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  3. *has PTSD flashbacks of the aftermath of CIN*
  4. are you a bat or something? who cares its just a widdle screechy noise! its a bug state! oh gowsh!
  5. The time has come execute the building plans My kit has arrived pictures will be going up after the 20th after I move back home. Will be trying to finish the build before the end of November or 15th if I can. Updates will be random and but a storm trooper I will be
  6. THERE ARE 2 EVENTS CURRENTLY LIVE IN BF2 BEING FARMBOY LUKE AND KENOBI MAUL EMOTE A new community transition just came out for the SWBF2 2 more skins are coming being Han & Lukes Original Trilogy Skins form a ANH. As well as coop being update with maps defending the planets. Also the new map for ewoke hunt going live 23rd. Click here for more information Also made a discord so you can find people here See you in the battlefront
  7. Yesterday
  8. In what way is that a bugged state?
  9. Update the appeal with more detail Netrual leaning to a +1
  10. yes dnd on tabletop is apparently good
  11. Very nice of you, good luck to people who entered.
  12. DT Thermal vision active, seems like a bugged state of the Thermals.
  13. Nice to meet you Ragnar, hopefully I will be able to speak to you one day
  14. bruh I need to learn how to play poker since literally everyone but me knows how to play
  15. why is it me @Sully and @Kamelieon the only ones caring about the player models like broski its whiter than me and my skin is next level white
  16. Alright lets get down to business here, how many credits is it going to cost me to rig the system
  17. Are we all just going to ignore the white glow on the players, I think it's time to re-install the addons bucko
  18. Solved Due to the fact you've posted your application, I assume @Bailey's response helped you solve the issue.
  19. Worth a shot, would use it to practice poker so I can swoop in and vulture more chips from Bailey >:)
  20. Neutral This, aswell as the fact that it's clear you somewhat remember what you did. I think you'd be able to put more than 1 sentence that actually explains what you did. "Minging" can mean a lot of different things, very few of which, would result in a permanent ban so it must have been more than just getting on and having "nothing else to do"
  21. Just looked at my steam library lol. Haven't played it since 2014, would be cool to get some games going.
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