly shine a light on the issue and for others to come out with there issues with Ridge. The Punishment? We wanted things to change and to ensure this never happened again, I speak for a large number of people in that statement. Regarding the "blown out of proportion" argument, was it? Yes, there where fights caused, but other than this, it was a place to come out with opinions/evidence, ignoring the fights for one second, please consider that there are large amounts of people who have genuine issues with Ridge's displays. These are not massive issues however a lot of little acts go a long way. I understand how this can be quite overwhelming at the beginning seeing what could be considered the most popular forum post ever, but please consider what the community is saying so this doesn't happen again.
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    Greetings everyone. Tackxo and I have recently working on ways to improve the Royal Stormtrooper Corps (RST) to try and start a new chapter for the regiment. We have both been working quite hard to try and revitalise the regiment in order to make it more appealing to new players who currently see it as 'The Royal Guards without lightsabers.'. Both of us have come up with a few ideas and plans on how we can do this, which include: - Getting a new, updated, model for the RSTs. - Getting a brand new custom firearm for the RSTs. - Making a new database for the RSTs (found here). These changes are all working towards a potentially large change for the Royal Stormtrooper Corps and how they will run overall. We are currently looking for feedback and ideas on what we can change/work on, so if you have any ideas/suggestions, please feel free to post them in a reply to this post.
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    Creating staff reports Anyone is more than welcome to make a staff report and express their opinions. We request when making the report you do provide evidence of the situation (Videos, Screenshots ETC), if you have had any witnesses at the time please provide names. We ask if you can provide a date of when the situation happen (If there is more than one situation please try provide the dates). Try keep it simple and professional. If you have any other information that may help with your case you are more than welcome to add it however try and keep it within in the report. Staff reports can be lock/closed at any time during the case (Meaning that it has been dealt with or is being dealt with). If you fell that the report is needed to be hidden or locked contact a staff member (Management team/Red tags) Responding to reports Everyone is more than welcome to put there input in and have a say. However we request that you keep it simple and professional. If your comment is not necessary or has no effect/has nothing to do with the report than do not post at all. If you have evidence you are more than welcome to post it as evidence helps the situation. Same as staff apps you are more than welcome to +1 -1 if necessary. If you do not understand the full story and you do not play anymore we ask that you do not post as things tend to change during peoples absens or you have no clear understanding. If there was an issue in the past that was resolved do not post anything about that situation as it will not affect the outcome. If you feel the rules and regulations are unfair please contact me or come find me on teamspeak. These have been created to stop small issue that have been brought up in the past. Please take into consideration that these rules and regulation can change at anytime.
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    I am making this on behalf of many community members, including many of the higher-ups in-game who have been stepped on by this Senior Admin. It is disappointing to see the recent actions that have been taking place regarding this situation and I regret to make this post but feel it is necessary. 15th of February, Ridge came into the control room for no reason at all, after one of my navy officers requested he left due to him not having a reason for entry he then went "AFK", what followed next is a display that Ridge has constantly allowed to take place within the community. He allowed his guards (a Storm Marine Private) to tell the Vice Admiral and Royal Representative to tell us to get out of the control room in a rude manner. Here is the context, after Ridge denying all requests to leave myself and Kendrick (Vice Admiral Terrinald and Royal Representative Gallius Rax) had to go into the control room to just to tell him to leave. Going back to the incident with the private, Ridge allowed him to rudely and what could be considered disorderly conduct to backtalk to very high in games ranks. After this situation had taken place he finally came back, after we told him to leave he replied, shut up boldly (referring to my character, Ternniald Screed). In addition, I was informed he jumped off the railings afterward, something that is normally a FailRP offense. This example has shown many issues with Ridge that seem to constantly reoccur, in roleplay he sets a very disgusting example for troopers. This ranges from calling higher ups names and treating them in a disrespectful manner to mistreating entire regiments, most of which tend to be ones that do not fall under his command. Why? Because he is a Senior Admin and very few people can do much about him. However, this factor also makes it particularly disappointing to see such displays from someone who should be leading our community. Most of the incidents, these just been a few of many, are all ones that stem from roleplay, when in-game instead of roleplaying as a leader, more often then not he sounds like he is speaking banter with his mates at a pub. It also seems he can go anywhere on the map without question and talk badly and rudely to anyone he wishes upon. On a daily basis, he makes many FailRP and Minge offenses, most of them are smaller, however, encouraging a non-Serious RP environment. As a Senior Admin, he cannot be stepped on by many, he is immune by all his in-game superiors who are not a higher rank than him in the staff structure. Has he done this on purpose? We do not know, however, it seems he can act in negative ways around the community without many to stop him. Thank you for reading - Qteks
