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  2. The Massiffs can only go out with a handler, if there are no Shock online, the Massiff is able to roam, but unable to perform Shock's duties. - Wolf
  3. Can't wait to belt some mutts
  4. oh god not those fast dog thing
  5. In the past, if the Massif went around and minged or randomly attacked people, the Hound Trooper it was assigned to was punished. It led to Hound Troopers not using the massifs and them being stuck in the brig. Will the same rules apply or is there gonna be a change to that?
  6. Pretty good stuff wolf, Massifs were a good part of Cw, always good for rp and so little and cute the credits thing is cool aswell, Kinda makes it look like a Cosmetics menu of a Video game, Like ea's battlefront 2, Rainbow Six Siege and Team-fortress 2... Hold the fuck up....
  7. You made this joke in ts bro, come on, its not any more funny here.
  8. Two things. The Massiffs hold an honourary rank that is two above their handler at the time, this is to prevent animal abuse in RP. This can not be used to order people around, get into places that you normally can't get into, or to powerplay, which some people are concerned about. The Massiffs usually hold no rank, and can ONLY hold a rank in the specific scenario where the handler abuses them or neglects them, and they only hold this rank when the handler is being prosecuted in a Military Court, and they only hold that rank honourarily in that scenario anyway. If people attempt to powerplay using the rank, especially those who have purchased it, warns and punishments will be handed out. Secondly, for anyone who wants their Teamspeak Icon, either message me on the forums, or on Teamspeak with the link to your Icon (and it needs to work, I am not fixing it for you) and the proof of purchase, then I will give it to you. As Wolf said, it can not be NSFW/Go against the rules of the community, so no boobs, no swastikas, etc. The Icon needs to be below 8kb and scaleable into a 16x16 / 32x32 format, as they are the size of Teamspeak Icons. During your first week of having the Icon, you are welcome to change it a few times in case you find new ones you like, or you changed your mind, but after a week, in order to change it, you need to buy the package again. Thanks.
  9. Cool, now I can donate and hoard credits for later projects. EDIT: What is the optimal size for these custom teamspeak icon?
  10. Hello IG Community We have decided to make some updates to the donation store! Returning content: Inquisitor donator slots have returned! Inquisitors do not lose any normal spots however gain an additional 2 Donator slots. New: Credits! I have finally added the use of credits now. This will mean if you wish to contribute to the server, you are still able to use this contribution later down the track instead of making a somewhat useless, one-off payment. We believe this is a good idea to set in due to the amount we have received from the "Contribute to server" package, and we believe its only fair to allow people to buy/redeem a package later down the track. There will also be discounts for bulk-buying which I will adjust later. Shock Masiffs! Masiffs will be a new addition to shock, it is an idea we have copied from the Clone Wars server and decided to bring it over to Imperial RP! It's quite simple - you get to play as a dog, and there can be up to 4 dogs. They will come equipped with a bite SWEP that stuns for a small amount of time, with a cooldown on each bite so it cannot be spammed.The stun is just long enough for a shock to aim and possibly make the stun shot, acting as a prime support utility. TeamSpeak: Custom TeamSpeak icon for your name, similar to what you see with Wolfs name and the little Yoda next to it. (You can only have 1 icon according to teamspeaks limit and must be appropriate for our community). More to come! Regards, Wolf
  11. Same here, i would love to see a lot more depth to try to flesh out your ideas.
  12. I like the revised ideas. You app is got a fair bit of detail and i can see you have put thought into it. +1
  13. wflizzi


    "little uhh" *Zooms in on a genital prominent area* I love it 😂
  14. Yesterday
  15. Lost my shit at the DIO part and at the precaching lmfao
  16. I was thinking the same thing until I realised in Wolf's time zone this would have been posted early on April Fool's day... Showing as being posted on the 31st of March to me which is extra disappointing :p Looks like I will remain lurking in the shadows
  17. hi all of you still keen to play send a message to me on here or when im in ts. when i get the numbers of who want to play i can start up the story and helping new plays to make a character
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