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    Steam Name: Wrigley's JuicyFruit Steam ID STEAM_0:0:6761758 In-Game Name and Rank: Shore Trooper Commander {SR-01} Wiles Time Played: over 6 months on the server I have logged on the server: 1 Week & 4 hours 1 Week & 4 Days Why are you applying for this position? I am applying for Trial Moderator for a few reasons, one is because I have been a member on this server for a long time, over a year, I really have only become active this year but I really like it, I respect the people, the community and of course the staff. I think that as a trial moderator I can really be apart of the community and help manage the server. Another reason why I want to become a trial moderator is because I live in New Zealand and I play a lot on the server in the morning, usually when I'm on in the mornings there are no other moderators on, this is because in New Zealand, we are two hours ahead so while we play on the sever all the Aussies' are sleeping! Anyway, I think that this reason can be really beneficial to the server, ensuring that someone is there to keep things 'in check' while no big cheese admins are on. My final key reason why I want to be a trial moderator is because its just me, I like to help people out with things, even just giving them a tool gun for their tryouts or maybe make it just that much easier on the other mods and admins. In summary, I love Imperial Gaming and it's community and I want to make my mark. How will allowing you to be a part of our staff team help us? As I mentioned earlier, one reason why I can help the staff team is the fact I can be on in the early mornings for all the New Zealanders and early bird Australians, as well as helping out the other admins in the afternoons and evenings. I consider myself a good leader whether I need to be strict or if I need to be fair, I like the IG community and therefore I am on in almost everyday (some days I'm quite busy but 13/14 days a fortnight on the server is probably a fair estimate) which is helpful for the staff team because I am NOT going to just be a mod then become inactive after that, I will stay on as an active commander. Anyway, I think as a trial moderator I can do a few smaller but still useful things for the staff team and still be an active and friendly member of the server. Have you ever been a Staff on previous servers? if so please list them. N/A Have you ever had any warnings, kicks or bans? If so please list them. N/A What Can you bring to Imperial Gaming? On top of my answer above, I think that I can bring a positive and fair way on helping with any 'chores' or things needed by the Staff Team. This is because In general I am a nice, hard-working, supportive, active and strict if I need to be kind of guy, if I were to be a moderator I would continue to bring my attitude as SR commander and use it as a trial moderator. That's what I think I can bring, my hard-working and friendly and leadership experience. Is there anything else you would like to add: I would say I have pretty much got the point across above but I just really like this server, it is a second home to me, and I think that I could be a good trial moderator. Also, I like making documents and lists for the server such as my list of commanders document or my 2017 Budget act, therefore as a trial moderator, I can make more of these documents for IG and be able to share with the staff team easier. If you want to ask any questions about this or me, just hop on the server and ask me, don't worry I don't bite. Terms I, Wiles, accept that I am a representative of Imperial Gaming, and that I have been given these powers to make the experience of others better. I understand that advertising my application can get it denied. I accept that I may be demoted at any time by a senior member of staff without prior warning, as long as a valid reason is given. I have read all the rules and understand them completely, if not I will ask a higher staff member for a better explanation.
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    I just learnt how to use Source Film Maker and created these. What do you guys think?
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    Thanks for the feedback. I understand that a week may not be whats required for moderator so that's fair, and yea not many people know who I am but that sort of links into the previous reason. But when it comes to maturity, what kind of maturity do you mean? What do you think I can do to hit that sweet spot? And also nothing new to offer, I am just confused why there is never any admins on in the early morning in which us kiwis are on. Anyway I don't want to sound rude, I am happy to receive feedback. Thanks for reading and giving me those reasons. -Wiles
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    I'm considered immature ? I understand I can be a bit 'fun' sometimes but thats not the outlook I was going for. I am aiming for a serious RPer but a bit fun sometimes but sorry If I appear immature. Anyway thanks for your feedback.
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    And Believe it or not I was a mod for a minecraft server back in the day ahaha
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    Those are fair points, thank you for your feedback Gaben :).
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    +rep cool dude big guns -rep too good to be a mod but not a mod
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    +1 Wiles is a mature member of the community that upholds the rules of Imperial Gaming. Wiles has shown compassion towards our fellow troopers by helping them out in any way possible. These are only a couple of the many reasons why I believe Wiles deserves a chance at trial moderator.
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    Just for the meme Hermes
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    Changing me NEUTRAL to a +1, Simmo has changed a lot!
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    +1 Simmo is a nice guy and his app is great and better then the others I have seen so far
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    Not sure if the ranks can be changed but i think they should be updated, here is an example. Newbie 0-19 Member 20-99 Senior Member 100-149 Elite Member 150-199 Advanced Member 200-299 Veteran Member 300-399 Legendary Member 400-499 Ultimate Member 500+
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    They did a postal vote on it.
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    1000+ Shitposter? @pinejack
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    Hey All, It has been an absolutely amazing journey working as an EM for the IG SWRP community. I have enjoyed every moment of interaction both with the community and staff on a personal level and is awesome to see that even today IG is still expanding. Unfortunately, due to IRL circumstances, I have decided I can no longer be the best EM that I can be for the server, so therefore today, I would like to submit my resignation as an Event Master. However, in saying this, it does not mean that I will be leaving the community, I will occasionally join up to see how things are progressing, while talks are already underway for new ideas and concepts for the evolution of IG, which I intend certainly to be a part of. Just to finish off, I'd like to make some mentions to some of the IG community's best, who without a doubt, have helped me along the way: @Guskywalker - For allowing me one of the best opportunities @Fox, @Cody & @Little5avage - Excellent senior members and mentors. @-CML- [IG] Divisionary - Best Commander (in my view) that the server has had. @Big Papa, @[IG] Edwards & @Pablo - The trio of awesome EMs and friends. @Ridge & @Mauler - The Cool Dudes of the Community. @Caboose - Has done an excellent job for our community behind the scenes for the server, staff, and community. Thank you all and enjoy your IG experiences. - Lynx
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    -1 My heart broke a little reading this :'( its sad to see you go, i wish you all the best my good friend <3
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    mhm that's right I'm the guy that does the Thumbnail don't you forget that @Kingsbury. Haha jk i know what suburb you live in. Jk but I do sadly
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    I made this account only to appeal. I got taken to the top of the ship for rdm and he says, why did you rdm. I said he ran in front of me and was trying to get me banned. I said I am getting the shadow play, and as soon as I launch my game to show him it says banned. Are you fucking serious I was tabbed out showing you the evidence that he ran in front of me. Bare in mind he said mass rdm and I killed him twice. Honestly warn for rdm at the most, espiccisly when I am getting you proof that he was getting me in trouble! Imperial gaming admins are so average
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