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  2. Aight vro, when you've spent enough time with the community to hit 2000 posts you can call him a loser. Until then, don't say dumb stuff.
  3. Today
  4. This dude leaked the safe room location.
  5. I gotta agree with Ramirez here.
  6. Lies! No one did! Quiet! (I'm surprised that you did tho)
  7. on CW we had health boots that went up to 500. man I miss my 500hp boost.
  8. Add a Health Pack to the donator shop that can be added on top of the one already available to everyone.
  9. i think it would be cool for it to be a rotation maps Tuesday or Thursdays like DS-01 Tuesdays and Naboo Thursdays still.
  10. Click to Read 1/3 stories that lead up to my Big story about what happens to Certain members of the Chimera following the events of Return of the Jedi and the Battle of endor I know it might not all be 100% Cannon accurate But i dont care I'm having fun Enjoy Leave criticism Down below -Delta
  11. I concur with this I want me some more Health
  12. Application closed on users request.
  13. Them prices are higher than Gucci smh
  14. I don't think game changing things should be added to the donater shop like health upgrades but other then that, the items do seem very expensive
  15. Dorry worry bout mine *scratch head*
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