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    I'm not gonna make a long goodbye anyways.. long story short I've been thinking about leaving for about 2-3 weeks now and thought that the best thing I should do is to leave the community and swrp as a whole. I'm just really bored and burnt out of swrp I probably won’t come back but we’ll see in the end. I've really loved being apart of this community and I've had some amazing times with everyone within the 2 years i've been here. Thank you to everyone that has made my time here really great. Laters.
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    Hello everyone, My Dad a former Digger has asked me to bring this fundraiser to the attention of as many people as I can. Any funds given to this fundraiser would be appreciated by myself personally however do not feel obliged to in anyway whatsoever. The purpose for this fundraiser to create a documentary about a former Aussie Soldier who first served in World War 2, in short it is about what he and his fellow Diggers participated in during that period of time. For more information please visit the link below. Imperial Gaming has no affiliation with fundraiser whatsoever. Link to the fundraiser: https://www.gofundme.com/a-war-veterans-final-interview
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    No matter where you go, we'll always remember the fun times we all had with you on IG. o7 Gamer. Camera Shots:
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    Hi all, Just wanted to give everyone an update of what we have been doing on the Clone Wars server. New Saber System WiltOS saber system has been added to the server. There are a few minor known bugs that we are aware of and if not have been already fixed are in the process. Please submit bug reports in the bug report section of the forums. This system includes several new aspects including: Skill Tree (as well as earning points for skill tree) Crafting and Custom sabers (still in development will be released soon) New Pointshop Weapons We are constantly working on adding weapons to the pointshop for you all that are both lore friendly as possible or that make sense with our timeline and something that you are all interested in. Below you can find a list of the current additions that have been made to the pointshop: Added Bowcaster Added DC-15 Side Arm Added DC-15LE Added DC-17 Added DC-15s Added IQA-11 Sniper Added Valken 38x Sniper Campaigns & Event Team We have introduced Saturday Campaign Events. Going for a few hours on Saturdays. If you have any feedback or ideas these please pass it onto Bailey. Event Master applications are still open. If you are interested in applying for an Event Master position or just want more information don't hesitate to contact Bailey, the CW Server Event Manager. Positions & Characters New Major General was appointed recently New Anakin was appointed recently Map We recently switched to the Rhen Var map and since is continued development we are now on the Rhen Var forest map. This map has been amazing for RP and we are constantly working to expand the RP possibilities on the Map. For those who are unaware the updated Rhen Var includes, but is not limited to: Jedi temple Venator with usable hanger in the sky above the base 3 landing pads at the Base 1x large hanger at the base 2x large training rooms 1x large simulation room Control Tower Large taller base wall with larger gate that fits an AT-TE walker Large underground cave system with crystals. ground vehicle storage facility PLUS SO MUCH MORE! Thank you for being understanding as we work through these items to help shape the community for you. As always I'm grateful to the individuals that stand up and take initiative to help drive the server in the right direction, so never be afraid to do so! If you have any feedback please go to the following post and submit any ideas you have: https://imperialgamingau.invisionzone.com/topic/4579-imperial-gaming-clone-wars-rp-server/?tab=comments#comment-64854Your friendly Server Manager,Cody.
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    This is a simple forum post to see how many people think Rickle should get a mic.....
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    Hello there, Imperial gaming is now looking for applicants to fill the role of Grand Moff Tarkin Applicants are required to have previous commander experience and must hold a current clearance level of 3+ to apply. Keep in mind that the roles require mature active users who are decent at roleplay. The application is below : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1PW5eoRcQ2cceC10LyZuqL-_f2JNTyZgNM2-MWmOXInY/edit Applications will close on Sunday the 24th Good luck! -Chopz
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    "Felt Cute, Might Delete Later" 8MARCH19
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    Yeah its been a fun ride, I'll be in TS every now and again and in game. Hope you all enjoyed my events, videos n stuff that i've done for the community. Cya all. By the way, If you want my 8400 chips on Clone Wars and my 5000+ Chips on Imperial just hit me up, Might do a giveaway. EDIT: I just realised i'm leaving at my 400th post, How poetic
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    A bunch of irl stuff has come up so and I honestly can't be bothered putting time into the server anymore. This is my official resignation from em and co of 224th. I'm too lazy to do tags, you guys know who you are. Some of you I fucking despised but you probably don't know who you are. gg Parcy out. (p.s ill probably just end up coming back in like 2 months like i always do but for the time being i cant be fucking with the server)
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    h...holy shit... I don't know what to say... I am thankful to all of you who have made my time on this server so brilliant. I was never going to make a big deal of it... I've got some shit IRL that I need to ... wrap my head around. I love you all, and hopefully some day I can / will return. All the best to all of you... goodbye for now.
