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    I spent a couple hours working on this. The epitome of a Star Wars RP event.
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    As some of you may have figured out from my previous post (and other secret communications), currently in the works is a custom Lothal map. For the past month now, @Cracked, @Frosty__ and myself (mostly cracked) have been working hard on the map, and we believe its finally at a stage worth showing the community. On a side note, I'm currently looking for funding to commission King Pommes to make some custom textures for the map (for the grass, mountains and houses) so if you're feeling generous and you're able to chip in, it would be greatly appreciated. With that aside, I made sure this time the camera wasn't foggy so you'll be able to get a good feel for the map and its features. Control room view of the city Just a regular old tower Main Imperial Complex Civilian Spaceport City & Branching Roads Please keep in mind the map is still in the middle of development and any features/buildings that you see in the screenshots may not be in the final version. The grey and orange textures you can see on lots of the buildings are dev textures and not intended for the final version, they are simply placeholders used until we get the custom textures. With that in mind, we'd love to hear any and all suggestions you guys have about possible; buildings, features and locations. Previous Teaser:
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    DONT READ IF YOU GET OFFENDED EASILY Afterall, its just a game man.
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    The second chapter and another wacky video with encounters from when on the server. - As always, volume gets... loud so you have been warned - Enjoy! - Pulse -
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    Hey @larrythecrab! Firstly, I really appreciate the effort you've put into this, and I appreciate even more that it's a respectful post. It's difficult to discuss when these posts are just rants. You've made some really solid points here, and provided some really good arguments. My first promise is that I'll be bringing all of these up with my EMs in a meeting to discuss pros and cons, as well as receiving insight from other management members. My Initial Response: As Kris has mentioned earlier in this thread, pleasing the majority of players is a really fine line to tread. We don't aim to please everyone, but my main goal as of recently is to try and be as open and as transparent as is feasible with event changes, so that players know that we are listening. For example, we made a bunch of changes to offships and EC calls in response to community feedback, but the people who are against these changes seem to think I'm doing it "just cause", when in reality it was via votes on my event feedback forms. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but the general stance of your post seems to be that ECs are in general too weak, and do not provide enough of a challenge for the player base. Unfortunately, we also receive complaints about ECs being too strong. The difficulty is trying to balance having a small number of ECs against a large number of players feel like a fair fight on a macro scale, whilst also having one EC vs one player feel like a difficult, yet winnable fight for said player on a micro scale. That's the main reason why upping EC health doesn't solve the problem. A 200hp pilot shooting a 1200hp rebel is completely unwinnable, especially if we buff EC guns. While you may think that's a good thing, it's very frustrating for a lot of players. My brainstormed solution: Of course, this has not been discussed nor tested, but my initial idea to do this is to increase EC weapon damage (by perhaps having a buffed weapons pack just for ECs), whilst keeping EC health low. This allows a small group of ECs and a large group of players to be somewhat of a fair fight, but ALSO allows for individual players to win difficult fights vs ECs if they use cover correctly, aim true and avoid damage, as the ECs won't just be unkillable gods. Regardless of what we come to decide, I agree that a change needs to be made! Watch this space :).
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    Hyperion slimed his way into a closet and tried to wait for me to die. Had to make a deal with the devil. If anyone wants to play any dbd feel free to hit me up.
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    Funny how my first ever thing posted is me leaving but these things happen. Now if you cant recognise my name i was the EVO commander and i have been here for a bit over half a year but the time i have spent on the server was always good fun and even though i might be leaving i do have to say that thank you to all who have made my time on imperial gaming enjoyable. If you are curious as to why i am leaving currently i am dealing with alot of mental problems and had to drop some things to cope with that unfortunately imperial gaming was one of them, i am not going to take up anymore of you're time one again thank you all who helped me enjoy my time and i bid you all farewell.
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    At a recent incident involving the ISB Commander M. Thoroughbred IV and the Grand General of the ISD Chimaera. There was a search for any contraband (food taken from the mess hall). During the search more than just a small portion of food was located in the office of the Commander. The Grand General devised the plan to either send the Commander to fat camp or brig time. Due to the Commanders quick thinking and extreme intelligence, he devised a plan to baffle the General and be set free with no punishment. This is how it went...
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    Maximillion Thoughbred the IV was minding his own business when the Grand General decided to remove a donut from his office. Maximillion, being the resourceful type decided to ask what he could do to get his donut back. The Grand General told him to do 100 laps of MH1. Maximillion being the dedicated ISB member that he is, then did this. At about lap 52, Emperor Palpatine decided to show up to help Maximillion get through the exercise in a faster fashion. After a few warm ups, he dispatched the Royal Guard to motivate Maximillion.
