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  1. Past hour
  2. Ahh yes, my first CO, from SCAR. Also, throw a support ticket in, get your name changed.
  3. As expected from the IG community there was an amazing performance, good work to everyone who participated.
  4. Today
  5. @Ragetank should be put on the IG loading screen... MS PAINTER Ragetank
  6. OMG 501st are so good, godd me dead, massive story line AWESOME PLOT
  7. Wow, astonishing photography. I would love to buy a print
  8. You can put in a support ticket to get it changed (top right). Good luck!
  9. EpicEzale

    996th meme

    I wish my reg partied like that
  10. We have a good idea for tonight @Sully, really good idea.
  11. @Vanilla @Kristofer The real challenge is deciding which of the movies we would want to recreate?
  12. Good morning y'all, So yeh, basically after realising that Imperial Gaming looks fun (I left cause I got bored) I decided why not dedicate my time again and rejoin IG. Most of the wrinkly, old people will remember me but for the new, I hope we get along with each other and I get to know all of you really soon. If you were wondering, I joined back on the 13/04 so yehhhh. But I need to put that in my signature or something but I have come back to see that signatures have been limited whicch is a rip. Ps my name is Kamelieon So thats it, if you missed me, which I'm sure you did. Stop your crying and come talk to me. TBH, love the attention <3 (I really hate the name EpicEzale, help me get rid of it)
  13. +1 Known you for a long time to know you would never abuse PAC3 Nice creations Detailed application Active player Good luck with the decision maker
  14. -1 I have no clue who you are, you have no experience with PAC3, you have failed to include at least 1 PAC example and you also clearly stated:
  15. Great job Mike. EMs and all staff in general can often got ridiculed and criticised alot, but you guys are the backbone of our server and we are immensely thankful
  16. Good event today!
  17. did you really send a email to yourself to do that? damn thats dedication, also that kryprey thing looks like the appature logo... :thinking: Half life 3?
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