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    Hello, couldn't help but notice that you've detailed some inaccuracies in your tragic story. - I was guarding Darth Vader until you ran over closely with no acknowledgement via salute of the higher rank and you simply said 'oi zeus' - very RP friendly. I then told you to move along 3 times to which you got heated in voice chat saying 'I dare you to kill me'. On the 3rd move along bind is when i proceeded to kill you and that is precisely the same time you started moving away after being initially shot. You cannot at all double down on the fact that you were 'a lambda space away'. - Completely false. - I did not take the claim for myself. @Sullyinitially took the claim and shortly after, he had asked me to TP to the sit because the situation directly involved me. You may think I took the matter into my own hands but you were making false claims about being RDM'd for a completely justifiable reason and you didn't agree. I explained the facts to which you disagreed with while dishing smart remarks to myself until you had enough and called me stupid. I then TP'd you back and told you that a note will be made against you for others to be made aware of your attitude. As far as I'm concerned, no note was made against you and you were definitely not warned in-game for your actions. - Your questions were not valid because you were heated and they were not in relation to the situation at hand, I only asked you questions in hopes you would understand the difference between RDM and killing someone while guarding. - It was not an RDM, you died in RP due to your poor choice of words in front of higher ranks and your stand-off like attitude in-game which personally, isn't role play friendly, ordering a Shadow Guard while they are guarding a VIP directly in front of the VIP is not roleplay friendly either. As for the pm's you may or may not have sent in-game, apologies for not replying but I did not see them, otherwise I would have replied.
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    I'd like to formally apologise to anyone that I have hurt and/or inflicted a bad image or hindered their experience within the community over the past couple weeks, After reflecting I have understood that my actions and attitude within the past couple of weeks have been less then satisfactory and due to this i'd like to formally apologise to each individual that I have effected, I'll be attempting to get in contact with any of those that I have believe to effected and anyone that does not receive a message and was personally hurt by my attitude or actions please contact me. Over the past month of so my real life has been deteriorating rapidly, Its been difficult to keep up and I feel my insides just collapsing. My father has been in hospital for a couple weeks so its taken its toll on me, As well as this my school work and relationships with my family and friends have also been rapidly dropping the more time I spent within the server and it has taken me so long to finally realise this, I would've taken a break a couple weeks ago to get some time to reflect and to improve my IRL situation although I decided to just tank it out and continue pushing more events on CW due to the lack of EMs at the current time, I understand I should've considered my IRL situation first before doing such actions and I apologise. My mindset and moral as of late has been extremely low and I've had many dark thoughts, My only wish now is to make peace with those that I may have hurt in the past or may have bad feelings towards me so I can move on and even pop in once or twice a month. I'm taking this time to seperate myself from the community to improve my real life situations and to get myself out of this pit i've put myself in with my mindset and dark thoughts and neglect to my own personal self I've noticed. If anyone that I've hurt or inflicted over the past couple of weeks still has any bad feelings towards me, I'm sorry and I'd like to make peace whether it be through steam, forums or TS. At this current point in time I wish to improve my stance with some of the community members so I can depart peacefully so I can fully focus on improving my IRL situation without having to worry about the community anymore. I wish you all the best of luck on the server, in real life or any other situations. One final note i'd like to leave is to not neglect your personal life, Make sure you attend to that before anything else to do with games as it was the mistake I had made, I put games before my personal life and it costed me a great deal. I wish everyone within this great community the best any I sincerely apologise to any of those that I've inflicted and friendships that I've broken because of my recent actions. Regards ~ Splonter
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    Dozens of families have been bereaved and many more injured by the horrific shootings. The donations received to the page will be used to provide support and resources for people affected by the Christchurch shootings and their family members. There has already been over $6,212,556.92 donated to this cause by over 77,647 people all over Australia and New Zealand. https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/christchurch-shooting-victims-fund It would mean a lot if you were just to donate a small amount, It will all be going towards providing the families with support workers, funeral costs and many more.