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    Look, I haven't been around to see what the server has become, or what it's currently become. My experience reading the changes that have been made, in theory sound quite nice. Buying your own ammunition, adding an important aspect to the credit system. Then you think deeper about certain stuff like "Why is the Military forcing me to buy my own ammo?". Anyway, I agree with a lot of your points, the server when I played, became more strict. Hell, to even have some fun I went through 28 Names in like 3 Months. The amount of people, who think they're Ranger Rick, and are about to save the whole empire, by bossing people around on the server cause they recently got promoted to Warrant Officer II, was one of the most annoying parts of the server. The vocal minority, who reached a higher power status, thought they were top shit, like no brother, no one thinks your some mad cool kid because you are a Master Seargant on an RP Server. The jokes, I also agree with, people can't take one. The amount of people, that pulled me into a sit for clearly a joke, I couldn't even count (Still never got a warn though). I guess you could say generic meme "Damn Kids, can't take a joke", which is a stupid way to think about it, but the server did feel like that and was one of the reasons I left. Imperial Gaming, has fundementally shifted, from what it was in late 2017- eary 2018, is it my belief the server felt more fun back then...yes. Did you have a more relaxed rule set...kind of. Were people more chill....100% Also what is with this economy function...Are the Stormtroopers saving money, in their Super Annuation account, trading items, for the highest possible value. Are they planning a holiday on Jakku, and they need to earn more money? Is the server gonna begin going into recession due to people not stimulating the economy through consumption? Are you going to have an inbuilt inflation function? Sounds cool on paper, but this is a GMOD server, not the Australian Economy.
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    This Lothal post will cover the imperial compound. The layout has been custom designed to meet the needs of this community so I hope you can all appreciate that. With this in mind, the layout may still be subject to change, so if you have any suggestions you feel will improve the facility, please share them below. While @Cracked has tried to make the floor plan images as easy to interpret as possible, we'll both be happy to answer any question you may have. As per the last post, I'm still looking for funding to commission King Pommes to make some custom textures for the map (for the grass, mountains and houses) so if you're feeling generous and you're able to chip in, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hello IG, Recently I've been doing some thinking about reputation and reactions as a whole on the forums, there are a few key problems with it that I've wanted to address for a long time and now after some deliberation with Management (specifically @Cecil) I've done a small re-structure in regards to reputation and reactions on the forums. We tossed around many ideas, like making it so that you couldn't lose reputation, and removing the reputation system completely, but ultimately decided this was the best thing to do. Opinions being taboo So to begin, the main thing we wanted to address is people not being to express their ACTUAL opinion on staff reports, ban appeals, staff applications and ban requests as well as other controversial topics that require people to express their opinions or say something that others might disagree with. To prevent this, I've added two new reactions, agree and disagree (a tick and a cross) that both don't affect reputation on the forums but allow people to express the fact that they agree or disagree with someone's opinion or their post without affecting their reputation. This should hopefully help people post their true feelings (without being overly toxic of course) and not get downvoted into pure hell. From now on, please consider, instead of downvoting or upvoting on ban appeals, staff reports, staff applications and ban requests, instead use the agree and disagree reactions to allow people to post their true feelings / response to an application without needless politics or weaponizing upvotes and downvotes to choose a side. Re-shuffling the Emote Menu I've re-shuffled the emote menu, emotes on the left of the menu are positive, ranging all the way to the right where they are negative, for those curious, I'll explain which reactions do what. Like = +1 Reputation Upvote = +1 Reputation Haha = +1 Reputation Poggers = +1 Reputation Sad (new improved image now) = +1 Reputation Agree = Neutral Shocked = Neutral Confused = Neutral Thinking = Neutral Facepalm = Neutral Angry = Neutral Disagree = Neutral Downvote = -1 Reputation. On top of this, the agree and disagree images are not set in stone and if someone has, or makes more consistent / better looking ones I'll happily replace them because, while these ones serve their purpose, I personally don't like the look of them all that much. Conclusion Hopefully this helps with the forums and its health in the long run in regards to posts and the reputation system as a whole. Thank you for continuing to support the community and use the forums, its a good platform to get points across and allows us to connect on a community wide basis. I do plan to update the chatbox soon and put some more emotes in there. Kind regards, - Bailey and the Forums Team
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    I have to agree with this post, the server just feels more restrictive than ever before and I've recently found myself having less and less motives to play, having the longest burnout yet despite the fact that I should be really happy in the position I have. The only enjoyment I've had around the server (without RP to do) was my interactions with Kristofer as it was lighthearted banter and fun, however since then it's just been standing around and not really seeing much new stuff going on. I would rather play a server thats more fun rather than more immersive, but before you tell me to switch to another server, IG has done serious RP well before anyways and still felt immersive. Definately some points to be taken into consideration to make things better before they become worse, to benefit everyone.
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    To be entirely honest, I agree with some points you've raised. I believe you can definitely still have fun on the server. It's about how you do it though. So for instance, I believe in most circumstances fun / messing around should be fine and if anything maybe an in role-play warn is given to said person instead of an AOS / KOS. The part where you claim the whole server acting like ISB or trying to impose like ISB, I believe this is entirely true. However, the reasoning for this is the new COMPNOR branch which I'm sure you've heard of. With this has come more security branches and more discipline. Additionally, where you say everyone tries to make each issue theirs, I can agree to a certain extent with this. But, from experience, most of the time these situations are dealt with and the party that may not need to be involved is removed from the situation. (Literally happened yesterday with INQ, Nova/IHC & ISB) Another point you raised was the server population being sensitive to constructive criticism or generalised advice. I suppose if you really want to go deep with this thread you could say the world in general is this way. Society as a whole has become extremely sensitive and no one can take jokes or even simple irony. It's an issue that has only become recent with all the different cultures clashing with ideologies and ways of life. (Not going to go more in detail with this, as you said some may get offended) Other than that Kamelieon, you've always been a good friend of mine on the server and if you want to chat feel free too! I'm more than happy too.
