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  2. Cant wait to use that hanger. Good to see its nearly done!
  3. This looks pretty cool ngl i'm super excited to go on it.
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  5. @SCHEFFIt's time for you to return as Governor Pryce
  6. Yesterday
  7. No no this makes alot of sense, can we get this in the recruit room for new players?
  8. Feeling cute, might re-enact some star wars rebels scenes..
  9. Hmmm yes very good (time to hide in the sewers so 501st can’t abuse me)
  10. Going to make some beautifully cinematic pictures and photoshoots on this map.
  11. KingPommes got off his bum finally. Pog. Ya'll even got the little Ezra Bridger tower.
  12. do my suggestion @Cracked
  13. Looks awesome, very keen to run around on it
  14. Hell yeah! Great job lads
  15. This actually looks sick, cheers for all the hard work lads.
  16. I've been looking forward to this map for quite a while. It's great to see that it's almost within reach of being on the server. I've got high hopes that the map could almost become like a second home away from the star destroyer. Fantastic work from all those involved.
  17. Lets go great work everyone involved, from the halfway point i saw this looks amazing can't wait to rp!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. After months of development and many hours of hard work, I can now say rp_lothal is almost ready for release. Before I get into into the juicy stuff, I'd like to mention that a lot of thought went into this map to make it cater to the needs of our server. We've drawn on rotation maps like Titan Base, Naboo, and Anaxes and tried to take all their good parts and merge them into this map. For example while Naboo has great potential for civ rp, it lacks a centralised imperial area with the right facilities. In Lothal, we've taken that the city component of Naboo but we've added comprehensive imper
  19. Great work on 2 years Phobia, get to 3 years+ and you'll feel like a boomer like me. <3
  20. How does one understand this
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