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    Good Afternoon Imperial Gaming, in light of the situation today in Christchurch, I just wanted to put out a PSA about International comradery and to speak about checking up on each other. This Community is not a Community that has a one track mind, a community in which everyone agrees on everything, or one where everybody gets along with everybody, but that's ok, because we're all different, we come from all walks of life, we all have our own struggles, fears, hopes, and dreams, but we all share some common interests and the important thing is that we are all one community. This community has done a lot for many people, and its in times like these that we need to come together to ask an important question to one another. "Are you ok?" As much as we're all different, everyone deserves to be cared for and looked after. Make sure you check up on everyone, especially people affected by the attacks, to all of you, I hope you are all safe, and even though we may have our differences, I care for each and every person in this community and I hope we are able to teach our children to fight hate in all its forms so one day the World is finally able to accept everyone, no matter their differences. The Clone Wars have set up a small memorial in honour of those who had their lives cut short by hateful, evil people with closed minds. Please make sure people you know are ok, and I know, we as a community especially, can grow from this incident and come together in an attempt to stop others from doing the same again. I hope you are ok, if you need to talk, you can speak to me, even if we have had our differences in the past. Don't let hate win.
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    Hey everyone, don't be alarmed i'm not leaving the community. I just wanted to post this to let everyone know I am going on a 25 Day school camp which my school does for the year 10's every year. If you have any questions that won't dox me lol then feel free to ask but other than that I am leaving on the 25th (Monday) so I will see you all until then and I also get back on the 22nd of March.
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    Facebook has done its best to delete the video of the shootings and will continue to do so but there are people out there that would of recorded this. Please if you know any one who has this video urge them TO DELETE IT Its disrespectful to those who were injured and/or killed. To do a shooting is one thing to stream it is a whole new level that no human should ever reach. By saving this video you are indirectly helping those shooters spread their corrupted views. And please dont actively search for this video its horrific and graphic and you will gain nothing from it. All of my thoughts and prayers are with New Zealand,
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    To ALL commanders It has come to my attention as well as IHC's that the commander meeting timeframe is a little confusing to some, so this will clear things up. It won't be a very long or lengthy topic, just enough to get the key aspects across. To start of the commander meetings will be held at 9 PM AEDT on Saturday. If for whatever reason there is an event on at the same time, it will either be pushed forward or delayed depending on the event. If either I or Lucky is unavailable to conduct the meeting on Saturday, it will be moved to 8 PM AEDT the following day (Sunday). If there are any questions regarding this, feel free to message either Lucky or my self - High General Hammer
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    So even though its rarely used, we still are able to use a TIE-Striker (If you have the correct Pilot License that is). However the TIE-Striker is only available on the old Star Wars Vehicle Base. Since no one is probably going to port it to LFS, I decided to do it myself. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1671557610 Maybe we could bring this to the server?
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    Hello Greg, The ST's were all doing reeducation in MH1 which you were apart of. This first in-count I had with you was when you were in the First floor bunk corridor running away from a General and ISB trying not to do the reeducation (note you were what seemed to be either yelling or talking extremely loudly, this will be important later on). You after being taking back to MH1 where still yelling/talking extremely loudly.... I attempted to ask you a question of two about why you whether there an what you had done wrong. You failed to answer and as far as I remember once ignore the question and once gave a silly answer yelling/talking extremely loudly.... It was at this point I decided that clearly re-education was not enough for you. So I used a torture/execution fire pit that ISB has used in the past. The purposing being to inflict death on you in such a way that also sends a message (in RP) to all the other ST's watching not to break the rules of the Empire. Additionally, this would give you a chance to have the RP situation reset for yourself and hopefully you would correct your actions and come back in RP and properly RP. You where put into the Fire pit. Instead of say oh no I am on fire and "ow ow ow" or something. You started dancing (failrp). I then gave you a chance to get yourself out of it. I said, I could give you a warn for failrp or you can RP properly. So in regards to this I was being completely fair and giving you a chance to RP