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    Splonter when he finds out the name of the new pilot lore character from the new Squadrons game.
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    CompForce Commander Applications Applications Close: 8:00 PM AEST 18/07/2020 Applications will be reviewed and members will be interviewed prior to the position being chosen in the following days of the applications closing date. Application Link: https://forms.gle/6S87SajGPcdUVVQQA Best of luck to all applicants on behalf of COMPNOR High Command. Rules & Guideline of Applying: - Do not harass or bother anyone from CHC or CompForce about this application, in doing so will warrant your application being terminated. - Take your application seriously, otherwise you will decrease your chances of being accepted. - All Questions must be answered. If you're unsure write what you'd believe the most sensible option would be. - Applications may only be submitted once. Incomplete applications will be removed. Preferred: - Someone enthusiastic about the position and able to provide the attention the regiment needs is advantageous. - When necessary, someone who is not afraid of coming up with new ideas for the regiment or is able to promote suggestions from his/her peers. Prerequisites: - Must have previously achieved or currently hold CL3+ for longer than two weeks.
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    After a long day of writing reports, inspecting bunks and interrogating suspects, all G. Khorne wanted to do was hit the hay... What could possibly go wrong?
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    Steam Name: Frosty SteamID32: [U:1:206284460] Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/MrFrostMan/ Age?: 16 What Part of the community are you from? General Community Programming languages you know (etc. LUA, CPP, C#, PYTHON - MUST KNOW ONE LANGUAGE): Map Development: - Hammer Modeling: - Propper - Blender Texturing - Substance Painter Lua - I know very basic GLUA. (Wouldnt be able to code much) What type of content do you want to create for our server? I would like to Map Develop for IG. This would entail making Base maps, Event Maps and Edits of already existing maps. I have a lot of experience in the Hammer Editor and I have helped troubleshoot map issues with IG Map Devs in the past. I have can also model, but i dislike modeling for gmod. Have you made any other scripts or content we should know about? I have my workshop page. https://steamcommunity.com/id/MrFrostMan/myworkshopfiles/ I have a lot of unfinished maps that I either didn't want to finish or saw no need to finish which could be utilized for IG. These maps range from Tattoine - Scarif - Light Carrier ECT Do you accept the Terms & Conditions of this application? Yes Sorry, My application is short but I feel as if I have answered what the question asked to an acceptable degree.
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    2017 ig best ig
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    @Bailey @Kamelieon That is an excellent point. I have been playing on this serer since Jan 2017. I been through so much but it always comes back to the fucking grey hallways and now more than ever people dont speak to you. No one speaks. As @Auzii said everyone for at least 6-8 months now is sucking up to ISB and tries to be ISB. Everyone fucking wants to be the centre of attention and everyone wants to look cool within ISB. I have been in ISB ( admittedly for only a week because I accused the Emperor of insurance fraud) but people suck up to ISB. Everyone is either some type of security battalion now, theres like 200 death troops and 1000000 shock and everyone is just trying to arrest people or be so strict about everything. In 2018, the role play was still immersive and serious but people are taking it now like it was a fucking military position which it isnt. I was in air force cadets for 3 months and nearly 3 years in Regular Army Cadets and none of the NCOs or officers ever fucking treated military cadets as seriously as Imperial gaming officers do ( that should say something huh). The server used to be a fun rp server with rules and laws but now everyone has a fucking stick up their ass and uses their position like their own job. Also, like I said before there is no fucking interaction everyone just stands around in hallways or hiding in fancy bunks or offices where no one can speak to you. They dont speak to you because they see you as a low rank and think your a idiot or if they do speak to you they try to AOS or they take you to ISB. The amount of times ive seen this happen to people blew my mind. People have to realise that it is a serious RP but it is also a GAME. If people have more adventures and more spontaneous events like in 2018 and 2019 it wont feel like hallway walking simulator. The server feels stale, like a old piece of bread. Everyone is constantly trying to become more and more important and they believe that they need to be super duper serious in every situation which makes everyone that does this seem like a tight ass and dull. These are just my opinions but dont get me wrong. I love IG and everyone in it. @Welly- also welly is right, playing on the server feels like your in authoritarian Argentina in the fucking 1970s
