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    Before a month of hard work goes towards the expansion (here), the past few weeks the development team has been putting in hard work to keep the imperial server fresh and new with content for everyone to enjoy. Please all the new changes below. Content Added Microtransactions! After many, many requests from users we have decided to finally add more micro transactions into the donation store, please contact a staff member in game after purchasing to receive the product. Some of the micro transactions are listed below. (If they are not on the store right now they should be up later today) Credits may be bought for a ratio of $1 - 500 credits Points may be bought for a ratio of $1 - 1000 points You may buy permanent guns that will stick to your character regardless of your role including Cycler Rifle - $40 RPS-6 - $50 Star Wars Laser - $100 Permanent Health Boosts (stackable 5 times up to 500 extra health) 50 HP - $5 100 HP - $10 250 HP - $25 Mission Skips Skip any mission completely for $10 per mission (whole mission not just level) Promotions - you must complete the required test to be promoted after purchasing, you will not be refunded for failing. CL-1 > CL-2 - $10 CL-2 > CL-3 - $25 CL-3 > CL-4 - $40 CL-4 > CL-5 - $80 CL-5 > CL-6 - $120 CL-6 > ALL ACCESS - $200 and Management Decision Speech Bubble When someone is typing a speech bubble should appear above their head, this is for those people without microphones as it can be hard to tell when people are typing Content Updated/Changed Precaching We have heard your words about precache instability and so the following changes will be made in hopes of reducing the load on the server Precache time will be extended to 1 hour Each precache will occur every 5 seconds Balance Changes We have been working closely with the balance team in order to refine the combat aspect of the server to ensure that events are fair for all. ID-10 Dio Base Health increased from 200 to 400 to reflect his armour capabilities Added Bacta Grenade to reflect his already-existent bacta injector Added the new "Droid Minigun" which has roughly 600 RPM I believe with 20 damage per bullet. Area Access clearance changed to All Access as he is a surveillance droid Scatter Shotgun The scatter shotgun will be buffed to 75 damage as it is rather underpowered Sith Lightsaber Damage from 25 to 100 to reflect a real lightsaber Force Leap can now noclip you through walls when stood directly next to them Force Heal now heals roughly 10x the original healing, and may be used in combat. Event Characters All event characters regardless of the event masters event will receive 200 armour to compensate for the mass amount of troopers, this should give them more of a fighting chance and smooth events out a lot. Default event model changed from ST to Palpatine Mission Progress After many months of testing the experimental system of missions, the mission system will be wiped tomorrow. Good job to everyone who prestiged this time around Mission Completion is made roughly 5-10x harder to make prestiging a privilege In line with the Microtransaction update you must pay $25 to prestige Content Removed Climb Swep After a long discussion with all of management we have decided to finally remove climb swep, it is clearly a break of role play and has no use on the server Recruits Recruitment slows down the process and roughly 70% of all players joined are still recruit as they never finish training due to boredom, for this reason players will join straight into the 6th Army Brigade, and more regular training within the regiment will be done Crashes Thanks to player and community feedback we've decided to remove crashes completely from our servers in an effort to increase player satisfaction and immersion. This feature wasn't working as intended, its sad to see it go but its for the better. This will also be the first collaborative changelog in light of the new changes, feel free to comment any thoughts or suggestions below
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    Well it's time. Firstly I would like to thank the entirety of the Imperial Gaming Community for everything you have all given me, help me achieved, supported me and allowed me to be the best I could be on the server, whilst supporting my efforts as the Grand General for the period I served the role. I have come to the decision that I am leaving the server, and the community. I have had my fair share of time on the server, I have had my ups and my downs, My laughs and my arguments, but now is the time I leave. I would also like to thank the following: @Wolf Where do I begin, you entrusted me with the highest military rank achieveable, allowed me to progress through the ranks of Commander, all the way through Imperial High Command and I cannot thank you enough. I am also glad to be able to call you a great friend, and I can't thank you enough for your ongoing support. @Chopz You were my Commander from day 1 and to this day will always be the real OG Commander in my eyes. Without you I would never have achieved where I am today, so thank you. @Lucky My faithful Second in Command, You supported me throughout the rough times we faced in Imperial High Command, supported me when it got tough, and took the mantle while I was unable to be there due to other commitments. I thank you for everything you helped me achieve, and I look forward to your growth as the new Grand General. @Jman1308 Thank you so much for everything you helped me with, from trusting me with the Army restructure, to the rebuilding of Imperial High Command, and from taking the reigns from Wolf and still having the same faith and trust in me to do what I needed to do. @Welshy You were my partner in crime, and still are, however I thank you for the great times we had on the server, to the trouble we caused and the trouble we got ourselves into. I thank you. @Grif The mini Lucky if ever I had seen it. I can't thank you enough for your commitment and support within Imperial High Command, and your efforts that made the role of others and the server more fun and enjoyable. Thank you. @Ghost4448 The hot head of Imperial High Command, next to Welshy lol. Thank you so much for everything you have done, you have shown alot of potential, and still to this day continue to put the effort in and I can not thank you enough. @Theta The salad general himself. If Grif is the mini Lucky, you are the mini Grif. in saying that, you have lived up to all expectations and more, you have shown me how faithful and reliable you are, and I can not thank you enough for everything you have done. @Ragetank The second bulky boi, my identical twin....just smaller. Thank you for everything you have done, from copying my size in PAC3 to being extrodinary in your dev work for the server, to maintaining and supporting the security forces on the server. @Loki The glue of Army High Command, you were there when things got tough for all of Imperial High Command, and without you things would have fallen apart. I thank you for supporting everyone when it got tough and for being a fantastic General. @Tinky SHUT UP FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE. But in all seriousness, thank you so much brother, for everything. From being a fantastic Commander, to becoming a brilliant Brigadier General, I know you will go far, just have faith and continue pushing. Thank you so much brother. Theres obviously alot more people I would like to thank however this post doesnt need to be over 3 pages and the list of the other end probably longer. I will still be around in the server's Team Speak, however my time in game has come to an end. Again thank you all so much. Sincerely Hammer.
