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    Steam Name: ✪ Hisoka Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:61261438 In game name and rank: DT Staff Sergeant Hisoka How long was the ban: One Week Staff who banned you: Cody When was the ban: Today 11/02/2018 Reason for ban: Explain the situation: Alright, so basically after we visited the Death Star and I was killed when a Dropship fell on top of me in the Main Hangar of the Death Star I respawned and entered the Turbo Lasers. Once I entered the Turbo Lasers, I was moving around to look at the Death Star from an outside view, I didn't even fire the Lasers once nor' hit anyone. I jumped out and started walking out of the room, Cody then teleported to me and begun to lecture me on how it's common sense not to enter them and how I'm a minge, I didn't say much aside from saying responding to his questions with Yes or Okay when he asked me if I understood that it was common sense and he said I would be receiving a warn for it. After I received the warning, he lectured me more on how I had sixteen warnings and how that's a lot. Then I was banned. Why you deserve to be unbanned: I believe I deserve to be unbanned because I genuinely don't think I should have been banned for accumulating a large amount of warns, 5 of which were from Cody and I don't believe were just at all. I've been playing on the server for over a year and a half now and yes have gained a lot of warnings throughout the way, but I've also contributed in good ways towards the community. My first half of duration on the server was enjoyable and I don't believe I had many warnings at all after I was removed from the staff team I took a break to think about everything that happened and make the necessary changes. Once I returned I enjoyed myself and didn't get many warnings, I rejoined the Knights of Zakuul after a few weeks of staying in Rancor. As many of you know the regiment disbanded due to not being lore-friendly which I wasn't very happy about, so as a reaction I began to minge to relieve my anger after the event which was a stupid decision on my behalf, and on top of it I couldn't find anything as enjoyable as Knights were for me (ASIDE FROM DEATH TROOPERS). As I've stated previously I've made some stupid decisions, but I've never had any malicious intent or actions committed against the server and I'm only here to roleplay and have fun. The warns I've received from Cody were not fair in the slightest IMO, and he's warned other players for unfair reasons in the past which he's been reported to Caboose about and had been talked to. I've never attempted to get these warns removed because I had no proof they were un-just which would lead to my case most likely being denied.
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    -1. A Disclaimer;; I have been around this community a very long time, let me tell you the story of @Bearmax. He was a forum user who essentially went and picked apart every application he could find for no reason whatsoever (if you wanna hear the rest of the tale poke me in ts). I don't do this often. I do this because i actually have a strong belief about what i'm writing. Moderators are supposed to be understanding and supportive (think like maffa or tucker). In every interaction with you that i have had you have been impatient and rude no matter what i was talking to you about. Some examples so i'm not witch hunted; 1. Last night during the sith tournament a RG made it to the final two and i made the comment "If this guy is so good then why is he a royal guard?" i was met with "What a stupid fucking comment" from yours truly Zaspan. If it matters where i was going with the comment i meant if he is so good why isn't in SG rather than RG? They're supposed to be elite and more respected than RG. 2. When i was a RG for the first time a few weeks ago i hadn't been updated on the rules about force leaping to and from the base and i was doing so but i accidentally overshot my landing and landed in the rancor tryouts, effectively they reported me to zaspan (fair enough) and i can't exactly remember how he handled it, but it was not taken well by me i can tell you that. 3. When i first joined back to the server i was speaking to the RG commander and i was wondering how getting into SG worked so naturally i sent him a message on teamspeak asking when tryouts were or something and i don't remember what he returned with but it was something along the lines of "no you work your way up like everyone else" which was really out of context because i wasn't trying to skip anything i was only trying to find out more. I am going to recieve backlash for this. Plain and simple. But sometimes i think its appropriate to do what you think is right no matter what anybody else thinks. To put it in naked terms, i am scared of writing this because you have power over me. I know that me writing this will give you an excuse to have a personal vendetta against me and the fact that i feel this way pretty much proves you shouldn't be given any more power. These statements do not indicate that i dislike zaspan merely that i don't think he is a good fit for moderator. Sure he may be mature and trustworthy but i'm not seeing the rest of it. Sorry and good luck on your journey, zaspan.