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    Firstly I would like to thank and apologise to some people. I would like to apologise to Little for my actions, I never should of said what I have and i deeply regret it, I don't expect you to forgive me due to my actions being far from outrageous. I truly hope we can see past this. I would like to thank Wolf, Little, and the management team for giving me this second chance to prove that I can play the server by its rules and be apart of the community again. Users in game name and rank: ST Private Suna Date: 17/02/2018 Explain the situation: Reason 1: There were two main reasons for my community ban, one I feel like was sort off deserved the other I do not believed deserved a community ban. Firstly I will explain the first reason of my ban, which is my minging phase. During my final days on the server I (after I resigned from staff) did partake in some minging on the server which I believe that everyone has a minging phase, I also believe that a small minging phase should not deserve a community ban nor a permanent. Now for the reason that I minged, before I was banned I had a long past on Imperial Gaming going back to before the custom gamemode and I genuinely enjoyed the server as a roleplayer and staff. However I started to get bored of Imperial RP and so did some of the staff at the time so besides doing the right thing and resigning and leaving the server peacefully, I decided to do some minging which I now regret obviously. But you may be thinking if I do not enjoy Imperial RP anymore why should I come back and play? Well, I know that Imperial has drastically updated their server to improve its roleplay and gameplay, so that's why I want to join back and prove that I can follow by the rules and not minge. Reason 2: Second reason would be the spoiling of the Last Jedi. How I did this was by drawing pictures related to the movie which I know 100% does not deserve a permanent ban. To support my case I looked at another ban appeal about spoiling the movie and the user was unban or his ban was made shorter. I also have another great example of why I should be unbanned, another user had almost the same reasons as me and was a ex-staff like me, his banned was shorted, I believe this is unfair. Evidence(Video, Screenshot, witnesses ETC) No evidence.
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    @Ridge I'm sorry you think this, but just because you are a general, doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. You are not qualified to step into the Control Room, due to the consoles in there controlling more than half of the ship. It's pretty plain and simple, you are on a ship controlled by Navy, if a Navy member is having trouble doing his duty whilst you are in a Navy only area, he can ask you to leave. That was the problem. Your beautiful head was distracting.
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    -Evidence- On the 14th I Had to Deal With an Encounter With Ridge Aboard the Death Star, I Asked Him And His Men Why He Was There And To Which They Answered "Because He Can Be" And Other Cocky Responses Which Really Annoyed Me. I Told Him Multiple Times To Leave To Which He Showed No Interest To Cooperate With Anything I Had Told Him And His Men, After This Incident He Either Stole Or Removed My TIE Fighter And Left Me Stranded Aboard the Death Star Without Any Transport.
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    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1301856451 Just for you engineers xx
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    Since I haven't made one of these yet.. sup yall, its ya boi egghead
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    Well it is only 5mb
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    +1 Super Duper absolutely amazing bloke, trustworthy, considerate, non-exploitative, can't express it enough. SIR!
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    All Applicants, Due to recent events I have decided to accelerate the due date for applications to today at 5pm. Results will be Handed out tomorrow at the same time. Any questions please pm me or contact me in-game
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    The situation was raised by Lepaul, first and foremost and not myself. He did so within a staff report thread raising an issue that he explicitly pointed out that most of us felt the due process was suspicious. That's why nobody stepped in - we felt like a decision was already made - and as I stated, the relevant parties that were after you IC had since logged off and I would have to not only rationalize my own perspective on the issue but theirs too without them even being present since you waited for them to go offline before leaving the sith temple and hosting the discussion. When the only staff report thread since this incident was raised I supported Lepaul's statement. This isn't holding it to myself, considering that I had already spoken to multiple staff members that day about the issue (Jman, Eris to name a couple) That's what we're doing now, in the staff report thread.
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    I will admit that day I was heated and stressed and everything like that and I took it out on you. You do not need to apologize for anything. I should be the one apologizing for my actions towards you and the way I handel the situation was very poor and not right of me. I can agree the past is in the past at this point and I think me and you suna need a new fresh start.
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    Yes basically what I was trying to say but worded it poorly haha sorry about that. But yes that is correct
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    I hate seeing people who say "he did one bad thing, stop being so butthurt" People get mad especially when seeing someone with high power and a big rep on the server act like he can do watever he wants and not get punishment. Thats the sort of thing that ruins communities like this and no one wants that. Something has to be done with Ridge and before people start saying its a one off, its hardly that, Ridge has done this sort of thing on a few notable occasions. As Inquisitor he had decided to trespass in vaders chambers, ended up having all of sith and shock chasing him like it was a game to him. I hope this doesnt get dismissed out of hand. Obviously people aren't ok with this... (Thats just my 2 cents. Considering people are throwing in dollars worths)
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    Reading this, holy crap, IG sounds like North Korea... People are too scared to speak up against people with power... Thinking they might be murdered if they do... Damn...
