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  2. YOOO WHAT?! Congratulations bro. Look at my EM all grown up.
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  4. I had a spiritual awakening so I shaved my head and now walk around in a red robe and sandals in the CBD trying to convince passers by to join my cult church group.
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  6. In precisely 12 days and one month, I get married. it is okay. help me dear god help me
  7. Sticking to RP all the time 24/7 rips the enjoyment out of a game. I'm sure there are people on the server who really do love rping as a clerk and sitting at a desk for hours and shit. But people join regiments based on the unique roleplay AND the equipment supplied, only being able to use certain equipment at certain times is counter intuitive to fun being had on the server. The most fun being had is when RP is distinctly enforced, just and underlining presence.
  8. What I typed is re-wording of what he has said in a TS conversation
  9. * Jmans words as Tarkin: "We dont want sand being tracked onto the ship" Fences are also banned when not for proper fence things
  10. This is facts, anything that makes people laugh is outlawed my friend. Too many poor decisions have made this server unenjoyable. The amount of people who take "Serious RP" seriously is anything but the vast majority, you're a joker if you think otherwise. Whoever's making some of these changes to the server can't actually believe they're doing a good job when a good amount of the community complains about the same shit. You'll know you've made a good change when half the server pop isn't sat staring at a wall afk.
  11. severely disappointed in the lack of fit pics
  12. Hard agree. Y'all need to realise that even though it's supposed to be an RP server, you have to acknowledge the fact it's a game. Some of you chuds forget that we're not emulating the canonical representation of the Empire, we're just playing a game with the Imperial theme. This doesn't really help the post all that much but please for the love of god stop LARPing star wars. Shit like "b-b-b-b-but the Gwand moff" is cringe.
  13. this is by far the most chud discussion ive ever seen how tf yall gonna be salty at someone using a rocket launcher in a game lol
  14. its been aight cuz assignments and everything gets you stressed but good stress I guess
  15. No, but its how an advisor or community leadership works, otherwise the community gets angry and people don't enjoy your server. Think there needs to be an understanding between understanding immersiveness and enjoyment,
  16. Not to flame you directly or anything, instead to flame this line of text, its actually quite the opposite, people are encouraged to speak up about decisions made that they disagree with because of this fact. When people who are above them make decisions that could detriment them they are encourgaed to speak up and ask 'why' and get an explanation. That's how people learn and eventually climb the ranks, by figuring out why their leader makes a choice and learning from it. Lets not speak on military leadership when its an extremely complicated and beurocratic in nature and you've decided to mak
  17. Guys, who would ever cause such a devastating Defcon I on an RP server!! This is ridiculous!
  18. Noted, I was unaware that a change had been made recently to the lawboard as at the time of making the post it said differently.
  19. The sign currently says the following what more do you want me to add? Explosive Ordnance Prohibition Under directive of Governor Tarkin, Explosive Ordnance is prohibited indefinitely aboard Imperial Starships. Being in breach of this directive will result in a charge of Treason. Specialist Equipment Alleviation Cloaking Devices and Aerial Jetpacks are now standard Authorization
  20. Simply I understand from the IC perspective of it, as I stated in the original post. I additionally understand if it was specifically for Onship, what isn't specifically inherently known is if it applies to OFF-SHIP / Off Map's aswell; not military base rotation maps, actual event maps. If that is also restricted to the same degree as the onship as it sort of inhibits a lot of functionality of regiments and individuals, if you are able to expand on the usage of specialist equipment during events and or off-ships that are not rotation maps that include a military base.
  21. Don't be fooled dude he's just trying to learn all this stuff about you to steal your identity
  22. @Mongo As you know me, you know I have my reasons for things I do. There has been instances of abuse from all listed specialist equipment, however, as Joel said, crippling the reactor was the last straw for me. By enacting the policy it forces my point across that actions will have consequences and allows me to pursue other methods in which are designed to prevent abuse. Methods which in-fact I have already meet with and discussed with appropriate Commanders and allowed Cloaks and Jetpacks to return to standard with certain assurances. I'm not going to elaborate my entire decision ma
  23. Hey to Asnwer this kind of Mongo After many already existing issues regarding people using specialist equipment without requesting permission there was an incident a couple days ago where at least 3 individuals (Not gonna name) took it upon themselves to ignore multiple orders to not use explosives inside the engine. They then proceeded to then cause a DEFCON I situation. Tarking (Jman) then decided with all issues currently occuring with specialist equipment it was necessary to ban the use of specialist equipment. To be honest this outcome would most likely not have occured if the 3
  24. @DUCKY @Yuri You two are derailing off of the topic of this thread, please take this discussion to PMs or to Teamspeak to prevent flooding with unnecessary replies, cheers.
  25. Hm fair point but with this argument where do you get the concrete from to make the concrete barriers we are allowed to make? x) there were never fortifications set up in starwars on ships i would say we need to balance the keeping lore friendly and this is a game ya know
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