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    Hello everyone! I am currently in the process of reworking the way events are managed and run in order to improve your enjoyment on our server. I have also been working behind the scenes for quite some time with multiple tests and experiments to determine what actually works when put into practice, and what simply works in theory. For example, whether or not you have the patience as players to not shoot your weapon when faced with potential hostiles... I would like to thank you all for the community feedback I've received. I hope you all understand that a lot of information needs to be kept private, though I do wish to share with you a list of things we are changing as the Event Team. These are trials, so keep in mind that if something doesn't work, it will be changed! Event Updates Rotation Maps First and foremost, I want to hear your feedback on rotation maps. If the majority of our player base wish for the DS-01 Battlestation to be removed, then now is the time! Additionally, I'd love to hear any recommendations you have for rotation maps on the workshop. You can do this by filling out this form: Rotation Feedback! Offships The feedback I have received on offship events from the community is that they take too long to load, are too frequent, and commonly lack creativity. To fix this, we have recently: Removed pre-caching for offship events (drastically lowering loading times) Cut the offship event quantity requirements for EMs in half (lowering their frequency) Ensured EMs understand the importance of a creative story, strong motive and interesting mechanics (improving quality). It is my hope that these measures improve your enjoyment of these events, as offships are an incredibly important part of a Star Wars RP server. Event Tweaks Some small changes are being made to events to improve our processes. For example: We will no longer call "No more trainings/tryouts" where it is not necessary This allows for more RP friendly event conduct. Events that do not require your involvement do not need you to forgo tryouts. Additionally, we can commandeer hangars that we need by either booking them for "Event", or doing so through RP. We will be increasing the amount of private EC calls that we run This involves noticing if there are only two EVO members online, for example, and they will not be needed for the event. They will be contacted via PM and asked if they wish to join as an EC, given their lack of direction and command. This also allows for the player base to be sometimes surprised by an attack, or sudden event (exciting!), which is closer to what would happen in the SW universe. We will be increasing warning for imminent offships (hopefully giving users about 30m to prepare for deployment). Some people have expressed concern at offships being sprung on them from nowhere. This should rectify that. I will be monitoring your feedback consistently over the coming weeks, and tweaking as we need to. Some other points were raised recently that we are currently testing, and there are some exciting back-end mechanics in the works by our developer team to improve our events and roleplay as well (I can't tell you about those just yet!). Remember that my EM team are all human, so it might take some time to see consistency with these changes. Please support us! Feel free to message me on the forums if you wish to speak to me about any of this. Rook
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    Hello IG Community We are proud to present our next expansion: Watch the video before revealing the surprise
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    I thought it'd never come to this but, I've thought long and hard recently. A lot of events have happened to my recently in real life which has caused me to become very isolated from the community. Recently my brother sustained a traumatic injury which was self inflicted, for the past few weeks he's been in the hospital and now a mental ward to assess his capabilities in returning to society. It's been hard and depressing for me lately to even find time or the enjoyment to come online and talk to people about it. Unfortunately I'll be departing from the community due to these factors I had hoped it that it would've been under less depressing circumstances. Personally I'd like to thank everyone in the community as a whole for the fun times and banter, it's been a wild ride and unfortunately this is my stop. I'd like to thank a few people before I depart from the community as a whole. @Kristofer My Pantheon Brother, whilst I was still an owner of my own community you introduced me to this one. @Rivers You'll have to carry on the Director Kevin jokes now, Thanks for being my 7th Padawan back on clonewars. @Luigi Probably the best Candidate I could have had for Obi Wan, second to Kosmos, I'll miss ya man. @wflizzi Another solid 7th Padawan, mainly for the jokes. @Bailey Cheers for accepting me into the Event Master team, it was definitely a fun experience. @SiegeMonkey Worst Commander on Clone Wars and worst Range Trooper Commander. On a side note for anyone who cares. I'll still make the models I promised and upload them to the workshop. It'll just be some time before I decide to considering the current situation. Thanks for having me -Mongo.
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    Change the Inferno Squad members.
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    The 62nd Shock Division was punished by Emperor Palpatine for the murder of Bob. Here's what happened.
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    Will just make a script that stops people from spamming the elevator buttons or pressing them when they're in movement - simple.
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    So i wanted to start this discussion as i have been thinking about these topics and am curious of the communities opinion so reply your thoughts. Firstly, The stage feels more like a given thing and not a privilege. At this point when a debrief occurs 75% of the server is on the stage. and honestly most regiments/people shouldn't be on the stage. The only people on the stage in my opinion should be, Inner circle, IHC, CL4+ and Inquisitors (not purge). I believe that you should earn your right to be on stage and just because your in a regiment that grants you access doesn't mean you deserve it. and by on the stage i also mean that regiments standing in the doors and on the walls should also line up. Navy, ISC and engineers should be lining up and so should purge and Compforce. Secondly, During departure and other events i find a lacking amount of troopers, it seems that there are only speciality people and people in suits. This one doesn't bug me as much but it seems weird that for a community to be Lore friendly that 75% of the server are in suits or special regiments. And yes there are more regiments with troopers but you never seem to see more then 5 people on per army regiment. When you see the lines awaiting dropship assignment more of the server are on the sides or behind then people lining up in regiments. Well after my little rant i understand it might stir up some controversy and i understand that i am not a army regiment and am far from it but i think making some of these changes can help the server be a little more interesting. Dont mean to call anyone out negatively just sparking some discussion and ideas. -Verstappen
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    Hi all, Bit of a quick suggestion - but I think that Dio really needs to be nerfed. The role is constantly abused in events (specifically tonight) where Dio tends to cloak and run in head first into Event Characters, decimating them with their SE-14C and is pretty much immortal. Their hitbox is also smaller compared to some other models, so it's even more difficult to land hits on them. Alternatively, some restrictions could be placed on the role to prevent their ability to act extremely aggressively in events. Instead, act passively. EDIT (posted as a comment):
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    Coming... ...when it's ready.