rather then straight up warning you. I said to you rather then dancing maybe it would be more appropriate for you to be screaming as you are in a fire pit burning. I did not force you to do anything, you could have said in a normal speaking voice with a little expression "oh no oh no I am fire help ahhhhh". Instead your consciously knowing the potential consequences choose to scream. I never forced you to scream. I gave you an opportunities to stop dancing and RP properly, I even was nice enough to given an example of what someone RPing properly might do, that being scream as they are on fire. But I never forced you to do that. Additionally, as stated before you had been talking extremely loudly throughout the entire course of events. At a level most would considered board line yelling. So, you had been already talking extremely and unnecessarily loudly and you knew what would potentially happen to yourself personally within your life (that being your parents might hear) yet you choose to do that. You choose to do that before I had even engaged in conversation with you. So yourself yelling/and or talking at an extremely loud level was a choice you had made before I even stepped into the situation or made the suggestion when you were in the fire pit. Thus, the consequences of you doing what you did are not my fault and completely your own. So you when you disconnected there was no way for anyone to know the reason for you disconnecting and any reasonable staff member would assume you DCed to avoid punishment and RP. Throughout all the the events you clearly showed no intent to RP. This was unequivocally supported by your warns. If anything you are lucky that after I reviewed your warnings that the ban was no longer. (see warn history below): Furthermore, had only just previously been banned for RDM, FailRP and Minging. Clearly even after being banned previously for the exact same thing you had no intent to change your actions. Finally, it is funny how you used a different Steam ID in your banned appeal to what yours actually is.....The Steam ID you used funny enough has no warns on it....This if your Steam ID for future reference buddy STEAM_0:0:154206180 (Reference picture below for the fake steam IF put in the ban appeal) To conclude, you were minging and FailRPing before I got there and you continuted once I got there. Everything I did for you at every turn was done in the best interest of yourself. I gave you a chance to have to RP situation reset as you could die in RP and start RPing properly. I instead of straight up warning you gave you a chance to figure something out RP properly. The actions the ultimately got your in trouble were your own and of your own decision.
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    Earlier today my nan passed away peacefully, got me thinking about some stuff and i just wanted to tell people how great she was, she was in her 90s when she passed and was always nice to me, right up to the end. I am just really glad she passed peacefully a thing not everyone get's in the end, so i wanna hear some nice stories y'all have of your loved family members
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    I just wanted to say I have huge respect for all the stuff tonight, they all put in a tremendous effort with setting up the new map, sorting everything out in a highly satisfactory order. I personally believed the map is great due to its large size, there is plenty of room to carry out training sessions for regiments along with efficiently sized regiment bunker areas. I also believe the the events ran perfectly on the new map as a result of its open combat areas. I was also lucky enough to participate as the event character for the first time ever in an RP server, I truly appreciate the offer it was Extremely enjoyable. I was highly satisfied with my experience on the server tonight. Keep it up imperial gaming! AKA The best RP server on garrys mod by far.
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    To the ex-members of Republic Gaming, I feel I owe it to you that The Best Of series comes to its final conclusion, and what better place to put it than one of the two places that people fled to upon RG's crumbling ruin. I'm not even going to detail the amount of effort that's gone into this, so without further adieu. . . . The time has come. (execute order 66) - Greyback x
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    Steam Details Steam Name: [IG] Veybur Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:228966128 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198418197984/ In Game Details In Game Name: Veybur In Game Rank: Major General In Game Regiment: Republic High Command Time Played (Server Time/ Must Provide Screenshot evidence): 01w 6d 23h 43m PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC Before: Yes Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I've been on Imperial Gaming since I began playing Garry's Mod and have been granted PAC 3 before on the Imperial Server, I am a dedicated and Trustworthy member of the community, I have never received a Warning and or Ban, I have always made a conscious effort to maintain a productive nature on the server, and have never been in anyway malicious to the Server or Community. Should I be Entrusted with PAC 3 once more, I will once again do my utmost to prove that the decision made was not taken for granted. Why do you want access to PAC (1 paragraph): I would like access to PAC 3 on the Clone Wars Server to further Develop my