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    • Bro i have been a safety boi my entire life. i am always anxious about being put in dangerous situations and taken stuff very carefully.
    • Cut off my left pink finger, completely, and half of my left thumb. was operating a table saw, performing maintenance on it mind you; so the stopper was inactive because of this. leaned over to grb my spanner and my knee hit the on button, causing the accident.
    • I stubbed my toe against the coffee table, worst injury of my life
    • I figured I might as well put my two cents in. As it stands on the server, the server is classified as Serious RP. Being the newfound  Commander of ISB I realize that a lot of individuals do not like COMPNOR. In the past, COMPNOR have acted on what I believe more petty charges. The purpose of the ISB is to enforce Imperial rule. The way I see the server currently is the fact that there is little to no actual RP happening. People frequently go "Out of character x"; I am not saying that I am not guilty of doing this and I believe management in the past has attempted to crack down on that sort of talk. There will still be in character punishments for people not adhering to the rules aboard the ISD however I am actively attempting to create a better image for COMPNOR so that they aren't seen as bullies.   As someone who may not be active on the server @Jay Lamar , it might not be known to you, but Truth serum has been banned for a while. Interrogation RP should not be about threatening anyone OOC; I cannot think of a single time since I have rejoined ISB that we have threatened someone with OOC punishments? Being captured as an EC is not fun, this is why we have also started to release ECs captured at the beginning of an event and leave all RP for the end. Player enjoyment should go both ways. At the end of the day, this is a Garry's Mod server, however, it is also a serious RP server, actions taken in game should have in character punishments. ISB as a whole will be adapted to consider other player's experiences in the future and I am hoping that the community will start to take notice to these changes that we are attempting. Edit: Yeff's response sums up a good idea of what it should be.
    • It is nice to see a refreshing opinion about this whole topic that isn't just "Serious RP is in the title of the server." I think if I am reading correctly Yeff that we actually both enjoy the same parts of the server (A mix of serious RP but with some minging on the side.) I think there is a perfect balance to how much RP you can have on the server but I have always found that Serious RP often restricts some players ability to have fun on the server. Right now if the server was changed to semi-serious I doubt much would change, the serious players would be serious and the less than serious players would do their own thing. Obviously not everyone reads the forums but there is still a large portion of people who prefer Semi-Serious. I imagine these are majority military players who just like the group atmosphere of regiments and enjoying working together as a team to fight off rebels or what not during an infinite different types of events. These types I doubt are always in hardcore RP mode at all times and just want to mess around to pass the time while waiting for their CO or an event. It is hard to accomodate for both groups of people and I don't think there is an optimal solution for this problem I just hope that both groups of people can be more understanding towards eachother regardless whether it's serious or Semi-Serious. 
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