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    Star Wars: Squadrons Breakdown and Analysis The trailer begins with a chase between an X-Wing Starfighter and a TIE Interceptor with red markings alongside its TIE pilot who also has red markings on his flightsuit. This either means that this pilot is a flight baron (decorated Imperial pilot) or, as Stryker said, part of the elite 181st Imperial Fighter Wing. (Profile Picture Worthy Photo) During the chase, we also get a glimpse of the interior cockpits of both the TIE Interceptor and X-Wing with more detail, including this targeting monitor within the TIE Interceptor cockpit that displays the ship type of the target ship. The X-Wing then locks its S-Foils shut, threading through between the asteroids and causing the TIE Interceptor to crash into one. Take into account that this fighter did not get completely annihilated after touching the rock, there was damage but the fighter itself stayed intact for repairs. Shortly after that, we get to see a massive fleet of ships both Rebel and presumably Imperial. In the shot we see an MC80 Home One type Star Cruiser, some CR90 corvettes, and a handful of Arquitens-class light cruisers dotted around. Next scene we see the same Imperial TIE pilot from before landing in a hangar with a damaged TIE Interceptor. We can see a clearer shot of the Interceptor's red markings. I also have reason to believe that these are the new Interceptors introduced after the Battle of Endor, after they've been refitted with shields. Shortly after, we see a large amount of pilots being briefed by a hologram of an unidentified commodore as shown by her rank plaques. Next scene we see the perspective from the Rebellion. We see the same female pilot from before leaving her X-Wing, proceeded by a mission briefing at a holotable. We can see that Hera Syndulla and, who I think is, Admiral Raddus in this scene standing next to the holotable. You cannot tell me that that is not Raddus. We can see here that Hera is wearing a general rank plaque for the Rebel Alliance. There is also this bulky, unidentified ship on the holotable. I don't particularly know what it is but it looks very Mandalorian in nature. I thought it was a Kandosii-type dreadnaught, however I don't believe it is. "Pilots, you are the Empire's strength. We do not accept defeat." "Remember why we fly, for hope. For the New Republic." "Vengeance will be ours." This bit here is hella epic. It shows a lot about the theme of the game, I can straight up tell that it's after the Battle of Endor, after the Death Star's destruction. The scattered remnant of the Empire looking for vengeance against the newly formed New Republic built on hope. In this exact same bit, we can see the TIE Reaper. The same transport used to transport the Death Troopers on Scarif Beach and the Ninth Sister in Jedi: Fallen Order. In the next scene we see more ships. We get full confirmation that the Arquitens-class light cruisers are on the Imperial side. Really sucks to see that the Empire is losing their Star Destroyers. We also see these new ships that I can't really tell what they are. They have these spheres hanging below them. My speculation is that they're fuel ships or something similar. In the exact same scene, we see two TIE/sa bombers completely annihilate a CR90 corvette with a laser beam. What the hell is this? It completely split that corvette in half! Are they even TIE/sa bombers or are they a different TIE variant all together? The man, the legend, the greatest of all time; Wedge Antilles. We see Wedge going through what seems to be a reactor core with his X-Wing. He's entered the DS-01, he's entered the DS-02. What else is he going to get himself into? Next up we see a battle over an ecumenopolis, potentially Coruscant. We see this wack looking ship that I still can't figure out what it is. There's probably a lot of legends material they're bringing into canon with this game. If they're on Coruscant, there is a chance that we get a major mention of the ISB since the ISB were tasked to be the ones to hold down Coruscant after the Emperor's death. After that we see the 181st launch an attack on a shipyard, I think. We see 4 CR90 corvettes docked at the location. The Imperial pilot fires the TIE's torpedoes that completely decimated all four corvettes. "5 pilots, one squadron" I have a feeling this game's going to be a starfighter 5v5 like many speculate. But we may be wrong, it could be a story campaign surrounding ten pilots from two squadrons, five each, from the New Republic side and the Empire side. The last scene with the Imperial Star Destroyer ascending from the clouds is incredibly sick. I have a feeling they're on Bespin, but honestly it could be any gas giant. With all that said, the trailer was sick. Honestly hyped for the gameplay reveal. Considering the fact that there's a bunch of characters from the shows and movies, I am fully positive that there will be a singleplayer (or perhps even CO-OP) campaign for this game. Taking into account how Fallen Order did, I have a feeling that this game is going to be great. Edit: After reading a couple of articles, the game's going to be a 5v5 between the New Republic and the Empire. It is not the 181st but instead a squadron called the Titan squadron. The New Republic will have a squadron dubbed the Vanguard Squadron. We also have word that there's going to be a campaign and potentially the release date of October 2nd. https://www.theverge.com/21289266/star-wars-squadrons-game-trailer-multiplayer-team-x-wing The game is also apparently up for pre-order on the microsoft store.
