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  1. Hello, Imperial Gaming Community! I am writing this post to address some issues over the last 3 weeks. Even though some of these issues will still be current over the next couple hours while everything balances out, I am writing this post up to keep everyone informed. 1st Issue - Forums being brought down completely due to someone hacking our forums, This issue has been 100% resolved, fixed & back to normal. 2nd Issue - Dedicated server going down without notice or any post for 2-3 days, This issue was unfortunately out of our hands as this was an issue caused by
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  2. -1 - Completely agree with @Ling Ling here Maxine was simply undergoing an ISB security test which generally helps all guarding reguments improve on their ways of their job. In no way should this be a staff report but just clarification (for new members) what ISB actually do. You have got to understand that he wasn't a minge but rather if this situation was to happen, security staff would be able to contain the situation effectively and efficiently.
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  3. Hello, Allot of questions were asked since the launch of our new website, one of the biggest questions that has been asked is "What is Community branches on the website". Community branches was a concept idea for the community to make life easier with organisation and management of the community that Wolf has been working. Here is a explanation of each Branch on how it works and there positions and how every branch links together. Server Managers: Server Managers are now being put as a Branch, In the Server Manager branch we have the Server managers of course, now there is no
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