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  2. I don't know man this person is kinda pog I don't think I need to state the reasons why he deserves em. Since he already showed he's talent before when he was an event master. +1
  3. The sound of confusion from mauler is priceless
  4. That was the worst week of @Mauler’s life
  5. Today
  6. what can I say. I'm just built different I prefer siege squad cuz of the fatter sheilds EDIT: Honestly why do i find " Strix on my six " to be a good quote?
  7. I remember the bounty hunter take over brig thing I was like wtf bro funny video man keep it up.
  8. This went from a meme video to a Bounty Hunter frag montage real quick.
  9. Nova & Navy. Both equipped with equally obnoxious harmonica noises.
  10. cammers since revealing you are from SA you no longer get opinions 

  11. just be from Sydney it's so much cooler overall
  12. This has a distinct lack of Cammers in it. I give it five stars.
  13. G'day Yall. Here is a quick little compilation for some hilarious clips. (excuse peoples potty mouths)
  14. I deleted the other steam profile account since I shared GMOD with it and it is no longer being used
  15. The existance of shock is twofold. 1) We're Security. 2) We have shields. We ARE the shields of the Empire. Sure the shields are pretty shit, but it's still our job. And you WILL see us, along side our green bretheren in Varactyl Squad, shields drawn, tanking the hits so the rest don't die. Someone might say the best duo is a Medic and a Heavy, from TF2. Sure. But I say the best duo is a Medic and a Shocktrooper, shield drawn, tanking everything. The best trio is the same again but a gunner behind them. There was an NPC event today. I believe @yeffran it. Essentiall
  16. This annoys me. a lot. Sure it’s cool that you guys want to get involved in the event in other different ways, but what you guys are missing is that there are regiments that do that. I had an event on titan base last week where the inquisitors acted as body guards yelling. You shoot at me, imma kill you. It’s not fair to not only the people behind you, but the EM’s and the EC’s too. Perhaps instead of being the body guards or just generally getting in the way of military ops. Y’all should really consider the 82nd.
  17. Guys, I think we all know who should get reward 19???? Kevin lol
  18. Craig is an awesome second in command of the regiment I'm in and is alway looking to improve. He would make a great EM with the awesome skills that he uses daily on the server. He well and truly deserves this role.
  19. +1 i know him on a personal level and he would be great for this (this is a joke comment)
  20. it’s kind of fucking stupid but hear me out. The LFS weapon emplacements for ec’s might be a good substitute to saber wielders to counter inquisitors and entertain them during events. It gives inquisitors another focus away from normal armies and they can’t be fucked instantly because force jump and all the rest. With this I’d suggest the anti-vehicle cannin because limited look area slow fire like 1 per 2 seconds rate but a high damage that would create a challenge for Inquisitors. Who ever mans the turret has to specifically aim for INQ and the turret should be like in a hard to get too s
  21. Well I am not too far from that area I think.
  22. Unfortunately the community at large are in no position to change anything, everything is taken to management and other sith higherups (They're all in the discord). We don't join Inquisitors to get set to a Storm Trooper or a Scout Trooper during an event, we join to play as an Inquisitor. The rules are in place as; We're allowed to act as shields for the army, if the operating commander requests us to get the fuck out, then we do so. We're not allowed to actively chase EC's for no reason unless Actively being shot at These are all things to be brought up in
  23. hense why i am trying to ask. what do you guys want
  24. Thing is I myself will hardly ever want to be set as an ST, im sure there are a few others who wont want to be set as ST's, and forcing us into a different regiment we didnt want to be in would be unfair.
  25. I’ll be posting reveal video on Friday night too show off the whole script as far as I’m aiming to have it finished by then. If it isn’t please spam me so that I do finish it and post it. On a side note anyway to decrease net usage when your trying to send a table using net.
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