character as Major General based on a backstory I have developed in my spare time. Using my other PAC 3 as reference to this would be my time as Commander ARC-20-A Blitz of Rancor Battalion on the Imperial Server where I based my character on a Surviving Clone, Using PAC 3 I made it more than apparent to those looking upon my character of the theme I was trying to achieve and plan to strive for the same goals on Clone Wars. I also want to access to PAC 3 so I can expand on my knowledge of the platform and assist others who need such help. Why do you believe you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I have been an extremely active member of both the Imperial and Clone Wars Communities showing time and time again my maturity and dedication to the improvement of both myself and the community, I am by no means as experienced as some with PAC 3 however granted the opportunity will improve over time by learning more and more advanced techniques as I progress with PAC, hopefully managing to get to Tier 2 at some stage. I also believe my examples although basic at this time, show promise and dedication to PAC 3. Thank you for taking the time to read my application! ~ Veybur PAC3 Examples:
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    Ass Chief Misahu walks in. Del Meeko (Alystair) /me Salutes Credits Sith/SUB Regiments Seventh Sister Zote Grand Inquisitor John Darth Vader (Helsing) Master Instructor Demeter Initiate Boris/Hephaestus ISB/SUB Regiments Director (Chief Tonberry) Agent Jimka Assistant Colonel [ACO] Kristofer von W. Acting Agent Aleksandr Kallus (Sylvia) Head Agent Dirthi Special Agent Lee 'Sterling' Everett Brigadier 73-01 "Tank" Captain 73-02 "Blue" Master Sergeant 73-07 "Raven" Sergeant 73-07 “Castle” Sergeant 73-07 “Nick” [INF-01] Commander Iden Versio (Rex) [INF-03] Junior Agent Del Meeko (Alystair) [INF-04] Acting Operative Seyn Marana (Jenkins) ID10 DIO (Max) Cinder Squad Cinder Demo 63 • 'Freeman' Cinder Demo 77 ● 'Renolds' Imperial Commando’s Brigadier 53 ● 'Outback’ Sergeant 82 ● 'Nova' [Support] Master Sergeant 32 ● ‘Tony’ Jump Troopers Officer Cadet 【JT-02】 Church Second Lieutenant 【AC】 【JT-01】 Elesto Imperial Navy Lieutenant Commander [XO] Korr Officer Cadet [NIA] Cure Junior Crewman Tri Prex Commodore [CO] Carswell Sub-Lieutenant [NO] Kirgin Joomboom Advanced Recon Commandos / RANCOR Battalion Lieutenant Colonel ARC-20-A "Blitz" (Rivers) SCAR Lieutenant〔TF-99〕〔2IC〕Ragnar Regional Government Governor Arihnda Pryce (Mathieu Scheff) 996th Major Tinky [C-472] [Administrator] 212th Private 2234-Arky People who weren’t there but wish Misahu the best Major General Planz Major General Marlu [INF-02] [2IC] Operative Gideon Hask (PULSE) Special Thanks to Darth Vader (Helsing) - Getting us the Bridge / Planning Grand Inquisitor John - Getting Ex-Regiments of Misahu / Planning Del Meeko (Alystair) - The Idea / Inviting Recent Ex-ISB Members / Planning Lee 'Sterling' Everett - Recording / Taking the Photo / Uploading to Forums
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    Hey guys, @Carnifex tried logging into the server today and sadly was given the warning that his map differed from the Servers one, so here is a guide on how to fix it and make sure you've updated the entire map properly! This is going to be very similar to my other guides on this, so I'm not going to provide pictures and just tell you what to do, because, we've all been playing GMod long enough to know how to get to these places, and if you don't, speak to our really great support team on our Teamspeak @ ts3.imperialgaming.net Nonetheless, what you want to do is navigate your folders to >Steam >steamapps >common >GarrysMod >garrysmod >download >maps Then find the map "rp_rhenvar_kaktusownia.bsp" and delete it. You may also want to go back a few folders to your addons and delete the addon file with the same name, then restart your game, extract it, and we should be good! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1675959794&searchtext=Rhen+Var https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1675896777 You also need to subscribe to the two addons above. This is an EXACT copy paste of my other post, but it was just easier to put this up again rather than let the link to it die in the chatbox. EDIT: Shoutout to Carnifex, he did the tests for me, so I love him a lot.
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    The secret key to getting new members is for Rickle to get a mic, change my mind.
  28. 6 points
    Another post because I'm simply bored and want to get to know everyone at Imperial Gaming a little bit better, so this one is, What fact/s do you want to share about yourself that you think is either, unique, weird, or something you can't really show off or bring up easily over the internet. Some that I know, that I won't share are, we have a swimming Gold Medalist in our community, as well as an International Ice Hockey Player. Like my music post, I can share first if it makes it easier. I'm a Black Belt (Dan) in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, been doing it since I was 6. I have Bilateral Duane Syndrome, meaning I can't move my eyes left or right, only up and down. As some of you may know, I'm a Texture Artist and 3D Model Maker for Garry's Mod and other games, some projects I've worked on are, Project Borealis, the Clone Wars Arma Mod (Not SWOP,new one) and my favourite personally, a 3D Board Game called Mountaineers. Let me get to know you IG, I want to know some interesting stuff about you.