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    Currently the way event characters are setup at the moment feel like they are nothing more than walking wooden targets as opposed to being actual threats and people have been saying being an event character now is just not fun at all. I know being an event character is not exactly meant to be fun but they should be a challenge as well and right now event characters just get absolutely slaughtered. There are a few reasons as to why I think this is happening. More veterans having powerful weapons and easier access to them to. This is probably the biggest factor that is leading to the balance of event characters going down. More and more veteran players are getting access to powerful equipment that can just stomp event characters and it is now a lot more easier for people to get access to higher damage weaponry such as cyclers and rocket launchers via the more easy quest system. Weapon restrictions for event characters. In the past I would have agreed that this needed to happen but now I feel it is a hindrance . While I can understand that you do not want to be giving EC's the most powerful equipment possible most of the time the weapons that are given barely dent anyone either having terrible stats such as spread, range etc or hit so bad that they may was well be BB guns. Event characters in my opinion should be a challenge not something you can rush at and expect to come out alive. I have thought of a couple of ways that this can be improved to help out and potentially make event characters be able to put up more of a fight. Ease up or remove weapon restrictions for event characters This one is pretty obvious since it goes back to the issue where everyone has access to high damaging weapons. Easing up on the restrictions would allow Event masters to be able to equip there characters that can properly put up a fight. Restrictions for certain weapons could still be in effect however if event characters are just getting absolutely smashed the restrictions Have minimum default health of your basic combat EC's increased to be 1000 during high population I feel like the health for your basic aggressive event character just does not seem enough now and more enough they get dropped before they are even able to do anything once spawned in. having a higher health pool would increase survivability a little without them turning into laser sponges. There are a couple more suggestions that I have thought of but these ones would require more attention/produce negativity nevertheless ill add them and see what you lads think Change scatter, cycler and smart launcher back to the recharge system Currently as far as I know you are able to get additional ammo for these guns making them extremely powerful. I think these weapons should go back to the recharge system because it added better balance to these weapons and forcing you to choose when to use them. Reduce scatter magazine size from 6 to 5 There is no doubt the scatter shotgun is currently the god tier weapon to have on the server and that it takes a tremendous amount of time to acquire it meaning any changes such as restricting it during events would be unfair but more and more people have them these days therefore I have been thinking of a way to make it more balanced vs event characters while still maintaining its kill potential and one way I thought of was having so it can be able wipe out one EC in a 1V1 before it recharges essentially changing its magazine size from 6 to 5. The thought behind this was having a powerful weapon to use in a emergency situations such as being in a 1v1 or when your in a sticky situation that requires a target to die quickly in order for you to get out. All in all I would like event characters to be a lot more challenging than they are now. If anyone else have any suggestions feel free to add them here. cheers
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    The EM life is difficult. There is very rarely a good best of both worlds for ECs and players, and I'm saying this through a year and a half of EM experience. If the EC's health are too low, the ECs will complain. If the EC's health are just right at around 1000, players will complain. This applies to weapons as well. Players tend to be annoyed if ECs are given powerful weapons, completely ignoring the fact that they themselves have access to powerful weapons such as the scatter shotty and cycler rifle. Every EM has their way of running events. I personally like to give players a challenge and give the ECs weapons that do damage enough for it to actually matter. I'll say this once, I'll say it again. The dislike of high health ECs/ECs with powerful weapons stem from the EC kill quest-line. Players can't kill them easily, ergo not receiving an EC kill for their quest-line. I've seen players try to cycler rifle a saber-wielder EC mid-way through a duel with an Inquisitor which further lays bare evidence that the EC kill quest-line ruins the RP within events.
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    Steam Name: Hawk [IG] SteamID32: 76561198240826388 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198240826388 In Game Name: Verstappen Time Played Imperial RP: 7 weeks Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you used PAC3 Before? Yes Why should you be trusted with PAC3? I believe i should be trusted with pac3 as i have spent a significant amount of time with the community as staff and am a well-known member of the community. Pac3 is easily abused by making large files and crashing computers but i am aware of the limitations and what produces lag. Why do you want access to PAC3? I want access to Pac3 because i think its a great tool for creating and nurturing RP especially on games like Gmod where custom models are complex to make and require downloads. With Pac3 you can bypass that and create characters and actions to further improve RP. I enjoy using Pac3 and making Pac's for others and learning tools and programs related to pac3. During my time in Event master i learnnt how to use Blender and Gimp to create custom models to import. Why do you believe you deserve PAC3? I believe i have been a long standing member in the community and have shown my trust and ability to use Pac3. it would be wonderful to utilise this amazing tool to develop my characters backstory and role play significantly. I also believe i deserve Pac3 as it is a great tool to learn about Source engine 3D modelling and image manipulation. I have used these tools very frequently i have become very knowledgeable in the subject of importing models PAC3 Example 1: PAC3 Example 2: PAC3 Example 3: PAC3 Example 4: PAC3 Example 5: Terms & Conditions Yes
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    Now I know CFP currently looks a bit like... ... but looking into the past! When we're thriving with actual members, I assigned myself one tired afternoon to create as many menu items for the cantina as possible. For context on how far back this was when there was a slim chance we would actually get posters in the server ( I have made several, they're laying dormant somewhere on this device ), this is when the Jawa Meal was still a thing and I personally say that removing the jawa mega meal is the reason why the CFP fell and will be the downfall of the Empire. Anyway, here is this mess.
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    Please take 5 minutes of your time to answer some questions about your ideal rotations. First page event feedback is optional. It'll assist us to create a rotation schedule that you enjoy! When the data from this form is compiled and some decisions are made, I'll make another post explaining them. Stay tuned. Feedback Form
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    To add on this: For the record, I will openly insult other players and put them down because my character is a dick, not because I don't like you as a real person. In an RP sense, it makes sense to shit on other people in-universe, not out; this includes policing and handing out in-RP consequences. This is because we are members of the Empire, which is (from the movies' point-of-view) an evil dictatorship built on competition and survival of the fittest, as well as order, segregation and conditioning. Just because you might not like how certain regiments or people operate in their respective roles doesn't mean you can shit on their roleplay and take it out-of-character. That is just a cop-out and ruins the potential development of roleplay. Let it play out, keep your head up, and remember that it is all a game and how we act as our characters doesn't necessarily represent who we are as real people. In saying that, if you're a person who takes out their real life anger and god complex and deliberately act malicious against your fellow players, I have no problem with you being punished in and out of character. There's nothing worse than an actual brat actively trying to kill the vibe.
