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  2. There's a good note to end on lads, best of luck Brass.
  3. I didn't want to cause controversy or drama or anything. @Wolf I regret everything I did, I really do. If you don't believe me or forgive me so be it, I understand. I did f**k up, and I regret it so much, more than any of you believe. I insulted youwhich led to my community ban, then I acted immaturely and lashed out at you, and later again by attacking government, but instead I only truly hurt Government itself, something I would still stand up for till this day if I had not been banned. @SCHEFF I am so sorry for my actions, I don't believe that apologizing will help in any way, and I know that. But just know I did not do what I did in any way to attack you or ruin you. I have always respected you for your overly ridiculous dedication to the server and especially government over the years. I do deserve all of the hate I am receiving, even though the original post was not made in any bad intentions, only to say a proper goodbye to my old friends in the community. I do miss you all, spare a small few people. I hate holding grudges, I forgive way too easily and I'm not asking for forgiveness in this post, as I know what I did was way out of line, no matter how young and immature I am, it was wrong and I regret it so much, I miss sitting in teamspeak with my old mates joking around and having fun. I've learnt so much from everybody in this community and I feel that I really did need to move on, even if it was due to a community ban, i welcome it. I deserved it, I welcome it, I regret it. I do still respect and love you all, and I'm sorry for my actions. As I've said previously, Good luck in life... all of you. Now, since this is a post from an ex-member who is community banned and using an alt, @Chopz could you please do me the last favour of locking this post, and banning my account.
  4. Dark Theme is always the best choice IMO especially since most of the time I have this open is while I'm playing at night. Blue and Purple sound dope, maybe a function where you can switch the colours of the site from a light theme to a dark theme, that way you can create two colour schemes if you wanted.
  5. Can we all just agree we can leave this insulting Brass or defending them here? Not everyone will ever be pleased with Brass again and people can't change that, unfortunately or fortunately, both sides. In other words, this won't ever end unless you all learn to just stop complaining and either say your farewells for a goodbye post, or just leave your downvote and leave. In short: Upvotes on some of these replies have showed a big split here in IG on feelings towards Brass, so just leave it or it won't end.
  6. Obviously brass has made a dick move by deleting and locking documents for Government, but by saying you disgust me over a video game, in my opinion, is too far. Of course the documents can be replaced, but the time and effort into getting them made up cannot be replaced, and that is understandable that people will be upset. This situation has been completely blown out of proportion, not that I have any say on blowing stuff out of proportion, but we need to remember as a community we should be respecting all, whether or not they are current or ex members.
  7. Welcome back Fox, I trust you enjoyed your time away
  8. +1 Trusted and well known member of the community, plus his PAC abilities are above and beyond what Tier 1 asks. Good Luck!
  9. Agreed, the IG Community is well adapted/comforted with the primaries as Dark Grey and Blue. It's been something people have always found visually pleasing.
  10. Today
  11. To say that i have lost a lot of respect for a lot of the members of this community would be an understatement. Hes f**ked up yet all of you want to hit him when he's down? Hes obviously saying this in an attempt to make amends for what he did, hes has talked to me alot over the past few days and i can assure you he is very remorseful. With the ever so wise words of Scheff and his sob story. It disgusts me.
  12. How times change mate. At one point you're considered a friend, the next you're an enemy. I'm not going to go out on a lead here and say whether or not I'm glad this moment has finally come and give reasoning why, I'm just going to leave it on this note.. "It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend"
  13. The point is people put time and effort into those documents and it's a pain in the ass to reconstruct them from the ground up. When someone restricts documents and plants racial slurs all over them it creates pain for government personnel, management and the flow of the server with CL tests and training recruits. Obviously such actions are inconsiderate and has an effect on many people therefore causing the anger surrounding this situation. If you want to minge and mess around do it in a way where the only person to be negatively effected is yourself.
