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    What is your In-game name: Kingsbury Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:54009300 Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BruceKingsbury/ Play time: 3 Weeks and 16 hours. Have you used PAC Before: Nope Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe l should be trusted with Pac because I've been apart of IG since the start of the year and I'm a dedicated and valuable member of the community. I have never gotten any warns before and well respected around the community. So this is why l believe l should be trusted with Pac3 Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): As one of the most active Medical troopers on the server at this current time l believe l can make more passive RP for the server as l am a medic and l have thing option to do so and make the server more enjoyable for my patients and myself. Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe l deserve pac because l can make the server more enjoyable as a medical trooper who can perform medical surgeries without doing /me but actually doing it, which will create a more immersive environment for the players of Imperial Gaming.
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    Neutral Don't think it would cost extra as it's a dedicated server but it could split the player base slot on the original server in theory would have 60 on one and 40 on the other, and most player join a server based on the amount of players online so we could possibly loose new playets But yeah could work well
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    +1 Funny and a good bloke who knows his stuff Personally I reckon he would be a staff member
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    Welcome Authopius, hope you enjoy your time apart of the community.
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    was just about to say that... the server hasn't even had its 1 year anniversary yet Also, I highly doubt you would have been perm banned for just dancing, there would've had to be more to the story than what you're letting off. Although 1 year Is a lot of time I feel as if you don't deserve a second chance; Short App When Ban occurred is unknown I Feel as if you are lying/not telling the whole story as to why you were banned If you can clarify roughly when you were banned and can describe the WHOLE reason you were banned I will consider changing my response to a +1, until then I am giving you a... -1 Hermes
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    So i was thinking, what if we used a different server for events? this would of course cost more however this is just an idea so hear me out. with this server, when the event starts people could press a key on their keyboard and it would open a portal menu to the event server. with this, people who dont like events could stay on the SD, while troopers are shipped out to the next server. also, we wouldnt have to wait for the event to be set up, as EMs would have already been on the server and prepared everything before everyone joins. So the event can be started withing 5 mins instead of 30. we could also use it for spec ops missions for specialist regiments. Eg, commandos, TT, Scout, storm commandos, Talon, etc. it could be used as training for pilots if they want to goto a different map to use thier pilot skills or sts as a grunt force in a mission for them. Or a training camp for them. we could also do one life events where we go to the map and if you die, you rejoin the normal server. Undead servers do this and it works really really well. also, event masters would not need to wait for tryouts to be over as the tryouts could continue on the main server while everyone else heads off to the mission. plus this server could be built to withstand all the lag and such.
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    <3 thank you i alway did look up to you as a role model
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    Thanks :). I will try to be more serious everyday, this is helpful advice
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    ROOD Wombat is a great person apart of.... umm. Who are you again? Haha I'm kidding
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    ^^^ no clue who you are.
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    Who The Hell Are You?
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    Ik. Cant leave my boys though.
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    Looks good dude keep it up!
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    +1 if you remember Pablo Escobar
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    +1 if you remember ST Recruit Autismo
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    hisoka rockin' the xxxtentacion profile picture
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    Im so happy I can see again! Thank you @Wombatiacus!
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    This ought to be fun finding whoever did this.
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    +1 Is a good commander Is best papa
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    Never got around to buying this game so yes please
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    why do you keep agreeing to the agreed agreement
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    In case everyone wasn't aware and decided not to read my whole application, I have been warned many times, but I have already spent my time being banned for those warnings, so using those warnings ive already been punished for is unreasonable. Yes I swear. Yes I say things. Yes I give my fucking opinion through swearing, I have been told that swearing is entirely fine as long as its not directed, and when it has been directed I have received a warn so saying (see below) is not a reason which has contributed to my ban. As for this wolf, The thing that really pisses me off is that when I joined, I was mingey, failrp'd and disrespected players and staff. I received a week ban for all of this, and since ive been back ive changed, tried my best to follow the rules and have been successful at climbing ranks and yet I am still given 3 warns within 20 minutes, and then banned for talking when dead after being kicked out of tryouts for an unjust, unfair reason that was not at all my fault. Despite this the community decides to bombard my app with -1's for reasons which have no incorporation to my week ban. "constant minge" being in my ban seems extremely over the top in itself since I have literally not been minging for the past 4 days at all, I even directly spoke to cody to sort out these issues but he refused to talk to me about them. Have no clue who you are mate, ive given countless evidence that I am no longer a minge and I have a fantastic understanding of the server rules buddy, and if you did not read my whole god damn application already, you would clearly see that I have already been banned for a week less than a week ago! Overall this is just a huge clusterfuck and despite me trying to sort out this issue, nothing has happened other than people bombarding this post with negativity and bullshit situations taken completely out of context. I would love to speak to moderator or admin or whatever you guys call yourself now and have a conversation with them to sort out this ban as I still find it unfair. preferably an admin that doesn't hate my guts like frank I think. cheers everyone
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    Uhh Out Of all the times we have passed in game you still dont know me
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