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  2. Do you actually want this Why do you want it Can it keep up with the IMPRP server without leeching players Can it stay relevant for the future
  3. bro you know people can see it on the tab list and it's like on the top for people
  4. Yesterday
  5. Anyone can do it, You just cant post the same server unless 7 days have actually passed. We should do this however as its good for ganering alot of attention for the few AUS people left looking for a StarWarsRP server. I advertised for a ttt community I previously helped build and it proved successful in receiving attention from veterans and returning gmod players alike.
  6. Do Doctors need a Doctor's certificate if they take a day off work?

    1. Jozo


      depends are you 5?

  7. It could bring the wrong type of attention with DDOSers existing but would most likely be more benefit than not Definetly something worth looking at
  8. Last week
  9. I think we should put the sever up on the official Garry's mod discord sever so every player which plays Garrys mod can have a look and maybe join the sever. Just a idea to gain more players.
  10. How are you? Since joining the IG Developer Team I have actually been pretty good, its given me a purpose and heavily increased my moral. Also made some good friends. Last few weeks have been a highlight of this year. Do anything interesting this month? Actually yes! I got to do a one week work experience at CSIRO IM&T team (Network Administration Team) met some great people there and got to learn so much about the industry. Also got to go to a Datacentre and service the Supercomputer. Have you found a new hobby or interest? Yes! GLua Coding! From learning it to be
  11. I've been in quarantine for essentially an entire month, barring a couple days in the middle, so its not been great eh.
  12. #1 reason not to bring it back
  13. Yuri

    Hey lol

    yes... yes you do
  14. I'm back, here to check in on you all. I've been through the ringer recently and I'm trying to put myself back together- whatever that means. How are you? Do anything interesting this month? Have you found a new hobby or interest? What do you like to watch on youtube? What type of music do you listen to? (Can I have an example)
  15. The statement "bring back ...." is a burden to Imperial Gaming.
  16. It was fun though when the server was a thing
  17. Clone wars would split the IG player base and each server would have barely enough to function and it would not be fun to play on, killing both servers. If we where to switch fully to clone wars then again most players would leave and the server would not have enough players. Lastly people play IG for the IMP's not because they want to be clones, go to gateway to be a clone, play IG for Imperial rp.
  18. for years we have laid dormant, waiting to be released @John
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