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  1. Yesterday
  2. I spot a bunch of clips of me when I was an ISB Agent. And a couple more clips of me doing stupid shit as Krennic aha.
  3. Will also leave something here
  4. Baby come back, you can blame it all on me
  5. @Delta @PULSE Oh my god I got to the part of the clone wars where the Vulture Droid dive bombed into me and killed me
  6. Last week
  7. bro i will admit i look badly upon my older times in MT but therapy and having relish run it was the best thing that came out of it no doubt.
  8. Denied Due to failure of contacting a member of PAC Management
  9. Inquisitorius group therapy was the apex of RP
  10. What's this? A RETURN!? Nah. Just putting up a playlist for my old videos from stuff I've made in the past, in case anyone wants to see them still and don't want to go digging around. But the reality is that I was meant to do this when I dipped two months back but forgot... also I'm lazy. Figured it fit right here in the Media Museum I was never here. - Pulse -
  11. Hey Marcus gonna be leaving a Neutral leaning towards a +1 Your application is definately on the short side, but mostly appear to be answered pretty well. I'd suggest adding more detail to your answers. I do have to say with that with this answer in particular having a bit of a think about your answer to this in particular. However despite this I definately know that you are an active member and pretty we known in the community. I believe you have good intent and could make a good moderator. But your application needs a bit of updating first
  12. That was meant to be 11th of march hahah, I'll change it now.
  13. Uh, everyone in Purge would have turned into legendary fossils by the time they're chosen.
  14. Definitely should shift that forward, Purge will be dead for a whole Month if you choose it that day.
  15. +1 really made 420 Blaze it Gaming a safe place
  16. I'm gonna be going with a Neutral leaning for this one mauler, sorry. - You were removed from the staff team really recently - From what I have seen from when I saw your claims and acting in game, you were very hot headed and in my opinion quite biased in your decision making process. You made rediculously stupid decisions and lost control way too easily. However, I must admit you have improved since then, but definately still require further improvement.
  17. Neutral With your recent removal from the staff team i believe it was done for a reason and i have not payed much attention to you since that. i will be watching you over the next week and i will update my responce
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