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  2. Everyone is a 'minge', some just hide it better than others.
  3. Today
  4. +1 Made great events last time he was around, I don’t see why he can’t do it again.
  5. I mean, I don't minge often, but I do often find ways to piss people off if that counts? Sign me up for this series in general, this will be interesting af
  6. Yesterday
  7. I heard you needed a mingle? I’m here, your saviour, your discovery, your Gina Linetti.
  8. Bailey

    Poster Design

    Aye bruh, just gotta hit 1000 for that grind.
  9. instead of 'Throwing glitter' can you 'lightly place glitter'
  10. he calls everyone the biggest minge but does questionable things to me specifically...
  11. According to flame I was the biggest minge in shock and riot
  12. You're most certainly correct, Incinerator Commander Kamelion. You would never minge, ever.
  13. Hey lads. I'm currently in the process of filming/producing my first episode of Psychology Of a SWRP server. In order to do that, I need to interview some people. In this case I'm pointing directly towards minges, any and all. Even if you're not a minge, and you've just had your name misused, feel free to PM me in-game for an interview. As I can't actively seek out other people, you'll likely have to look for me, which shouldn't be too bad. My name on the server is simply Demonic, not going to change that. My discord tag is also Tyto#2085, for any wanting to do an interview there. To anyone wanting to feature in this specific video, feel free to reach out, and contact me. Cheers.
  14. Thank you all for your amazing feedback. I do hope to retain this image of myself, as it's turnout was clearly positive. Regarding the whole filmer-applicant thing. Filming is kind of a side-hobby of mine, I don't want to be on a time-frame for this specific sort of thing, nor do i really want to be limited by a specific locale of projects to work on. I'd just like creative freedom when it comes to my own projects. Though I do really appreciate people's expression of my apparent competency in this situation. Cheers.
  15. Thanks, but we're not easily going to give up. -Host Mike
  16. I made the glitter looc ages ago it was a meme why you people do this
  17. Just so the issue can be put to rest, here is a comment made by Frank regarding the situation: Regards, Sully
  18. Finally, I have found Kristofers weakness. Time to take him out...
  19. Huey

    Poster Design

    This looks absolutely stunning. If they told me this was a poster for the next Star Wars movie I would believe it.
  20. Sully

    Poster Design

    It was made using 3 images and a lot of playing with layer masks, gradients, blending and lighting. As well as that there was the shading and text creation. shhhhhhh stop spoiling my fun. The DS is close for symbolic reasons, with regards to noise I added no extra noise to the image itself you may be refferring to the fog/smog like effect which was a used for blending purposes as well as aesthetics @Gregis @Delta @Wombatiacus @LuckyMikey @Butcher232 Thank you for the appreciation
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