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  2. Do I look like I'm joking? Don't test me.
  3. I changed my mind, join Shore or I'll kill myself.
  4. Today
  5. Hmmm sounds odd, I'll have to look into it. From what I've been hearing, SK/RT have been refusing to comply with ISB with even simple requests such as showing identification (caused a 20 minute sit yesterday). Brushing up on the ISB rulebook on the forum might help differentiate what a legitimate request is from a powerplay, in situations where members of the regiment are unsure of our boundaries. When requested, you must present ID, much as we present ID without complaint when SK/RT are running a checkpoint. Considering the amount of flak ISB constantly cop from high ups and management, and the amount of times I've told my boys that they will be straight PK'd for causing issues, I wouldn't imagine ISB are actively going out there and causing trouble. Any legitimate evidence of powerplay should be passed directly to Kristofer or myself for immediate investigation.
  6. Or you know just join Navy and do more than just maintenance....
  7. ez clap In all seriousness tho, you should go back and relive your days of Shore.
  8. New Exton seems like the best pick, also I agree with @SCHEFF, a day/night cycle would be something good to have implemented.
  9. Another one bites the dust.... Goodbye and good luck with whatever this mysterious thing called life has in store for you
  10. ISB always try to powerplay and not let us do our job whether it be guarding prisoners or looking for an AOS/trying to arrest people. some of you are nice though.
  11. I'd like to offer you a position in the Boris Corps. Specialising in Memes - Main Weapons include Logic and Memes
  12. I think inferno has the Dio spot open if that tickles your fancy
  13. What have the arguments been regarding?
  14. Yesterday
  15. this is a true statement at its finest. delta when yu joinin shock?
  16. Ever heard of a.... Jetpack?
  17. Expose you with screenshots when i get home <3
  18. This is false information
  19. SantosRP - We’re sk’s.
  20. Upon leaving DT within the first 10 seconds 63-RTCO Galle to You: ooo 63-RTCO Galle to You: nudge nudge
  21. Come hang out with me in stormtroopers But for real you could join Navy or ISC Rancor needs some help reviving Or return to your roots and tryout for cinder squad
  22. Shock or Riot is a good regiment to join that or you could join a low player count regiment and try to help the CO Revive it
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