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    Doctor Galen Erso Applications are Open This application form will show your interest in taking on the lore-character role of DOCTOR GALEN WALTEN ERSO Pre-Requisites Must either be CL3+ or have had CL3+ in the past Must have relative experience in engineering RP Roleplay As GALEN ERSO, you will have some freedom in how you RP as long as it sticks true to Galen Erso's character in-lore. Galen Erso is NOT a civilian, instead he will hold the military rank of Lieutenant Commander and all Imperial personnel must respect him as such. He will not, however, be able to issue orders around to military personnel unnecessarily. We will be playing Galen Erso properly and true to lore, meaning that he has already abandoned the GALACTIC EMPIRE and confronted by DIRECTOR KRENNIC on Lah'mu. If you get the role of Galen Erso, you will play the character as if he was held by the Empire against his will, however, playing the role of an obedient and defeated man in order to secretly delay the Empire's DEATH STAR project. Applications will be opened until 29/03/2020 Link to Applications Good luck to all applicants. - Kristofer (Director Krennic) - IG Management
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    Applications for Counselor Gallius Rax are now open! Applicants must be CL3+ Applications will close on the 4th of April. Best of luck to all that apply and may the best applicant win. Application Link: https://forms.gle/B9UHab9ZuW5grBBn9
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    may as well remove climbswep from the server
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    I look forward to seeing your applications. Regards, Secretary Butcher Recruitment and Training Officer
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    Hello IG Community We have decided to make some updates to the donation store! Returning content: Inquisitor donator slots have returned! Inquisitors do not lose any normal spots however gain an additional 2 Donator slots. New: Credits! I have finally added the use of credits now. This will mean if you wish to contribute to the server, you are still able to use this contribution later down the track instead of making a somewhat useless, one-off payment. We believe this is a good idea to set in due to the amount we have received from the "Contribute to server" package, and we believe its only fair to allow people to buy/redeem a package later down the track. There will also be discounts for bulk-buying which I will adjust later. Shock Masiffs! Masiffs will be a new addition to shock, it is an idea we have copied from the Clone Wars server and decided to bring it over to Imperial RP! It's quite simple - you get to play as a dog, and there can be up to 4 dogs. They will come equipped with a bite SWEP that stuns for a small amount of time, with a cooldown on each bite so it cannot be spammed.The stun is just long enough for a shock to aim and possibly make the stun shot, acting as a prime support utility. TeamSpeak: Custom TeamSpeak icon for your name, similar to what you see with Wolfs name and the little Yoda next to it. (You can only have 1 icon according to teamspeaks limit and must be appropriate for our community). More to come! Regards, Wolf
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    Hey guys just wanted to leave this here for ya'll. Join the Navy!
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    @Happy come back
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    I agree, the stage has definitely lost it's novelty. I don't have exact numbers but most of the time it seem that there are more regiments allowed on the stage than in the lines. There's definitely some regiments that shouldn't be there, some examples being Compforce, Chimaera Squad and the various naval regiments. Here's a list of all the regiments up there and my opinion on their stage status: EMPEROR'S FAVORITES Inner Circle - Don't need a reason for this one! Inquisitorius/Temple Guard - The organisation closest to the Emperor and Lord Vader. They would definitely be allowed up there. COMPNOR Imperial Security Bureau - Call me biased, but I believe the ISB have one of the most important roles out of the uniformed regiments. They constantly work alongside high ranking personnel and provide security for the top-secret projects of the Empire. Though I definitely believe they shouldn't be as close to Emperor on the stage as they currently are. Death Troopers - Private military for the ISB and personal bodyguards of high-ranking officers within it. Apart from 1-2 troopers to guard Krennic, I don't believe they should be on the stage. Perhaps they can serve a similar role as Shock in some way. Inferno Squad - The best the ISB has to offer. Only consists of five members that constantly perform top-secret operations. They definitely deserve their spot. Coalition For Progress - Although another subgroup of COMPNOR, they don't exactly serve the same importance as the ISB. Though I can see a case for them being on the stage due to not knowing much about the regiment myself. Compforce - Private military for COMPNOR personnel. The only difference between them and the other military regiments lining up is the association with COMPNOR and the favor of Director Armand Isard. NAVY Navy - They run the Star Destroyer and guide it in travelling and combat. They definitely have an important role on the Star Destroyer, but not so much on other maps and rotations. I think they're good where they are. Engineers - I know that they serve one of the most important roles overall due to the amount of technology the Empire constantly uses, but I don't think they should be on the stage. They weren't treated as formally as the standard navy members, and were commonly made up of alien races to perform hard labor. They can probably line up and fit in with the other military regiments if they put their helmets on. Imperial Starfighter Corps - They fly the many fighters and shuttles of the Empire, but were commonly treated like any other solder. Lining up seems like a good choice. Chimaera Squad - Same situation as Death Troopers. They're a private force for the Navy and personal bodyguards of high-ranking personnel. Apart from 1-2 troopers guarding Thrawn, there shouldn't be any on the stage. THE OTHERS Regional Government - They run, well, the government. I don't know much about the regiment so I don't know their exact importance, but I reckon they look good on the stage due to their formal attire. High Ranking Military - I don't know the exact system, but I believe that only the commanders of the regiments are allowed on the stage. That's all good. 62nd Shock Division - They don't really stand on the stage, but they definitely take a lot of focus off of it. It's bright red against the dull colors of dark-toned uniforms. Obviously have 1-3 checking ID's at the main entryway, but the others can spread out along the sides and keep an eye on the crowd. Looking up it looks like we'd be cutting out all the security regiments and some of the navy regiments. We'd move COMPNOR down on the stage, possibly to fill the gaps that ISC/ENG have left behind, and only allow the big boys on the upper part of the stage. Though that may not be enough itself. Perhaps a whole reconstruction of the debrief area could be considered to better display the amount of importance between regiments. Something that looks formal whilst also making the stage a place to be earned rather than given to a selective few regiments. Anyway, I hope that helps a bit. Hopefully that didn't come off as disrespectful to any regiments, but feel free to tell me what you think.
