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    • December is finally here! This month will be packed with the usual festivities plus much more. In addition to the IG Anniversary Awards, and Anniversary Photo, I will be following the tradtion of a charity donation. Specific information will be made in a seperate post, but all donation money above our monthly target this month will be going to the chosen charity. The exact charity will be up to you guys but it will be selected fomr a pool of mental health charities. I know the past couple years have been tough on all of us, some more so than other, and therefore its only fitting for the charity to be one that is relatable to our community. Big shoutout to @HenDoge, @Twist, and @Hideyoshi for their long service to the community. We are extremely grateful for all the work they've done for the server, and although they have resigned from Senior Developer, you may be able to find them around from time to time in their new role of "Development Consultant". Below you'll find a list of everything that was completed last month and a list of the content we intend to finish before the month is over.  Completed Changes: Bounty Hunter Panel A new panel where players can see active bounty hunters and select certain bounty hunters to place hits. As this panel acts as a middle man, bounty hunters will only get paid if the hit is complete. 501st Custom Class Model A custom model for the proposed 501st Demolition Class. DEFCON System Thanks to @Vanilla and @Jman1308 for their work on the new defcon system. This system aims to improve on the current numbered defcon situation by providing a wider range of DEFCONs. The new system also has a much more lore friendly approach. TFA Optimisation Parts of our old TFA base aswell as external scripts to optimise our current TFA base. Event Server The brand new Event Server takes only the most essential parts of a SWRP server in the name of optimization. This has all been done with the dream of being able to host a fully populated event for the server without major lag. Fixes/Tweaks Updated Pac3 Updated WOS Medals Weapon Value Adjustments Augment System Fixes Upcoming Changes: Additional MQS Missions @FireCup aswell as other helpers have been working on more missions to add to the ever growing pool. Missions are split into several categories; "General Mission", "Strike Mission", "Flight Mission", "Branch Mission", "Weapon Mission". ARC Trooper Cosmetic Update @Banks will be working on additional colour varients for the ARC Trooper models. This will allow for further differentiation between ranks and roles. Currently there is a white model, a red model and a blue model. While the exisiting varients will be getting a revamp, Banks will also be adding a green, yellow, and purple varient. Cargo Shuttle Skins @Proxy_109 is currently working on a new skin for the cargo shuttle, as well as making addition tweaks to the LFS system for certain ships. This is aimed at improving RP aswell as balancing some of the LFS values. TFA Attachment Vendor I recently purchased an attachment vendor script, and with the help of @Twist we will be intergrating that with our current TFA system. This will allow all players to purchase attachments for their weapons. (Most if not all weapons will have the ability to have the attachments.) @Banks has been working on custom attachments and skins for this system. Recrit Room Info Panels To replace the current textscreens in the recruit room, we will be adding custom panels which look extra crisp. ISD Update I know its been a while but Lord Trilobite has finalised the next Star Destroyer Update. Whilst, im sure most of you have already seen screenshots of whats in store, I will provide a recap to those who haven't. Main changes include: New Planet, Second Tram Line, Reactor Room Visual Update, Engine Room Expansion, Security Deck Blastdoor, and Addition MH1 Rails.   As always, I encourage questions and feedback, and I will endeavor to do my best to provide clarity to any of your concerns. Massive thanks to all the developers for their continued work and commitment to the server.    Regards, Gusky.
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