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  1. Today
  2. V its a deal, give me those credits

  3. see ya you shit duler
  4. Follow me on the forums and i'll give you 1 billion credits in game

    1. Jozo


      Wheres my 1 billion credits broski :(

  5. Yesterday
  6. Bro i sleep with my windows open wdym
  7. @Kippy remember training u when ufirst joined the server how the world turns brother @suna
  8. Good luck with your career big fella. Maybe I'll see you on base some time.
  9. Peace out Kippy, been a lot of fun you run off and have fun.
  10. Good luck in the big world lad. Farewell.
  11. Last week
  12. Good luck in the future, Kippy. o7 - Clab
  13. join 31st infantry please

    1. TK21720


      Nah, Join Shock, and together we can rule the ISD's Security.

  14. adios Kippster I say this like we wont be playing hoi4 soonish have a good one sir
  15. o7 my friend -Best of luck in your future Kippy! -Jonathan (Ved)
  16. quite unexpected, to be sure. best of luck.
  17. Song enough to make a grown man almost cry, but we ain't no beta. In all honesty thanks for the song and kind words haha (I don't sing)
  18. Cage the Elephant, truly a man of culture in every way. Good Luck with your future endeavors, wishing you all the best for now & the future.
  19. you will be missed young man. May your singing career grow big son i will watch over you
  20. You are there, I was fixing the post
  21. what the heck kippy what about our friendly rivalry and also you mentioned me in this and removed it
  22. Welp, tbh I never thought you'd leave before me dude. Even though I'm still probably gonna talk to you regularly anyway, gonna miss having ya on the server. Can't believe you went from some kid who @Stubzy and I thought would never be good enough to join marauders to being a good friend I would still be speaking to years later. Enjoy yourself.
  23. It's been a fun few years boys but my time has come. Through the many great memories I have had, it will stay with me for a while until I don't care anymore . I will probably come on the server maybe twice a year to see whats up ( I'll be more active still than @Matto) I would like to give a few shutouts to some people that made my time on the server enjoyable, @Matrix @Tinky @Jaggy @Moey @Renegade @Fredrick @Verstappen @Jaggy @Stubzy @Rook @Braino @Nick @Marlu @Cecil @Ballzy @Hawkz @Nine @Stryker @Grif(For the short time I knew him) @Hammer @Rad_Cop @Splonter @Pickle @Delta @Theta
  24. if u take fall damage u cant type or do anything for 15 seconds copy and paste another better combat script
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