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    Addon Name: Flixs's SmoothCam Addon Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=944537792 Size: .005 MB Reasons: So I'm working with the Coalition For Progress, and one of our current projects is to do showcases for most of the regiments. While we could use the standard or cinematic camera that is used in most Gmod videos, having the option for a smoother camera, not bound to the regular walking motions, will open up opportunities to make a more superior product. This would be of benefit to all regiments that are currently in the process of, or waiting list for a showcase. I've taken the liberty of creating a couple of concepts of some map style walkthroughs/trailers to demonstrate what could be done. Now keep in mind, these videos are mostly for testing, and much of what is seen would be significantly different if we had the server running as per normal, populating much of the shots with their day to day operations. NOTE: This does come with the drawback of noclip style functions. HOWEVER, it is limited to the loaded area the player is in, so if they are at the end of the tramline, near MH2, they can't see down the stairs. This would need to be investigated or limited to the use of trusted individuals. Examples: (All videos unlisted for testing use only) 1: DS-01 Style Trailer Example 2: Anaxes Showcase Example 3: Star Destroyer Display Example 4: Rhen Var Trailer So pretty much, while we're tasked with making people look nice and all, this tool would be able to help us with a lot more variety than the standard and cinematic camera.
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    First off farewell to hammer, I hope everything goes well for him. This is a little meme I made of the best interaction between Tinky and hammer. Also can we get a meme section for the boys.
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    Very bad idea, do not approve.
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    Steam Details Steam Name: hypo Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:32361926 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/thehypo/ In Game Details In Game Name: hypo In Game Rank: PVT In Game Regiment: ST Ban Details https://www.imperialgaming.net/bans/detail/index.php?steamid=STEAM_0:0:32361926&time=1570962131 How long was the ban for: Permanent Which staff member banned you: CONSOLE What date did the ban occur: 13-10-19 20:22 What was the reason for the ban: Bypassing ban, Real ban reason was failing my probationary period. Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: I was playing IG on a 1 warn probationary period, where I started singing in a jail cell after being held for upwards of 10 minutes, for an offence only warranting 5 minutes. I believed that me singing in the cell was a RP element, however I was greeted by multiple shock troopers running in and calling admins, where i was warned for mic spam and permanently banned, without even asking my side of the story. At this point, I'm quite triggered at the unfairness of the ban. I then decided to fire up a few alts and joined back and unleashed an arsenal of exploits upon IG. Every time the server got popular enough, it would client overflow. Videos of this attack sparked up, such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slWMJw9K-LM . I then received a community ban and lacked motivation to continue to exploit IG. Time passes, and i began pursuing more mature and serious development, working on servers such as FG, EG, TM etc. It was here where i matured and started appreciating not being an idiot. I ended up handing the exploits which I used into the IG development team and suggested the best way of patching them. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I don't believe that i necessarily deserve to be unbanned, nor even given the chance to. I am very sorry to the IG community for the damage that I inflicted upon the community. I do believe that everyone can change, and in my case i believe that i have. In the past, we've seen mass minge Kumo reform to become a developer. I believe that in my time since my ban I have matured and grown to be more of an ethical developer and person. That is why i believe that i deserve to be unbanned. In my time being banned I have assisted the IG developers in optimising the server, as an act of remorse.
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    Don't see whats wrong with DIO using rocket launchers and cycler rifles my dude
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    Hi all! Do you have a spot in your heart for helping those in need? Well, congratulations the IG Support team is currently recruiting! The support team is the perfect way to meet new people from the community and assist them in the problems that they are facing. What does the support team do? Well, the support team’s include helping those who need technical assistance with errors that they may be getting in their Garry’s Mod. With all this in mind, it is important to be reminded you can spend long periods of times in channel with people helping them out. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in you are able to apply by heading to the "Open Applications" section of the forums at the top of the page! Thanks! Renegade.