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    My First Day of The Server this server really is great
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    I have had the same experiences. You are very stand offish, prone to getting angry very quickly and downright disrespectful to a significant handful of people. I would not want you on the staff team. -1
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    Operating Number: DX-578 Given Name: Ames Bunkle Race: Human Sex: Male Family: Mother: Pari Bunkle, Father: unnamed/Un-registered Experience: Bunkle lived on Lothal with his Mother. Bunkle studied at the Imperial Junior Academy Of Applied Sciences, during his childhood where he set the record for carries in the game of Grav-ball against the Forked River in summer at only age 15. He later applied and was accepted into the Academy For Young Imperials, his course was for "Ground Tactics" after his intiation into the Academy. Bunkle was chosen later that year to commence his "ST Basic Training", Bunkle became a full fledged Stormtrooper by the age of 17. DX-578 Later was drafted into a Imperial Mission on Lothal which was a success. DX-578 arrested and detained 3 dissidents who were responsible for a bombing that took place at a Imperial Mining Operation. DX-578 was transported to the Experimental Star Destroyer "Vanquisher" for his efforts on Lothal. Ames is now 18 years old. Current Log: [27/11/17] [01/02/18] [15/02/18]
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    Hello! If you ever looked at my forum signature in the past, you should have seen a picture or two, usually of my current character in a funny, glorified setting or, most recently, an ambiguous, mysterious scenario where they might be staring out a window, looking at an object which, to most people, would mean little. These pictures are all made by me by posing ragdolls in Garry's Mod and then editing the pictures in Photoshop Express to refine it to then post on my signature. Recently, however, I have been utilising my in-game character dressed in my PAC creations to make it more personal. These pictures, if you had not have guessed by their nature, represent my characters' ever-progressive and expansive lore. However, in the last week, I have been graciously given Photoshop and Premiere Elements 2018 as well as a new laptop and I have been dabbling with Photoshop to create some better-lookig art. I have not posted my signature art in the past because, 1, it was not that impressive anyway, you can only do so much with Photoshop Express and 2, it was unlikely it would gain that much attention as it is pretty ambiguous and not that understandable to people who do not know what is going on. This time around though, I believe I have created something that is worth pointing out and sharing. This is my first attempt ever at masking and combining pictures in Photoshop, as well as applying multiple filters. I also followed a tutorial on how to create a hologram-esque picture and even though it did not turn out like it did in the tutorial, it still conveys the message I want to send (I hope). For those who look at this and are like "wtf", I will give you a brief explanation on what this is. It is of my AI character looking at a hologram of an exchange between two people. I will let you guess what characters they are, what the situation is behind it and what its significance is - everything about my pieces have a definitive purpose . I took inspiration from Michaelangelo's Creation of Adam and holy damn the fingerposing required to replicate God and Adam's hand positions from the painting in Gmod was tiring. Overall, this art piece took a substantial amount of time to create since I've always been a slow learner. I know a lot of you probably will not care, but I have wanted to show and, in some part, explain my art ever since I started making them. I really like how this piece turned out and I hope to make some more art to post it on this thread in the future. Photoshop is fun af! Thanks guys!
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    -1: Has been a minge in the past and continues to have these moments in ISB since donating for, and receiving Kallus. The event ideas are incredibly 'meh' and don't encourage players to want to stick around for them. Now, if this is being too harsh, then I apologise, but you are going to have to majorly improve your behavior and situational awareness around the server for me to even consider giving you a neutral, we cant even get you into the ISB Teamspeak channel and have you engaging with others while in there. At this time, I don't believe you are ready to hold a staff position and deal with the responsibilities that come with it.
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    Because nobody can actually read it?
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    Grammar nazi and cant speak english , interesting combo <3
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    Honestly I'm going to have to -1 this I've found you to hold grudges which is definitly not an ideal trait for a Moderator, I've also found you to be rude and disrespectful both to me and others from what the other posts can see and can be short tempered, I also don't really find you making an effort to get involved with this community as you don't really stand out, Maybe if you made an effort to talk and meet people and get to know them you would stand out more but from my current view I feel you aren't fit for this position sorry. EDIT: And everytime I have attempted to talk to you, you have either ignored me or blocked me out.
