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  2. Easy, just measure your render time on a NASA super computer
  3. How do you discover new music? Friends Social media Songs used in memes What music have you discovered recently that you already love? I like basically every song that has a nice beat to it but I mainly like songs that have a memey touch to it and some old songs that bring back some nostalgia Shotgun Willy I like his memey songs a lot
  4. How do you discover new music? They're usually hit or miss tactics and I kind of go through bursts of discovering and liking new and different kinds of music. I'm also more of a person who listens to music in the background most of the time, but I still love jamming out to songs when I can. The ChilledCow lofi stream allows me to find really, believe it or not, chill lofi music and talented artists. (my top pick of lofi artists right now are Kupla, kudasai, j'san, Philanthrope, Sleepy Fish, DLJ, idealism) In relation, synthwave and vapourwave really go hand-in-hand and they are both my favourite genres of music right now. Tech reviews and other presentation videos occasionally lead me into discovering music that I enjoy. (latest example is Notaker - Each Other which was played in this Samson G-Track pro microphone review at 7:22 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXKFK4dxKQo) Videos comparing current songs and the samples they use from older songs. I've discovered and also rediscovered some great songs from watching these videos. (latest example is Nero - Reaching Out which uses samples from Hall & Oates and Kano) Casually browsing popular music on Monstercat and Proximity has helped me find super cool songs and also rediscover some really nostalgic background music YouTubers used to use. (latest example is Porter Robinson - She Heals Everything which has a really beautiful artistic music video on Proximity) Sometimes new trending songs and songs from Hollywood movies can fit my taste, but this isn't the case about 80% of the time. (latest example is Post Malone & Swae Lee - Sunflower from Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse) Admittedly, trending songs used on TikTok and Vine are also a good way to find music. (latest example is Vicetone - Nevada ft. Cozi Zuehlsdorff from those gun sync videos) Anime What music have you discovered recently that you already love? My top 3 lofi songs in my playlist right now are all from Kupla. emerald (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtypnWBopA0) lightyears (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l9OY0xjZqE) Rose Garden (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rI-E0dWER4) Porter Robinson is my favourite electronic artist who I've recently discovered. I listen to a few of his songs almost daily. His songs when portrayed as Virtual Self are also great. She Heals Everything (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYiOS7dyWys) Shelter (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzQ6gRAEoy0) Language (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LILChvqUo4) Great artists from several genres I've recently discovered and/or recommend are: Rob Scallon for guitar HOME for synthwave (no specific channel) M4SONIC for EDM (he's also a local South Australian artist who've interacted with) RADWIMPS for electronic, orchestral and piano (they composed the music for Your Name and Weathering With You) Seycara Orchestral for orchestral Aurix for trance Notaker for electronic and trance
  5. Imagine having PAC This post was made by non PAC Gang...
  6. How do you discover new music? Mainly Friends Family When my playlist runs out I let the songs you may like section play for a while What music have you discovered recently that you already love? Royal Blood's entire discography
  7. I'm gonna use the Joker outfit up in here or Harley quin
  8. Sounds good. Rodian Trickster Aang incoming
  9. Yes but they also must meet the rules of the criteria.
  10. So Pastebins are cool for the outfit throughout the day, but not in the competition? Just clarification for other members of the community.
  11. (The eggs were farmed to sh*t, wasn't hard to win)
  12. This is just for one night, you had to collect eggs for like, an entire month.
  13. Worse than Easter Prizes. Ouchers!
  14. As most of you know Halloween is approaching us all PAC users and those staff with access to PAC3 will be authorized to use Halloween themed outfits. You are strictly to only wear your Halloween Costume on the 31st of October. However there will be a few rules with the outfits. Render Time may not exceed 2.00 MS Outfit must be RP Friendly (Within the reach of the Star Wars Universe) We will also be hosting a Halloween Costume Contest with Prizes to be won. The rules for the Halloween costume contest will be as follows. Render Time may not exceed 2.00 MS Outfit must be RP Friendly (Within the reach of the Star Wars Universe) No pastebins (Outfit must be 100% originally created) 1st Place Prize winner will receive: 100,000 points. 2nd Place Prize winner will receive: 60,000 points. 3rd Place Prize winner will receive: 30,000 points. All PACs entered into the Halloween Costume Contest will be voted on in order to determine the winner.
  15. Said perfectly Uber +1 Good luck Pickle
  16. Forums should be 100% wholesome all the time.
  17. Tinky is a great addition to the server XD
  18. NEUTRAL, leaning towards a +1. Like previous responses I must also agree that these examples look amazing and I am sure you could make some quality PAC that would enhance RP in a sense that you could even use ILC to order specific parts in constructing the armour. However, last night was the first time I had seen you on for a few months, at first I was confused on how you hadn’t been kicked for inactivity, perhaps a LOA was active, in not entirely sure. In conclusion the examples were great and to get a +1 from me you will need to increase your activity. Goodluck!
  19. Neutral leaning towards +1, a bit more description could be added.
  20. I'll make sure to ask him so we can do it again haha
  21. well said mate @Bailey
  22. Now this is the wholesome content I come to the forum to see
  23. Echo

    Loyal's Logs

    damn its time to get a look at loyals ass seems that i have been missing out off the action (Btw if u need an ass pic of someone i probably already have it even dw i already got some of IHC memebers)
  24. Love the unique ending and how much commitment you put into these, very epic. Also does this mean that loyal is not so loyal to the empire after all?
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