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    Most every ship looks like this when flying around nowadays. Troopers seem to get further and further away from the ship the longer they stay in it
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    When the Wintohs ( @Jye @Basil @Percival @Alluh @Cecil @Keith @Gunjies @Matto @Jesis and I), along with Grand Admiral Thrawn (@Cody) ransacked Vanilla's wedding, not popping balloons, but popping people.
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    Not going to give an explanation, Nor do I want to. Starring: John Austro CECIL Carswell Featuring: Ramirez & Some10-year-olds.
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    For normal users all you have to do is join a channel and that seems like it however teamspeak has so much better potentials, possibilities and we also have access to the backend, channels for text also don't have to look like "public-chat-room-1" instead a nice Public Chat Room 1 looks a lot better. Also, the backend of teamspeak is what makes teamspeak amazing, I have access to all files, all logs, all serverside files and discord simple does not allow that especially for if we want to mod teamspeak we can, however, discord you cannot., Discord is great for mates or a simple World of Warcraft guild that doesn't need what we have, that doesn't have over 40+ regiments, its like how Steam has its own program like Discord, why doesn't anyone use that? it's free, you already have it and it's physically in Steam so why not use that? the answer is simple, it's impractical for what we do. I use a discord server sometimes to catch up on very old mates I use to play with allot before being in IG, it is great for Streamers to connect to there viewers, same with youtubers however for a community for us that runs gamemodes on servers it is not practical where teamspeak is.
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    Teamspeak is superior then discord with large communities.
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    You've still got like 7 frames a second.
  37. 5 points
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    If I had a $1 for every frame in this video I'd have like $15.
  39. 5 points
    I'll always be here to support you @Whitey xx
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    Something I composed with clips that were provided from @cjhrjone54. I didn't want them to go to waste, so I thought what better way to put them to good use then to do a little editing magic and putting them together in a little montage-type video. Enjoy.
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    There is a lot of talk in the community lately of the Clone Wars server and more specifically that it is slowly dying or it's already dead etc etc the thing is with every newly opened server the first couple of months are always the most important and slow and with Star Wars RP there are already many well established Clone Wars servers that rack in 100s of dedicated players everyday. These servers have been opened for years what I'm trying to say is as expected the Clone Wars server will get there as many can say the when the Imperial server first opened it would have been exactly like the Clone Wars server and look what it has blossomed into today a great and dedicated community that love it to death so give it time and don't give up on it I know the Management team won't as many things are being worked on at the moment and I'm positive a notice will be made to shine light on what exactly those are, I want this server to work I give it my 100% the question is will you be there to help grow it into a living breathing community.
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    As the title states, we had a bit of an incident... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxlrtOYzcDM&feature=youtu.be
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    Denied No Intent-Reapply in 3 months
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    What the title says. Subscribe to Pewdiepie. Skip to like 14 minutes to see it.
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    You know we had to do it to em.
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    Good Morning everybody, within this post will be a document ascertaining to the new Laws of War that the Republic and all of its sub-divisions will have to follow, inside outlines what you can and can't do during active combat and during War. As the title says, they are the Republic Laws of War. You can't get into any OOC trouble for breaking these rules as they are RP only and are RP heavy as you will see in a moment. These are obviously very synonymous with the ideals of the Jedi Order and are backed by peace and compassion, not executing or causing unnecessary harm to those who have no way to do the same back. Good luck, don't break the rules or Fleet Admiral Stephen Palskies may come and give you a one-two skadoo. The Republic Laws of War
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    The Clone wars EM team does happen to be the elitist of the E L I T E, Creme of the crop ya know. Im glad your enjoy your time and our events
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    To the people who disagreed, @Jalex @Galle and @Splonter I am looking forward to your responses. I want you to try and change my mind. Also splonter i don’t care if you have left the server, if you’re still going to downvote posts and participate in polls you better be ready to bring your a game.
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    @LuckyMikey Dear Michael, I will ban you from the Server unless you do your homework and will force you to do it. Don't make me do it, or I'm going to lose my shit and remove your EM powers too. Kind regards, your boss. - Bailey
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