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    -1 What Shaz said and also just really rude to me
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    Howdy. The amount of time an EM has to sacrifice, from writing a script. To getting EC's ready, to actually doing the event. It takes time away from doing what our mains usually do. Considering Kallus relies heavily on capturing Rebels for interrogation, it will decrease the amount of RP he does for Kallus. Many a- time EM's are being compared to one another. The point of an Event Master is to provide fresh, non-repetitive ideas for the community to consume. Hence why the job is so stressful. Hopefully this shed some light, have a lovely day
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    That would suggest his event is comparable to that of existing ems. So either you are saying substantial amounts of existing ems are making events not up to par for this to be so standard as to be generic? Or you are suggesting Bossk's is up to par with existing ems events so since he is suggesting events of the same standard as them he should join their ranks?
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    "Moderators are supposed to be understanding and supportive" tbh I more thought their job description was ensuring rules were enforced aka "moderating". Anyway. From my experience with Zaspan he has demonstrated himself to be calm and level headed. He has also demonstrated a willingness to hear out multiple sides of a story when it comes to disputes. Also he isn't one of those wanky guards who tells medics to move along when they are stimming etc +1 would stim again
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    Exactly what Shaz said. -1 from me.
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    Thankyou Never the less I feel like everyone is out to get me now
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    I hope you did have a Great Day, You did Extremely Well in Tryouts and you got into the 212th. Well Done.
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    I know a better song to sing @Parks
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    Happy that you are enjoying it
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    Steam Name:Cactus Steam ID:STEAM_1:0:42711052 In game name and rank:? How long was the ban:Perm Staff who banned you:Don't know When was the ban:20/12/17 Reason for ban:"spoiling star wars" Explain the situation:I was banned straight away without explaining myself, I was talkng about the last jedi and i instantly got perm banned. i'm so sorry and will never do it again. Why you deserve to be unbanned:I'm very sorry and will never do it again, I had no idea you couldn't talk about the movie. SORRY!
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    That's what I thought
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    +1 Really friendly and trustworthy person, SIR!
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    When I was In RG I did everything I was Supposed to in game. Maybe I was a bit of a minge in teamspeak but thats all. Even when I was doing my job properly you attempted to gain power over the royal guards And remove me. I do not believe you are suited for this role as you have a very narrow view on situations and have extremely bias opinions in some situations. Huge -1 from me.
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    Have you met Tucker The Inactive
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    I'm going to be a NEUTRAL for this until I see more of you as my opinion is undecided right now, I feel your events could use more effort and some more creativity but the application itself is pretty good, I'll look out for you in the future so this is bound to change.
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    They did disrespect him a lot. Anyways +1
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    Damn, @Dane hitting them with the philosophical facts. Bossk is probably one of the most heavy RP'ers on the server. When he goes into trandoshan mode, it's hard to pull him out. I'm sure you'll help immerse people into your events. +1
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    So you seem to be implying an RP character and em are mutually exclusive? Would you go so far as to suggest ems don't rp ic on their mains? :0
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    Honestly, I believe what Shaz said is a bit over the top, but considerable. However, I do like you, you have shown that you are a good kid. So, +1. And good luck.
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    After what Shaz said i have to say -1
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    I'm going to show you how to make a PAC3 where when you hold out a specific weapon, it plays a certain animation when you do something specific. For today, I'm going to make it so when I hold out my DualDCs and run, it will play a run animation, and for no other weapon. Create a group Create an event Go down to the generic tab at the bottom, find event and click the 3 dots (...) to open up a popup menu. In this menu, type has weapon. Now you want to go down to find, and type in your desired weapon. For me it would be tfa_sw_dc17dual Now right click on the event, and create a holdtype. A Menu will pop up at the bottom with a whole list of commands, find the one you want, I want a run animation, so I'd select run. A Menu will pop up in the middle of the screen, type in your animation or find one you'd like. My personal choice is run_all_02 as it is quite fit for DualDC17's. Now, you want to invert the event that you created. Then save it, and wear it. There's your new weapon hold animation.
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    +1 I use to play with Kenny and he was a very respectful and nice manner man He might have left but as he says he is alot mature and can spend more time on the server as school as finished
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    I'ma give ya a +1. Solid responses to my questions.
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    So if the reason you left was because you were going through personal stuff and you are still going through personal stuff, does that not mean you are still not ready to rejoin? Isn't it oxymoronic? Also are you done with school? That is the other reason you left, and since school is starting up again, if you haven't finished, you'd be in the same boat as before. The point I'm getting at is, why will it be different this time around from last?
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