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    As someone who has been in ISB for 550 days (God help me) and have experience first-hand on everything ISB has to offer for the past year and half, I can confirm that there are many on the server who try to be ISB and get into other people's business (Including ISB's business). I've witnessed this on many different occasions ranging from NCO personnel from regiments to even high command. I've seen this in the past with Shock when they tried to begin a Military Intelligence regiment, investigating members within the military. That got immediately shut down by ISB. This issue had also arisen when the new COMPNOR regiments were introduced and when many, including those within COMPNOR, believe that COMPNOR = ISB. They're not. The server is very-very sensitive recently. It's almost difficult for me to RP effectively as Director Krennic or a member of the ISB. Our regiment is built around writing documents against other players and making sure all personnel behave accordingly - which is why many people say ISB are the 'Fun Police'. As of recently, a lot of players take things OOC. Mostly if things don't go their way. RP has not been the same ever since every little negative thing gets brought to a staff sit and eventually voided. Many forget that this server is a role-play server. That means every single RP action we take will result in some sort of RP reaction. If you mess up and face RP consequences, don't immediately take it to a staff sit because it's all RP. As Director Krennic, I fully expect to get punished in-character for all the dodgy things I do in-character ranging from killing an entire regiment to blatantly murdering two generals, and if I do I always keep things within RP unless absolutely necessary. Went a bit off-topic. But that's my opinion on this whole thing.
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    I agree with the statement that people try to be ISB, I've witnessed it first-hand, and very few things on the server are more agitating than that. Looking cool within ISB? Definitely not, no one in ISB does something for the sake of looking cool - Yeff couldn't be cool if he tried (<3). In regards to being the center of attention, this impression is generally given by the regiment because their tasks are very role-playing heavy. They have a diverse range of scenarios that they're trained to handle, which lands them in the eyes of other players. Now, sucking up to ISB? I don't think I've ever witnessed someone suck up to the Bureau. More often than not, individuals attempt to undermine the regiment as opposed to "sucking up" to them. Your post seems to focus on having too many security personnel, which really shouldn't be an issue. A server's fun capacity isn't determined by what regiments people enjoy. It's the role-play and opportunities associated with the regiment. Having a player base that enjoys the security regiment play-style shouldn't be, and isn't an issue. At that point, it's just a lack of respect for other peoples interests. What I do agree with, however, is that people are really sensitive these days. Just from my perspective, players can sometimes view in-character arguments as a personal attack. RP is sometimes ruined by this mentality, sometimes someone will break off from an RP situation just to throw an AOS at them. Personally, I'd prefer if players wouldn't immediately slam an AOS down at the slightest hint of disrespect, instead trying pursue the opportunity for more RP, get creative and throw some shade. Just my take on it
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    Steam Name: [IG] dirthi come back SteamID32: STEAM_0:0:15884040 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/thehecticethnic/ In Game Name: SFQL-OD-137 Vadrian / Copernicus K. Thoroughbred Time Played Imperial RP: 2 Weeks 4 Days 6 Hours Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you had any warns (If so state them)? I haven't received any warns. Have you had any bans (If so state them)? I haven't received any bans. Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? I have previously been a Junior Event Master on the IG Clone Wars server as well as a Junior Moderator on the first version of the IG Santos server. What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server? I believe that the purpose of moderators is to enforce the server rules, deal with any issues that may arise on the server (and obviously remain objective and impartial when dealing with staff sits), be an approachable member of staff that players can come to if they have any questions or issues - basically to ensure that the server runs smoothly. Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator? The reason I'm applying to become a Trial Moderator is because I've been really enjoying myself since returning back to the community and I'm interested in further dedicating myself to the server through joining staff as I believe I can have a positive impact on the server. I am someone that's been very active and I truly believe that I can become one of the more trusted members within the community. What do you believe you can bring to the staff team? If accepted, I believe I can add a very active, helpful and level-headed person to the staff team. I am on nearly every day, and with my activity, I believe that I could have quite an impact on the server since I'm basically always around and willing to help others around me. Being a part of the staff team means that I'd be able to contribute even more than I can currently do now. Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do? Firstly, I'd check out the logs to gain a insight on what had happened, I would then contact the victims so I could get their perspective of what happened as well as any evidence that any of them might have (e.g. shadowplay). If there's a sufficient amount of evidence, I would then warn them for Mass RDM | DC to Avoid Punishment and would then proceed to ban them for the maximum amount of time I can, then proceed to contact a higher member of staff to extend the ban to the appropriate length needed for the sentence. Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do? I would start a sit with the one that submitted the ticket so I could get the details of their side of the events, then I would talk to the other person who has been accused (as well as any possible witnesses) and hear their side of what happened. If there's a sufficient amount of evidence to prove that the player has been getting bullied, I would give out the appropriate punishment for harassment (which I believe for a first time offence is a verbal warning but it could be different now) You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do? If it is a blatant abuse of staff powers, I would record any evidence of the situation I could and would immediately contact a member of management with my findings as it is up to the managament team to how the staff member will be handled. Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do? I would obtain any evidence of the situation and ban the person threatening to DDOS for as long as I am able to. I would then contact an admin so that they can upgrade the ban to a perma ban. Obviously if there are admins on the server when someones making DDOS threats, they would be the ones to take control of the situation. Terms & Conditions Yes Steam Name: [IG] dirthi come back
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    hello i go by the name Maddy Lauren on the server my steam name is sinko20102 which im having trouble linking. im new to this community and type of server. hope maddy lauren can do what the imperials need
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    I can't stress this enough. People nowadays don't realise as much, that once something happens in RP, it's best to be kept in RP. I've see it from all kinds of people in the Community, ranging from staff to users, but trying to get RP voided is the worst approach possible. If someone is doing something wrong, all that you don't like, there is always also a good RP approach to take in response to it. People just tend to give up very quickly. I think if you go get results in RP rather then taking stuff OOC it will almost always be more satisfying and a better result. I've had people take sketchy stuff I've done OOCly before, and rather then me getting PK'ed or Demoted, it was all just voided.