  14. Yeah nobody is asking you to relate to this, I don't know how much of your own free time you've ever put into keeping a regiment running but they don't run on fairy dust and dreams, some poor bastard has to actually do the hard work that you are clearly unaware even happens behind the scenes. Without COs, staff and management managing these google documents and spreadsheets, there is no server for you to play on, there are no events planned, there are no regiments clearly defined, there are no rules written, there are no handbooks to help newbies, there is no written process to follow when a higher up is not there to advise, there is no record of anything that has happened on the server. Ignorant and stupid comment. There would be no server without people volunteering their time to make these 'documents for a world which is make believe'.
  15. In my honest opinion, Red and Black is a little too edgy for me, kinda like a 12 year old kid in a flame print button up shirt. Dark grey with blue and white accents looks clean and nice without looking as try hard imo, black and red is so played out
  16. Hello and thank you for applying for pac3! I am here to provide some positive feedback to the application My reasons are as follows: - Mature - understands pac to its fullest - has been trusted with pac in the past - answers are in great detail - active - trustworthy - cant think of any negatives This concludes my reasons for why I am providing positive feed back Sincerely, Solar
  17. Brass, you were a cool dude. Some of these people take this game way to seriously. You and Emerald were pretty cool and I hope you guys have a cool life. See ya dudes - Try not to let the sweats get to you! Edit: Holy sh*t some of you guys take this game way too seriously. There's literally an entire world out there and you worry about some google documents for a world which is make believe. You guys care if people literally have fun on the internet, it's the internet, who cares - Some of what you guys are complaining about is actually some of the saddest sh*t around
  18. It is very obvious that Brass has made this to stir the pot in the community and get attention. Either way, Storm Commandos was pretty cool with you in it. Laters.
  19. I personally don’t see any reason for this post to exist in the first place, and I am surprised it hasn’t been taken down yet. It was made by an ex-member of the community who was community banned months ago now and had to be done on a brand new alt-account (further breaching the terms of the ban)
  20. Cya Brass, Even though you did what you did I wish you the best in your future and hope you’ll be able to make amends in the future as no one is beyond forgiveness and as I’ve witnessed in the past you can definitely be a better person in which I hope you can return to.
  21. Look, I am the type of person who never lets go of friends once I make them and for better or worse Brass is someone that I will always be there for him if he is having a really bad time with whatever it is but even I have told him to his face that what he did was incredibly stupid. Marsh, please point out where he is apologizing to the community or showing any sort of remorse for what he did because I genuinely don't see any and I am under the assumption that he doesn't regret it, as for saying that people should react positively to a post like this - Mate, you can easily say this as you were not at all affected by any of his actions that led up to this moment and I can tell you for a fact that Scheff up to this point was simply disappointed in the way Brass got removed but not disgusted, what pushed the line was when the sabotage attempt of something that is very close and dear to him was made, and the course of action that happened there. Marsh you don't know all the facts, which is completely understandable but when it comes to situations like this, your typical best course of action is to allow the original poster defend themselves or stay out of it, because there often is information that is not openly known.
  22. React positively? I hope this is satire and not just ignorance on your part. Imagine yourself in my situation for even just a second. Have your regiment, without any provocation, attacked and sabotaged by some jerk who thinks that it's "funny" to do that. Force yourself to wake up at 3AM and watch as your important documents are irreparably destroyed or set to read-only. Lose your night's sleep as you try to hopelessly fix what has transpired. Remove this jerk from accessing your documents and watch as the scripts break on several of them due to him planting the scripts there while he was in Government. Spend the whole next day thinking somebody else did it and have your findings reported to Management, who end up banning the wrong guy, and you find out hours later that you screwed up massively since you didn't understand GSuite well enough to catch the right guy. Lose another night's sleep as you feel like a failure for not making sure your documents were protected and having the wrong guy banned. Government is my baby, and Brass chopped it up into little pieces, forcing my team and I to work tirelessly to put my baby back together. He does not deserve any respect, let alone forgiveness.
  23. Any info on what this is (with regards to the server)?
  24. Worst Chief of Staff ever - Under Clerk Julius "Don't sabotage your own greatness by succumbing to failure!" - Terry McMillan
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