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    http://in.cronofy.com/KD4vhR0 Major General Yppah informs the troopers of a simulation which will be taking 5 Stages which include different scenarios which challenge them in all different ways.
  3. NEUTRAL I would like to see some of your application answers answered with sentences rather than bullet points (referring to the 'what can you bring' questions) I would like to see your Event Example 1 idea further expanded upon as it is currently quite lacking Alternate Outcomes based on player actions (Contingency Plans) Models, Health, Load-outs etc. Phases Etc. Not overly crucial however It would be good if you could list what roles you held (Staff wise) on your listed previous servers Opinion Subject to change if the above points are addressed and improved upon. Regards, Sully
  4. I wouldn't mind watching the movies with you guys @Mongo There are streaming services that do movie night things that aren't pirated
  5. Negative, I would stream it via a website such as https://www.rabb.it/ where users can watch movies with each other and chat in a text chat at the same time.
  6. NEUTRAL Your application is lacking in detail, be sure to view some of the previously accepted applications in order to gauge an idea on how much detail you should aim to be giving for each of the application questions. Also try to interact more with members of the community in order to get yourself more known. Regards, Sully
  7. +1 Active Mature Knowledgeable on the server rules Responsible Well Known Trustworthy Regards, Sully
  8. The first few rounds were interesting to watch, the community is really enjoying this event and is showing some 'Unique' talents along the way
  9. If I am not mistaken it will end Sunday afternoon (21APR19) in order to wrap up the easter weekend in a good way
  10. Hey All, Please vote on the above Poll. If you wish for this to take place then we will stream 1 movie a week so that we can all enjoy the Prequels and Sequels together as a community! Regards, Sully
  11. Thats a yikes but Vanillas 10k wins Would make sense with the projects that were mentioned in the Email. Also lovely work @LuckyMikey keeping the CW gang entertained on the holidays with good events such as this, I hope it all went well and everyone enjoyed themselves. Cannot wait to find out whats in store for everyone further down the line
  12. This was better than the original, Next *clap* meme *clap*
  13. Very talented individuals within our community!
  14. Today
  15. I can agree with this statement. They should make a gungan trilogy
  16. This was actually 10 times better than the original
  17. Stole my post Misa angry Misa bouta go sicko mode
  18. Welcome back, I am sure you will settle back in nicely
  19. Rivers


    This sums it up, when returning back to military you should retain no previous rank unless offered a position by management and other exceptions such as this. It takes one week to gain the rank of Padawan and after that you could currently leave and become a Major which is far too overpowered and also diminishes the hard work those in military regiments have put in to achieve their ranks.
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