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    I thought I was the only one thinking this 6 months ago. Server felt different round Christmas. The vibe was and still is just off. #Bringback2018-2019IG
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    No pepega react? Damn... 😔
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    This guy is a piece of shit, abuses everything and everyone, is a shitter. +1 hes better than bailey lmao
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    Hey IG, So the other day I saw the announcement for a new Star Wars game produced by EA (developed by an unknown company from what we know). Its rumoured to be a game about piloting most of the iconic Star Wars ships. To me, this means all the starfighters like the X-Wing, the TIE Fighter, etc. etc. Hopefully they give us multiplayer and a heap of ships to choose from, and maybe even introduce some new ships to us via the game. According to more rumours its set to have a small singleplayer story and a multiplayer, but none of it is confirmed yet. There is a trailer that is going to premier on youtube at 1am AEST on the 16th of June, which, as I write this is about 7 hours away. Sorry if ya'll don't care, but I like it and I wanted to share it.
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    I once knew a guy like you. In fact, he was exactly like you, more or less. He'd muck around and he would get occasional warns, and he was always down for a joke or to minge where moderately appropriate. However, when it came down to it, he put in the extra effort to make himself out to be much better than he seemed on the outside. He RP'd well, he even enjoyed a bit of real, heartfelt talk from time to time. He even went on to Commander positions, I think even at one point a General and-or the Staff Team. He was respected, and, although he was initially looked down upon, this ultimately gave him a lot more character that everybody came to know him by. My point is, we're not all perfect. Even as an Event Master I'm still not perfect - I make mistakes, both IC and OOC. It happens. But I think the wisest thing to try to accomplish is to not judge a book by its cover. Clover, you do seem like a genuine person from my experiences with you, and I personally believe you'd make a good fit for the team. Obviously as others have stated and you have pointed out, there are still things that you can work on. But that's fine. I'm eager to give you a +1 but I'm interested in sitting on the bench for now. However, my opinion is subject-to-change in the very near future. It's a Neutral from me. Best of luck, lad. - Greyback x
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    I’m just tired of petty arguments over things like pilot licenses or *insert generic document number 47* My activity has dipped greatly over the past 2 months as everyday I’d come on, mind my own business until some 15 year old tries to pick an argument over a minute detail that realistically doesn’t matter. I absolutely love the people in this community but the server has just lost its spark, maybe that’s just on my end, maybe it isn’t.
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    I disagree with your post, being someone who has been around for a fair chunk of time, through Clone Wars, through Santos, I'll have been here for two years next Month and I've been just about everything there is to be. This is just my opinion, but I think the Server is in a good place at the moment, while there are definitely things that need to be worked on. However, this happens with every Server and every community, players and people change over time, communities become new and have new values, ideas and things they'd like to enforce. Back in the day, you're right, 'fun' RP was a little more open, but ISB had way more power to PK whoever they wanted since they were all just Super Admins. However, this fun RP is, in essence, not RP everyone wants to take part in, stuff like infecting people with diseases, or having catgirls, or trying to kidnap Charli Damelio can be fun for the people involved, but can be annoying to deal with and trying to work around for people not involved within it. The Server is a SeriousRP Server, and while we do have a few things that take people out of immersion, such as Climb SWEP, Inferno Squad, Thrawn and the Inquisitors together, etc. etc. its for the sake of the Server and is a necessary evil. I think that you can definitely have some fun RP going on, but its something that the people around you need to be fine with, or understand not to get involved with it if they want fully SeriousRP, which many people do. I like SeriousRP, its fun, slow paced at times, but very fun. I myself aren't the most SeriousRP'er in the world, but that's the point, I RP seriously where I need to and I kick it with the blokes in my regiment (shout out to @Vadrian @Jalex @Planz @Neptune @Greyback @Elbows @Shepard and Kden who hasn't made a forums account) when I need to as well. Being someone who never RP's and gets in trouble then goes "Wtf, I'm just having fun." is bad for the Server (not saying you do this), as well as, being someone who is always in RP and is a hardass isn't good for the Server either because no one is going to like you. The Server is much the same as it was back then, trust me. However, people are no longer content with just standing around waiting for an Event, they want to RP, they want to be involved in places and they want to expand their RP. My regiment has a 5000 word MOS Handbook, ISC have an entire pilot license system, medics have an MRD system (headed by yourself), ISB have always had a lot of RP and its just that everyone else is finally catching up to them that it feels like everyone is becoming like ISB and checking on others. Its the Imperial Era, you've got to be watching your back and looking at others, you never know when a knife is being pulled and the person is taking your position. Also, I think the whole part about you 'not being to express your opinion' is a tad harsh considering what was said in the Discord and what I've seen, that wasn't your opinion, that was blatant disrespect and completely unnecessary, all things considered. The Server is doing fine, everyone is in a manic state at the moment due to COVID-19 and the change in lifestyle, as well as the amount of time spent at home bored shitless, school is now going back, work is going back, restrictions are being eased (except for victoria, rip the real boys) and people are finding that they don't have enough time for the Server, people see the pop slightly lower some nights than it has been the past few Months and immediately think the Server is going into the toilet and look for the reasons why. Everyone just needs to sit back, sip some tea and just enjoy themselves, do fulfilling RP for yourself and others, and if you think it might get you PK'd, speak to ISB OOC, they're not going to say no when you say "Hey man, I wanna do this, but if I get caught, is it cool if its just a name PK?". Just because something might get you in trouble doesn't mean you should completely avoid it on the Server, enjoy yourself. Sorry if I went off-topic a little, just wanted to address some stuff. Love you all, IG is still the second home that it claims to be.
