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    So right now the event master chooses who gets top 3... which is not bad but they are so busy with the event they don't see what the combined load all the regiments are doing. So I am suggesting that instead of event masters coming up with top 3 it switches to all Commanders+ on at the time private message the event master with there suggestions EG. /pm eventmaster 1. Regiment 2. Regiment 3. Regiment. and then combine all the answers and the top 3 received would then be ranked accordingly, And if commanders vote for there own regiment it would be ignored to stop "favoritism" and this would also allow for a more open and fare system to decide who gets placed in the top 3. It would be an overall easier system and less regiments would get triggered that the event master didn't notice what they did. (honestly I don' really care sure its nice but hey that's just me, but some people care when they do alot in events and I feel bad when they don't even get a mention after all there hard work) This would probably add an extra minute to debrief to get the results but I feel it is justified.
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    No, Breadboard is another member of Widow Squad. Kaat is just Kaat.
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    +1 Ben is a great person.... and dueler, I have recently seen him a lot of the server the reason behind that is because I myself have only just come back to the server but I believe he will use PAC3 for great purpose and not abuse it, also I want a link to that last pac it's amazing.
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    +1 seems to be very trustworthy seeing that from other responses previous to mine
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    +1 Ben has shown that he can be trusted with the tool by demonstrating trust, respect and being friendly all round. Good luck!
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    +1 Is a trusty troop who has done quite some task for me... Would make a half decent person with PAC so he can show off his colours!
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    -1 Timmy, you are a bit younger than most of the players sometimes that's not an issue if they are really mature but I don't believe you are mature enough as of yet, you need to increase your playtime on the server as well as get more know across the community and possibly try to learn a bit about being a staff member you can do that by talking to staff or even going onto other servers that will give you a chance and learn from them at this current stage in time you are not ready for the responsibility of staff sorry mate but I have to say it.
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    +1 this is a good idea and it doesn't require much effort to implement.
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    Hi, I Tatsu and I m an Anime enthusiast....ANIME IS LIFE
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    Hi, they call me Fizzy
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    Hi i'm Poptop and I prefer minced meat over ground beef
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    Hi im Kendrick a lamar enthusiast
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    Hello my name is Wombat and I'm always stuck in a pinkish mop bucket
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    Bredboard was a good lad I miss him
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