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    It's really really easy to demand performance from thin air and it's expected since your a user. It's the year 2020 everything should be running smooth but unfortunately like you and the Dev team stated we are working with an engine from 2004 and we are squeezing about as much as we can. Garry's Mod was never developed for our use case so we have had to do some serious optimization on our end to even support 128 players connecting little lone fighting. I personally think the server is in the best place it's ever been in terms of performance and content. We have sub 5 minute restart times which is much better than 12+ minutes with the possibility of crashing again. The trade off here is the small jolts you get when the in game precache starts. But this is a small inconvenience when everyone is able to connect while the server is still loading. We very often check how much functions cost in terms of performance and the ones we can improve we do. (There are ones like TFA or 3d voice calculations which are expensive but we can optimise them any more.) In terms of general performance I still believe we are the best we've ever been. Often fire fights aren't slideshows (no where near as much as they were a year ago). I think the development team of all people already understand the points you've brought up in your post more than anyone. Performance and stability improves every single aspect on the server but I'm going to be completely honest I think most players understand and acknowledge the lag and occasion crashes etc. I'm not really sure the actual intent of your post because it just seems like a rant on performance demanding something to be done without actually fully understanding what goes on in the background. I hope this comment enlightens you with knowledge.
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    As others have said, the Climb SWEP itself is inherently immersion-breaking. Your character does not have any animation to show them vaulting up a wall, nor does it make sense to be able to climb nearly any vertical surface. A way we could rectify this issue in the future is to remove the Climb SWEP and replace it with a more robust parkour system. A parkour system such as SaVav's Parkour Mod would be a better alternative as it has a much steeper learning curve, meaning regiments and personnel that can master it should deserve to traverse the map in different ways. If we were looking to stick to immersion and lore (which we already don't), this would be a good revamp of the climbing systems and help put regiments in their place when it comes to combat duties - a Navy officer shouldn't have the same tools of transportation as a special forces officer. SaVav's addon also comes with third-person animations for extra immersion. Alternatively, we could simply accept the fact that Garry's Mod is a game and a server like this need to be balanced for both enjoyment and seriousness - a balance the Climb SWEP helps maintain.
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    As someone who has played on this server for 3 years... NO. If I wanna break my legs falling down an elevator, I will. If I wanna avoid mingy players from repeatedly pressing the elevator button, I will. I have better things to do than wait for elevator abuse.
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    If your a long time player. Your aware how IG has changed over the time. I as a long time player can state like 30 different era's and how there use to be huge RP and drama which impacted the server and what not. BUT This is about combat. Weapons. Blah blah so on. Most people agree. Combat and events are actually garbage now days, because of kill hungry, unthoughtful people. And to make it even better. Because people act like this. IT MAKES NORMAL PEOPLE ACT THE SAME. All out of pure rage. I mean even I myself act like this. Why? Cause if they wont listen to someone whos CL4 and will just rush? Whats the point in trying. What's the real problem? - You aren't scared - No real punishment - You won't listen - You aren't acting imperial. How do we fix this? - Scare them straight - Punishment doesn't work you can just DC. - @Tinky is fixing this point - Actually create a form of rule book or PDF. Which would include actions, scenarios and orders which must be followed. (ill expand on this down below) So what i mean: You aren't scared: Enemy ECs mean nothing. Lets be honest. No one feels any fear. "Owe look its a EC with 1k HP who does 25 dmg " "What do we do?" "Ey... rush?" "Yea! Lets do it!" This is basically the thought process i quite honestly watched 2 6th army have before they ran in and jumped around a EC for 5 minutes then running off. So how do you make a Rebel "Scare". Well the main reason from my own experience i'm scared of fighting specific regiments is because they are able to easily punish you for poor mistakes. I feel the server ever since the weak weapons nerf has made combat drag on for way too long. Looking at any good combat game. The less Bullets shot. The better. Without beating around the bush what i'm trying to say is to increase Rebel weapon damage. Don't make them insane. Don't make it instant kill. Don't make it stupid. A good gun for a rebel is a 25 mag, 65 dmg, decent accuracy / spread. This is strong so it can punish you if you rush, but with spread so if your using cover correctly the bullets will hit around you, stops rebels from across map snipping but allows them to hold Close ground to keep empire at distance very well but is ok at Mid range. To do this with one weapon. Is stupid. Rebels should have at least 4 main weapons 2 Rifles, a pistol and a sniper. These guns are already on the server (CAN'T THINK OF NAME). These guns i have all used as a EC. They are beyond trash. Shooting a gun with 20 bullets and 20 dmg is like getting a $2 water gun which can't even pump correctly and then fighting a fire ant hill when your toes are nailed to the ground. Event character weapons need to be scary, they need to punish idiot players for mistakes, and they should be over power rather then underpowered. If we have a event. And all 6 ECs have a rotary cannon just because it can shoot the fastest, requires no aim, does decent damage. Is TRASH. Another thing EMs need to add to the scare factor is some new models for Events. I have seen the same 6 dam aliens and 2 Rebel modes being the forest and the snow shovel over and over again. They need something new. If its a colour change, a new helmet something new. No punishment: This is a Gmod Server. Punishment for doing the wrong action? Not gonna work on anyone who isn't CL4+. "Owe noooo my internet is crashing *Disconnect*" Its a game. No one really cares about punishment. Instead of trying to punish troopers the reward system is far better. HOWEVER. That system still has major errors. I have seen trooper hunt ECs in attempts of a award. And i have also seen players who pull of crazy shit but get nothing. This whole system kind of needs a review. Punishment just dont work Reward is better but will lead to greed (That's the stage we are at) You won't listen: I have high hopes IHC will attempt to fix this. I hope Tinky is able to fix this. But at most you will see 2-3 IHC who are alive. They have Nova who are there to help them. But they kinda disappear? Shock will put you in a Brig for 5 minutes which is dumb. This ruins people's experience and honestly ruins immersion. Re-education is way funner, you actually have some kind of RP and human experience and not only that it can lead to some really fun banter. There should be a system where on field punishments can be handed out. If this means on field execution, COs getting Blue cuffs in order to restrain and stop a trooper from being able to compete or something. There is no punishment if a 6th army SGT disobeys a SCT LTCOL. Why is there no punishment? Cause should you kill the 6th army "RDM", you call shock? They already walked into the area. You body block? "fAiL rP" *proceeds to shoot*. The fact there was a CO meeting saying that if you are shot! You can even shoot them back. Punishment needs to be able to come from anywhere. Where a Imperial Army. We have a agenda. We FORCE this onto people. You don't listen? *Bang* We are a imperial army but we have people who try to reason with enemies, we don't burn or storm villages to force our rule. We act like shitty cops. But you cant even enforce anything because you have nothing to do that with. A rule book over Crimes against War or something where we can look at and say "Hey, this town? Isn't worth it... Burn it." We need to be allowed to actually do some RP where we do act a little rude and criminal where we just go and kidnap kids. We are playing a Serious role player of a Army that blows up a planet. We are not regular troopers. Every regiment on the server but say 6 of them is some kind of special regiment (Which makes no sense) who is "elite" at something. Military reports to MILITARY ISB reports to ISB Navy is Navy All areas should in some way interact. But if a low rank needs to interact with another it needs to go up the chain of that branches command. Then come back down. There is no talking. Im basically say the server is kinda in a state where its getting worse and worse. RP is kinda dull and trash Combat / PVP is terrible Events are the same thing... ECs are not at all scary Weapons are dull all around for everyone (This may be a rant but the server at this stage just isn't a fun place and at this stage i'm only staying to talk to people) (Where is my IQA Iron sight?)