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    @wflizzi gets shot by patriots doing their duty.
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    Hey IG, So Loacher Films is a Star Wars fan film maker who does a lot of interesting content using Battlefront 2 and its game engine, recently he brought out this new video called "Betrayal" and its about Order 66, obviously. I usually wouldn't make a post about something this small, but I don't think I've ever made a post about Loacher Films before, so I thought I would add that in as well, he is a master man, he has such cool content to watch when you're bored and it really feels like Star Wars, so alongside this video, watch some more of his stuff, its brilliant. The way he shows the Clones in ths one actually having their memories re-wired due to Order 66 and its effects is so fucking cool. I want to see a whole film like this.
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    Hmm, look. I hate to say this but this dude is the worst... - Can't build dupes, can't save dupes, can't win at Texas Hold'em, etc. The only upsides is how he's a massive legend! - Epic sense of humour, loves TikTok memes. - Previous IG Staffing Experience. - Active and will be mature in serious situations. - Decent responses on application.
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    +1 Good guy, active, has previous staffing experience, wants Dirthi to come back.
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    I believe that the current OOC Progression System (Quests, Armory and Point shop) doesn't reward players for dedication to the server, but makes in character progression and achievements nearly meaningless. Like why bother to join Scout Troopers and work your way up to Officer Cadet to get the 200 DMG Sniper, or why bother face the long wait to join the Imperial Commandos Squad to get the Grenade Launcher and Shotgun, or Join Sky Troopers, achieve the rank of SGT and join their limited heavy slots to get the Smart Launcher when all of these weapons can just be acquired through OOC means. There's so many examples that i could list, its clear that having both In Character and Out Of Character progression systems don't work and i think either the Armory or Bonus Gun Perk should be removed.
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    I've known Havana for a while now and I can safely say he has potential to be an alright addition to the team. I won't be biased in reviewing this application, however. Why are you applying to be an Event Master? You've chosen to use many first-person singular pronouns, giving me the assumption that you wish to be an Event Master mostly for your own personal enjoyment. That itself is not much of a negative as your motives of applying are pretty good. You wish to be an Event Master because you wish to have some enjoyment, to be satisfied, and you gain that by wishing to bring enjoyment to others on the server. That is the important part of being an Event Master; a drive to bring enjoyment to other players. What do you believe you can bring to the Event Master team? Personality. I can vouch for Havana and say that his personality is quite the character to work with. After around 132 days of working with Havana in ISB, I've realised how much of a pain he can be fast learner he is. He is also quite the active individual and has had a consistent activity throughout the year. He's an interesting individual if you speak with him for more than a couple of minutes. What do you believe you can do to make Events more fun, enjoyable and inclusive? Solid answer. I cannot agree more that providing roleplay opportunities is an immensely vital thing to create brilliant experiences on the server. Thorough planning, organisation, honestly I agree with virtually everything in this paragraph. Events I can tell you've done some research before this. Event number one is greatly detailed. The touch of giving each event character their own character sheet is something that not many Event Masters do, but something that a lot of Event Masters should do. Minor issue, however, is that Regional Government is no longer a regiment on the server. Event number two is also finely detailed. There's also some story behind this. You've done your lore research and I can even tell there was some inspiration from the Battle over Umbara as written in Chapter 12 of Timothy Zahn's Thrawn novel. Additional Notes I have ran a number of ISB operations throughout my time as ISB Chief and ISB Director. Most of the operations I've ran as ISB Chief were made by me, however, most if not all of the operations I've done as ISB Director were made and written by Havana. He's created a handful of interesting stories that were presented via the medium of in-game role-play missions. I have full faith that if given the ability to provide role-play, similar to what he has done for ISB, to the entire server, he can create some interesting and quite immersive events. Good luck with the application.
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    Thank you very much, Mauler. Thank you very much for the feedback, Galle. As I mentioned in my Appeal, I have made several attempts to reach out to Splonter and apologise. Unfortunately, Splonter wasn't willing to hear it/reciprocate. Should he be willing to hear what I have to say, I would happily be the first to extend my hand.
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    Thank you for the feedback. I certainly don't think this is true. If I didn't want to be involved with the community, I would not have bothered appealing in the first place.
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