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  3. Is this a whole new map or just the map we have been using gets updated
  4. Join the movement to put a restraining order on Kamelieon today :Pray:

    1. Augustus


      Was waiting for this day to come

    2. Kamelieon


      WHAT THE! @Storm it is time you die
      Looking at my test score is like being kicked in the face - Imgflip

  5. Last week
  6. Wow, sounds like you should come join engineers
  7. Promote minor safety.

    1. Augustus


      Storm being weird again ?


    2. Storm


      But im a minor too

    3. Kamelieon
  8. This new ISD seems like it could use some of my decorating
  9. Current IG is all about breaking server tradition and change :thinking: Consistency allows everything to blend together well and could also act as a way of branding our custom content. It can just feel weird to have modern sleek designs here and old design there. Kinda like those people who use SWTOR props in their offices... lol I'm not saying the designs aren't good, but modernising them could look better tbh. Anyway, it all comes down to preference and I was just suggesting.
  10. The icons look good, IG has never had consistency so why stop?
  11. I think we should favour the modern style and have consistency throughout the servers graphics.
  12. Ok in regards to @Jman1308 the board in the Recruit Room is littered with spelling errors and grammar issues which i have sent to @Guskywalker with photos in discord. Also the flow of being able to read it to a new recruit doesn't flow so well, also to this it would be quite overwhelming to a new recruit to have to remember the new alert levels, of course spending time and getting to know the system will pay off eventually. But would it be possible to still have the 5 DEFCON levels, and just change the information relating to them?
  13. It's giving SWTOR vibes, 2010s game design aesthetic, antique-esque, if you will. Then we see this, really modern clean and almost minamilist, better suited for the today we live in. Modern, sleek, pleasing, contemporary.
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