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  6. Who is this guy lmao

  7. Hi guys this is just my first time posting on the forum and i hope it wont be my last :) 

    I have been playing on this server for a while now and i can honestly say that that i have encountered one of the best communities in star wars RP. Whenever  i have needed help with things like how to sit, how to bind keys and how to climb sweep i was  met with positive vibes and honestly very nice  slow to anger people who helped me though step by step.

    i will continue to play and support this great community and hopefully post of the forum every once and awhile. :) 


  8. Kamelieon


    Nice sandwich.
  9. I just realized that you are cut off in your own picture

  10. Sully


    A design I made for a spin-off Game Of Thrones series during some spare time I had whilst playing around with design elements.

    © [IG] Sully

  11. Sully


    A design I made for a Star Wars movie during some spare time whilst playing around with design techniques and elements.

    © [IG] Sully

  12. Rocksand. Rocksand. I got a lot of Rocksand.

  13. i am not sure what regiment to join,  got suggestions?

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