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    I think it’s a sign (bring clone wars back)
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    Here is some good ol' Nostalgia from back in I think January 2018? Anyway some good ol people including (The man the myth the legend) Sheckelburg, JD, Bossk, Jimbob, YamSpastic & Bass among other peeps. yes i know the video is cringy and bad Petition to bring the old Child Pilot models back!
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    I've been procrastinating on this short write-up for a couple of months now, but since I got Director Krennic, I feel as if I'm obliged to push this out as soon as possible. I no longer play my previous character, Arathilion Xalrich, but I genuinely enjoyed playing him as a character and developing him overtime on the server. This is a general backstory of Arathilion Xalrich from before the formation of the Galactic Empire, and during the execution of Order 66. A Lost Feeling
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    Steam Name: HenDoge SteamID32: 92225419 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheHenDoge/ Age?: 20 What Part of the community are you from? Imperial RP Server Programming languages you know (etc. LUA, CPP, C#, PYTHON - MUST KNOW ONE LANGUAGE): I’m currently in my third of a Computer Science Degree, double majoring in Software Development and Data Science. As a result of this, I have University level experience with Java, SQL, Python and Scala, as well as some experience in C used in terms of the development of operating systems. Additionally, I’ve been playing around in c# for several years now in my own time, and have recently been learning Lua. What type of content do you want to create for our server? Honestly, I wouldn’t mind what I was working on at all. I’d expect as a Junior Developer primarily I’d be helping more experienced developers in the implementation of their ideas and the likes. I’d also be more than happy to conduct any required debugging, testing and maintenance of existing content. Have you made any other scripts or content we should know about? Unfortunately, due to regulations at my University, I can’t post any previous assignments I’ve done here, but I’m more than happy to talk about them if anyone has any questions. I’ve worked on projects such as a task scheduler for an operating system, a basic asteroids game, and a database with an accompanying client application for inventory management of a video store. I’ve also worked on several other smaller, less interesting projects as part of my degree; however, I haven’t listed those here. What I can show you is a small project I’ve created in gmod. The gist of it is there is a ‘Naval Agenda’ that permanently displays in the top left of the client’s screen. This agenda can be changed using a terminal entity that can be placed anywhere. When the player interacts with this entity, they are prompted to enter a new agenda, which will then be updated on all client displays. I've uploaded a video of the item in action below. If you have any questions about my implementation, please feel free to ask me about it. While this is a relatively simple item, I feel it is adequate in demonstrating the use of derma panels, the gmod net library, and the creation of entities, all of which are key in the creation of content for the server. Obviously, I’d hope that as my skills and experience in Lua were to increase, so to would the creativity, complexity and usability of the content I create. Additionally, I have also created my own (very simple and unfinished) admin ticketing system in which the user can create a staff ticket using the ‘@’ symbol in chat. This then creates a ticket popup for staff. There are several other small items I’ve also created, such as a health dispenser and several chat commands, but I won’t be including these here as I feel they are somewhat unoriginal and fail to bring much to the table. I’ve also got half-working Discord Bot in a development server that I’ve been playing around with that integrates with Google Sheets and can pull data from the Shock Arrest Database, however I’m not going to be posting that here either. Just like everything else though I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have about it, such as implementation and features. Video Example of Naval Agenda: https://youtu.be/Spt2xbxlTBg Do you accept the Terms & Conditions of this application? Yes
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    The lag problem should be fixed now I was messing around with networking cvars to see if the server could be more optimised, I've reverted them back to normal now. As for the less content and permaprops, im sure 90% of the dev team agree with this, the amount of the content of the server is ridiculous and unneeded. Although, it isn't our decision or position to change these, we simply implement and add the content, the server managers and community manager are the people who you would want to speak to in terms of that.