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    Normally I would not post on something like this, but this is an issue that is constantly talked to me about and something that needs to be addressed for the good of the community. I agree with the comments and super the comments: He RP's seriously very rarely. He has been told by both the Royal Rep and the Vice Admiral to leave an area he does not have a reason to be in. It is a Star Destroyer, as a general he has no power to go against what the Vice Admiral of the ship says let alone the Royal Rep let alone in an area he should not be in. This is one again him disrespecting RP. This is just failrp..... This is 100% true and it not acceptable that the Senior Admin is setting this example for everyone. One example of Ridges lack of carry for this server and the RP on it is recently the ISB gave out Self reflection forms to all high ranking persons on the server. BEing generals Navy, ISB...etc. Everyone and the general specifically where told by high general wolf that this was an in RP thing. However on the report one of the questions was: "If your leader told you to assassinate the Emperor, Vader, or any High Ranking military and non-military individual, would you?” And Ridge answered: "Depends if he has the clearance to execute those people.” This saying and both myself, the emperor and high general agreed that this was a PK able offence, because Ridge is saying that he would kill, both Vader and the EMPEROR if the circumstances were right. This is High Treason, therefore a PK. Wolf as the Owner of the server said i specifically told them this was in RP do it properly and that what he has done should the emperor see it as PK worth of PK should result in PK. However did that happen…? No Ridge was never PKed and got away with it because it was apparently said that I needed to be there even tho Wolf said that the Emperor had to be the one do it…. Also, the general have no respect for RP on the server. He constantly tell people that they need to Serious RP yet that themselves can not even do that. Ridges RP in when replying to people often is simply: (comms) General Ridge: K” (as an example). That looks like great serious RP. This one of many things he does that is not serious RP Ridge and the other generals have gone around the Ship talking in american hillbilly accents as a meme in RP with 50+ people on. That is totally Serious RP…. RP situations are constantly being affected by OOC factors such as staff rank. There have been many situations where I as a Grand Admiral have tried to punish Ridge or wanted to punish Ridge in RP for what he has done be it minging or otherwise however I do not bother even trying anymore because Ridge does not take RP seriously despite it saying it in the title of the server and it being his Job as a Senior Admin to set an example for the rest of the staff. In regards to what Red has Said: Him not listening to Qteks as a Vice Admiral is failrp and not following what the orders of people which in the circumstances out ranked him.
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    So I have been considering this for a while now, and I would like to get feedback and input from anyone who would be interested in getting involved with this. Basically, my idea is that every Friday night (possibly changed to Saturday night) ten people would go into those lovely new Rainbow Six channels in the Teamspeak and split off into two teams. I have created a custom game playlist with some slight adjustments to the settings. These adjustments include: General Settings: Preparation Phase Duration - 45s > 60s Round Duration - 120s > 240s (2mins > 3mins) Objective Rotation - Off > 1 (this means that when defenders succeed at defending, they cannot select that same location for one more defense on their end) Attacker Unique Spawn - Off > On (attackers can choose their own individual spawn) Overtime Rounds - 3 > 5 Secure Area Settings: Secure Time Limit - 15s > 20s (how long it takes to secure) Unsecure Time Limit - 15s > 20s Hostage Settings: NO CHANGES Bomb Settings: Fuse time - 45s > 60s (how long the defuser takes to deactivate the bomb) I was also thinking that once the teams have been decided they can go through a 'ban phase', like the one utilized in Pro Matches. To explain for anyone that doesn't know, a team is picked at random to ban the first map. This means that map does not become one of the three maps to be played in that match. Then, following that, the other team bans out a map, and this goes on until three maps remain, these will be the three played in the match. Then, each map will be assigned a number, and randomly selected for the order. I'd really love for any suggestions you may have or recommendations for rule/settings changes or implementations, and to be informed of whoever is keen to get involved in what will surely be a great night of gaming! Thanks, Lincoln
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    +1 Seems he is sorry, Definitely deserves another chance if hes still trying to get unbanned this long down the road
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    +1 Suna is a lad. I'm sure that he is going to be a positive aspect towards RP and the rest. <3 - Tictacman
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    +1 for unban, Suna has been gone for a while now. I feel he is sorry and ready to return to be the great role player I’m sure he once was.
