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    In-Game Name: Plutonic Rank: Brigadier Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:118590178 Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198197446085 Play Time: 4 Weeks, 3 Day and 19 Hours (838 Hours) Have you used PAC Before: I have used PAC in single player for a little while and have managed to get an understanding of all the basics of it. I don’t consider myself experienced user but I plan to continue experimenting and improving my skills with dedication and help from others. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I have been a member of the IG community for a over a year now, and through my time spent on this server i believe that i have demonstrated to its community that I am a trustworthy player. I have worked my way up through the ranks up to Brigadier of the Medical Troopers, and remained here for 7+ months to ensure that the medical corp thrives. During my extensive time on this server, i have also accumulated no warns, kicks or bans over this period of time. Why do you want PAC ( 1 Paragraph): PAC is a tool that will enable me to improve my characters RP within the medical corp, in turn, I believe this will also improve other people experiences when they interact with me on the server. Currently as it stands, all members of MT have the same model. I would like to use PAC to make my character unique to the rest of my regiment allowing for a distinct difference between the appearance of myself and that of a private MT. Improving and differentiating from other players is not the sole reason I would like PAC 3, I want to excite new and veteran players alike, and enrich the roleplay experience for the members of the Imperial Gaming community. This will allow for more immersive gameplay for myself and others. Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I have been around for quite some time and as I said before, I have accumulated no warns, kicks or bans. I have been trusted to run the medical regiment of which many have failed before. I will not abuse PAC in any way and will strictly use this tool for RP and customizing my player model for RP purposes. I understand that PAC is a privilege and that if misused, it will be revoked.
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    Hey guys, it's your fave part time nan beater/full time space mexican slayer/not-admin here! Basically to cut to the chase, the past few weeks have taken a lot out of me (those who have been around and who I've talked to will understand what's been happening) due to me coming on the server and instantly being asked to do 27 different things by 27 different people, and doing 7 hour shifts on the server to make up for downed MHC members (love you Fox, Cards and Chef... You know... Platonically). On top of that I haven't been sleeping very well and my health issues are playing up again. Not to sound like a pleb or anything, but I'll be taking the next 5-7 days off the server. I'll still show up for the commanders meeting ( @Imposing @Ridge message me when the meeting is on please) just so I can threaten to beat up all the commanders nans, I'll still be checking in once a day in TS for 5mins or so to check up on the regiments I'm helping out currently (we're currently organising a plan to take on the space mexican menace) and if you really need anything else (I'll murder your family if you do this), add me on steam and I'll see if I can help. Hopefully I don't turn into a wreck and die/don't get promoted to general when one of the other-ones dies (It probably won't happen, but I didn't get a promo once when I went away for a week as an ST ). Cheers Stevo.
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    Once seeing Tackxo's Weapon Damage Sheet, i decided to share one that the RS/MT made. Noticing a major flaw, your sheet doesn't display the weapon DPS as guns fire at different rates. I also noticed a few damage values being inconstant between the two documents. E.g. You say the RT-97C does 35 damage, just checked ingame on multiple people at different range's, it does 24-26 (25 avg). Anyway, hope this sheet can help EM's and Caboose/Martibo manage weapon balancing. If you want a weapon added to the list just notify me/dane and we'll be happy to. Totally a virus ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ jk, its the doc
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    Steam Name: MikeyMatou Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:73173327 In game name and rank: Don't remember/Never had one. How long was the ban: Permanently. Staff who banned you: Kosmos When was the ban: Hmm...around...probably March or something of 2017? Reason for ban: The creation of Voxel Servers...which is gone now. Explain the situation: Look I'm not here to attack anyone, and at the start of my conversations with the people who came on late night onto our previous server, I was as friendly as I could be until they started just dishing out meat at me (I think it was the Head-Admin at the time and...others? Don't quote me on this, I just know it was a high up rank somewhere in management at the time). But when that happened, it was stated I stole content (or ideas?) from Imperial Gaming. I assume it may have been because we decided to create an Imperial based server. The only time I was on Imperial Gaming was for around five minutes (and I think a bit of AFK) before I left, which wasn't even at the time of Voxel's creation. All I mean is that I never attempted to steal any content from Imperial, your own content is your own, and same with your ideas. Once the argument was over (and I believe there was a ban at the end which was suggested by a higher up to myself), I was permanently banned from the server (testing the next day) by Kosmos for the Reason: (None given). I tried adding him on steam the next day, but even I would understand he would get a lot of requests, and talking to me would not be one of interest. Why you deserve to be unbanned: Well I never meant any hostility towards Imperial. Even as I had like a 45 minute+ argument with the members who came on our server, I never just dished out a ban or anything straight up, I was wondering why they came on annoyed (actually genuinely trying not to be an ass about it). I do have some friends that say the server is fun, so I wouldn't mind actually trying it out and see what it has to offer as I never had the opportunity.
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    +1 great guy and one of the better pac users on the server
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    Neutral/+1 Your great guy, trustworthy. Active. Geat application. I will change to a +1 If you can show a few examples of how you would make yourself stand out different to other MT's
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    +1 Good bloke Got himself PK'd for a video Would not abuse PAC
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    Bullets in mag/Time to empty mag = Rounds per second
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    +1, good person, haven't had any problems with him. Just show us some examples
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    +1 James is without a doubt one of the most serious RP players. He creates scenarios for others to get involved in and always keeps those scenarios as RP friendly as he can. James would utilise PAC to its maximum RP potential. P.S. Shout out to @Phresh Zeisty Robinson's Instagram and Tinder.
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    Agreed. Good Luck!
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    I imagine he/she would have estimated how many rounds the (put gun here) can fire in a second and then multiplied that by the amount of rounds in a magazine and then divided it by the damage output/ammount of time it takes to empty the clip? That's just a wild guess from me.
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    +1, though I would like to see some examples.
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    +1 This guy is a legend. RIP Gerry
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    +1 Great guy Legend ------------------------ Give us some examples
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    | Accepted | You will be unbanned however if this happens again you will stay perma banned
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    Aim properly and and don't spray and pray like a lunatic you might hit the red dot... I don't think you should be permed, I'm sure Cody would have a good explanation for this. You mass rdmed which is a warn and usually a temp ban, however if it was unintentional I'm sure we can work something out. But for now, since you are having trouble using a gun, please find your nearest fps shooter in your library and play until you can shoot straight without shooting everything BUT the target. Cherrios! - Foofy
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    ^^ i agree But Joshua is a nice man so imma do a Neutral leaning towards a +1
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    I'm not stating any specific reason why for obvious reasons.. He is unfit for the role, simple.
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