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    [SIMPS > HAMMER] Enroute. but also bye o7
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    If this is the case, then climbswep itself should be removed from the server. The reason why we have climbswep is for convenience of the players to be able to get to areas and make it easier to get around. If we are truely basing it off immersion then yes, it is in a way FailRP to climbswep up an elevator, but at the same time this would also make it failrp to scale vertical walls with just your hands, especially when the walls are inclined. In reality the idea of climbswep itself is not RP friendly, but it allows for more flexibility and easy access for the users which in my opinion is more of a benefit then negative even if it sacrifices a small amount of immersion. Complete SeriousRP is simply not achievable on a Garry’s mod server without sacrificing many benefits and comforts that allows majority of the populace of the server to have a more enjoyable experience. In order to achieve balance on the server I believe it is necessary to sacrifice some factors of seriousrp for the enjoyment of the player, in this case it would be the idea of climbswep. Climbswep is a very useful tool and makes everyone’s lives so much easier, In reality if you intend to ban 1 aspect of climbswep such as climbing up an elevator due to it being ‘FailRP’ or disorderly conduct then the argument should be used the same for every use of climbswep when scaling a wall when it is above DEFCON 4. I see this decision causing more harm then good, it is evident that majority of the player base will happily sacrifice a small amount of immersion if it means they have easier and more effective ways to get around, even more so when climbing up an elevator has little to no effect on others.
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    While I agree with this notion, there’s plenty of other lore & RP aspects of the server that are thrown out of the window for convenience or balance. Using the excuse of lore doesn’t really hold up when we do often discard it for balance on the server. Lore is only valuable so far until it begins to become an obstacle for the server and its player base. Climbswepping up/down the elevator, up until now, was one of those balances.
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    In what star wars universe would somebody jump down an elevator only to break their legs only be put out of commission for a week in the medical facility, just because they wanted to get somewhere faster? Or to climb up a flush wall with no way to hang onto anything and most likely have no training to do so? The fact that this is seen as "decent role-play" on a serious RP server stuns me, maybe in intense situations it can be ignored such as when you have a squad of rebels right behind you and its your only escape option to jump but other than that it's pretty much fail-RP. Like during regular day to day duties no character in the correct mind would be doing such things. From what I can gather the rule was introduced in role-play due to a clear misconduct from personnel in an attempt to rectify it that also has the benefit of immersion and abiding by the servers serious RP status rather than resulting in going to OOC staff and requesting that people be given warns for fail-RP. Role-play needs to improve, it's a serious RP server for a reason and it can be done in many more ways but if you want to make a start you can do so by not jumping down an elevator.
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    Honestly if we're looking at it as a way to make RP more consistent and realistic (and I really see no other reason for this being a rule), then we should make jogging/sprinting without orders to "move on the double/triple time" looked down upon or AOSable as well. Much like climbing up/down the elevator, it doesn't harm anyone but for the sake of RP I think it has to be done.
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    I see a lot of controversy over the post about "removing his access to op pointshop weapons" and shit like that. I want to make it clear that I don't think that's very fair to do that. But I think some restrictions like the ones below could be possible: Can't self heal when cloaked. Can't shoot anything but the B2 Wrist Blaster and E-11 Stun while cloaked. Can't aggressively go after hostiles unless with Inferno Squad members, instead play the role passively (cannot actively go an fight EC's, only attack them if they shoot at them or are invading a key area -FOB, Checkpoint, etc. ect) and as a support droid.
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    Remove Event Character kills from the quests and it should make some impact, a major reason why people abandon their posts and rush to the enemy is due to the fact they 'need that extra EC kill'. Not saying it will 100% fix it completely, but it will help. Also remove NPC kills while you are at it, we don't get them enough to warrant it as a quest.
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    Gmod is probably one of the most unstable games I play on and since it runs on such an old engine its very unreliable. Im making this post today to tell you about some commands you can run in console to make your game run smoother. gmod_mcore_test 1 This allows gmod to use multi-core rendering which will increase your fps anywhere from 10-150+ fps (Depends on your CPU). If you dont know what Multi-Core rendering is then ill tell you a bit about it. Multi-Core Rendering enables your processor to utilize more cores on your processor then the standard 1 core that gmod runs off. r_decals 0 This removes all Decals from your game. (de-spawns your blaster shots and blood stains) These are two of the most common ways to get better fps while being on base and during events. If your PC or Laptop really struggles to run Gmod i would recommend running pac_enable 0 as this will not render anyone's pac's and will help increase your FPS I hope this helps with anyone who doesn't run gmod at high fps Thank you for reading