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    I'm not going to argue any of the "points" you made. But I will say this; I don't want you demoted, that's not why I'm here. I'm here to bring to light a bigger issue. The staff team is the backbone of the community. They hold IG together. As a staff member, you represent IG to the community. When new players come on and see staff abuse their powers both IC and/or OOC, it doesn't put IG into a good light, and when senior players see this happen more and more regularly, it hits a breaking point. This server is meant to be serious roleplay. I know not everyone's perfect, and to be human is to make mistakes, "Deep down you may still be that same great kid you used to be. But it's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you". Lead by example. This isn't directed directly at you, Ridge, it's a generalised statement.
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    I fully understand that, what I am saying is the by doing /me salutes with honor, pride and a bunch of other words all the troops see is a salute because the other words are describing how I saluted. With plu all they can see me me saluting him. I get your point, and it was not worded badly don't worry! Thanks for the response. Edit: We were both agreeing on the same thing lol! Guess we both need to work on our wording
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    Good luck with it all Tack and Pine
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    I remember when lil ol' ridge became a DT private and later a staff member. As time went along I saw him really go down the drain as he got more and more "casual" around the server, over time I wondered if anyone noticed that the server is getting more and more corrupt as time goes on and I really don't want this community to end up like a lot of other "Serious RP" servers as most of those servers crash cause of lack of players or corrupted staff who abuse their power for "personal gain" or "for the laughs" or even because "they know the rules". I like Ridge, he is a very memey, funny guy, but he still needs to be punished even if he is higher than most of the server, I do understand why people are afraid to speak up and that's why I didn't either but i'd never @Qteks to have the balls to do it (no offense btw). +1
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    Staff shouldn't be immune to punishment +1
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    @Pablo I'd just like to ask for you not to use my footage, as it falls under Copyright.
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    Pablo, as always trying to redirect this to someone you hate. Not needed. As are you, not needed here.
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    I see both sides of the spectrum, and please no hate from my vote but Neutral Ridge is nice and he can have his ups and downs but he can stuff around sometimes but we've always had that mingy phase, I got out of it, Im sure he can as well. And please no down votes or up votes, I just want to be neutral in this situation, don't want to be a target for comments.
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    @PabloYou have brought up something which has already been delt with. Both in game and OOC. In game I was already punished by Vader for Going into TI. Additionally, I also apologised to ISB, DT and Inferno on TeamSpeak and you were there for that. So I do not see why you are bring up this as I have been punished for it both in character and OOC already and you already knew that...
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    This type of behavior is unacceptable for any player/staff especially for a Senior Admin who is part of the management team. Senior Admins are meant to be setting examples for the server and staff team. The Staff team have been told multiple times to not spawn ourselves weapons, this is also blatant RDM on New Recruits to the server... What a great example for new members of the community.
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    Let's talk about this incident. A lot of you may know the story already, and Little gave a speech about how Ridge wasn't in the wrong, but a lot of us saw this situation as very suspicious. Giving the order to SCAR to enter the NAVY/ISB secret cave and then hid in the Sith Temple for 2 hours to avoid arrest, granted entry by Darth Revan. In-terms of RP, a lot of Sith disagreed with this and saw it as an abusive of in-game and out of game power. The fact that he is a Super Admin and couldn't resolve the situation himself as an OOC matter is inexcusable from a person in his position. What made it even worse was that Krennic(Jman?) was searching for him the whole time and as soon as he got off the server, he showed his face from the Sith Temple. I'm not arguing whether or not it was OOC, all I'm saying is that the situation was not handled in a professional manner.
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    Hopefully the US considers to change gun laws
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    Excuse me, that is berry rude. that 'big titty goth girl' is a precious member of the ship and should be treated with more respect, that was, until she got thrown out the airlock...... It's a shame that this got trashed but hey, everyone had fun whilst it was there.
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    That would suggest his event is comparable to that of existing ems. So either you are saying substantial amounts of existing ems are making events not up to par for this to be so standard as to be generic? Or you are suggesting Bossk's is up to par with existing ems events so since he is suggesting events of the same standard as them he should join their ranks?
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    +1 Nicholas is a very strong and enthusiastic person. He is calm and soothing and very trust worthy. SIR!
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    +1 Super chill bloke, would do pac justice. SIR!
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    Thank you for your feedback! I have thought of some new ideas, atm I am currently working on a surgery kit, I started off thinking about making scrubs for me, however it didn't look right. Hopefully my new ideas will please you! Thankyou
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    But who will tell me to do loyalty reports on people???? Best of luck with everything and anything mate. o7
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    Best of luck in the future! Farewell friend.
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    the good lad said it sad to see you go
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    ;(... im going to miss you, o great one... Safe travels and good luck with your new job and TAFE course!!! We’ll talk soon my man. - Foccx
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    I didn't know you well cards but guarding you was always good in my book (no clipping to avoid guarding cough cough ). Hope you succeed in your studies and who knows maybe one day you'll jump by maybe not as staff but just to chill out
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