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    might just drop this here and farm upvotes. hook.Add( "InitPostEntity", "join_con_commands", function() RunConsoleCommand("physgun_halo", "0") RunConsoleCommand("effects_freeze", "0") RunConsoleCommand("effects_unfreeze", "0") RunConsoleCommand("r_drawdetailprops", "0") RunConsoleCommand( "r_drawmodeldecals", "0") RunConsoleCommand("cl_showhints", "0") RunConsoleCommand("gmod_mcore_test", "1") RunConsoleCommand("datacachsize", "2048") RunConsoleCommand("mem_max_heapsize", "8192") RunConsoleCommand("mem_max_heapsize_dedicated", "4096") RunConsoleCommand("mem_min_heapsize", "1024") RunConsoleCommand("r_threaded_particles", "1") RunConsoleCommand("r_threaded_renderables", "1") RunConsoleCommand("cl_threaded_bone_setup", "1") RunConsoleCommand("snd_mix_async", "1") RunConsoleCommand("mat_queue_mode", "2") RunConsoleCommand("host_thread_mode", "1") RunConsoleCommand("r_queued_decals", "1") RunConsoleCommand("cl_smooth", "0") RunConsoleCommand("cl_ejectbrass", "0") RunConsoleCommand("muzzleflash_light", "0") RunConsoleCommand("r_drawflecks", "0") RunConsoleCommand("cl_forcepreload", "1") RunConsoleCommand("sv_forcepreload", "1") RunConsoleCommand("nut_cheapblur", "1") RunConsoleCommand("nut_fpeffects", "1") RunConsoleCommand("cl_timeout", "300") RunConsoleCommand("cl_updaterate", "20") RunConsoleCommand("cl_cmdrate", "20") RunConsoleCommand("bucket_mcore", "1") RunConsoleCommand("cw_crosshair", "0") end ) and then drop this.. function fixlag() RunConsoleCommand("gmod_mcore_test", "1") RunConsoleCommand("mat_queue_mode", "-1") RunConsoleCommand("cl_threaded_bone_setup", "1") RunConsoleCommand("cl_threaded_client_leaf_system", "1") RunConsoleCommand("r_threaded_client_shadow_manager", "1") RunConsoleCommand("r_threaded_particles", "1") RunConsoleCommand("r_threaded_renderables", "1") RunConsoleCommand("r_queued_ropes", "1") RunConsoleCommand("studio_queue_mode", "1") RunConsoleCommand("M9KGasEffect", "0") RunConsoleCommand("r_shadowfromworldlights", "0") RunConsoleCommand("r_shadows", "0") RunConsoleCommand("r_drawdetailprops", "0") hook.Remove("RenderScreenspaceEffects", "RenderColorModify") hook.Remove("RenderScreenspaceEffects", "RenderBloom") hook.Remove("RenderScreenspaceEffects", "RenderToyTown") hook.Remove("RenderScreenspaceEffects", "RenderTexturize") hook.Remove("RenderScreenspaceEffects", "RenderSunbeams") hook.Remove("RenderScreenspaceEffects", "RenderSobel") hook.Remove("RenderScreenspaceEffects", "RenderSharpen") hook.Remove("RenderScreenspaceEffects", "RenderMaterialOverlay") hook.Remove("RenderScreenspaceEffects", "RenderMotionBlur") hook.Remove("RenderScene", "RenderStereoscopy") hook.Remove("RenderScene", "RenderSuperDoF") hook.Remove("PostRender", "RenderFrameBlend") hook.Remove("PreRender", "PreRenderFrameBlend") hook.Remove("Think", "DOFThink") hook.Remove("RenderScreenspaceEffects", "RenderBokeh") hook.Remove("NeedsDepthPass", "NeedsDepthPass_Bokeh") hook.Remove("PostDrawEffects", "RenderWidgets") hook.Remove("PostDrawEffects", "RenderHalos") end hypo for president, pulling through where the developers couldn't.
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    “The horns sound, the ravens gather. An empire is torn by civil war. Beyond its borders, new kingdoms rise. Gird on your sword, don your armour, summon your followers and ride forth to win glory on the battlefields of Calradia. Establish your hegemony and create a new world out of the ashes of the old.” Hello all, I have another 2 keys to giveaway for the new upcoming game intending to release at the end of the month! The beta has 2 multiplayer game modes currently, One being the classic TDM the other being the Captain mode with you commanding the AI along with others. The giveaway will work as the same as it has in the past, to enter simply copy and fill out the template below and reply on this thread to enter! I’ll do the draw at 8PM Wednesday 11/3/20 AEDT where I’ll stream real live draw to ensure fairness. The template is as follows: Name: Server Playtime: Have you played Mount & Blade previously?: Extra Info: Good luck to all who participate, If you win you’ll be sent a code that you can redeem on steam for the beta! And like last time I personally am very excited for the release of the game having loved the previous titles and I’m eager to hear everyone else’s thoughts regarding the upcoming release!
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    Anyone interested in helping bring back the pog bf2 game nights?
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    This response isn't about the server stability as I think it's fine where it is, moreso about the responses to the post.
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    Hello Family, I genuinely believe that you all deserve an explanation as to my attitude and behavior as of late, now I will not in the slightest state that this is an excuse or even exempts me from criticism of how I was but I do hope that this at the very least explains why I became the sort of person that I am. Going from someone who genuinely views everyone here as a family, to someone who pushed everyone away in the name of 'role-play' as an emotionless member of CompForce. There is a level of humanity that needs to be kept, and during a very emotional time, I dropped it to cope with my own personal deeds - Which I am willing to explain now that I have conquered the hardest part of it. Not all of you know this, but one big reason why I dipped in activity a little back was because I had become homeless for a small while and it took me a bit to get into a housing situation, setup with Centerlink and all that entertaining things that come with it. Since then I have tried my best to find odd jobs here and there, working casually whilst also juggling university on the side. Recently I had heavily considered stepping away permanently from Imperial Gaming because I was treating friends terribly, as well as being a pain on the server when I truly didn't need to - All because of anxieties and depression, my university canceled my courses which had forced me to go into TAFE QLD which has added more money onto my weekly budgeting and with that I had to choose between education, food, and rent, which made me drift into the server to escape reality. It had gotten to the point where I had homelessness looming over me and I simply couldn't stand it anymore, and I will admit that if it weren't for my loving partner that I would of slumped back into old habits that had took years to work out of. Luckily for me, my head listened to her and I swallowed my pride to speak about it with family members - Of whom has graciously decided to assist me, to how much degree is not going to be disclosed but I will say that I am no longer in a dark place and am no longer too worried about becoming homeless. The point of this thread I guess is two-fold, an explanation upon my recent ways, and a genuine apology to those that I have caused ill-will to. I will not tag anyone, but those of you whom I have had conflicts with recently know who I mean and that it is directed towards them. I am sorry, and do genuinely plan to be better. Sincerely, Sky. P.S. If anyone is going through any terrible situations, I do not care to what degree, my inbox is open and so is my discord (𝕷𝖆𝖗𝖘#8168) If you cannot get yourself to talk to family or friends, I am here for you.
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