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Do You Know Who To Contact?

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Hello All,

I am unsure if this has been known to the community but the senior staff team has gone under some new changes and I would like to let you know who to contact first about certain issues or help on the server.


PAC3/Content/Media Manager - Frank

Frank is managing these areas with the Admins / Assistants being the first port of contact.

Content Assistant - Gusky

Gusky will be assisting Frank with managing the content on the server. He will look at old content that needs to be removed as well as proposals for content additions and changes, including but not limited to: Maps, Vehicles, Models etc. Once they have proposals ready they will move it to the management team for approval.

Media & PAC3 Assistant - ANiX 

Anix will be assisting Frank with managing PAC3 users and applications as well as giving advice and direction to the media team. This is not limited to the selection of new PAC3 users, advice, and approval of PACs on the server and punishments for rule breakers. The Media Team will see ANiX for anything they need approval for before the final product is approved by the Management Team.

TS3 & Forums Manager - Advisors

For the meantime as previously the advisors will manage the TS3 & Forum areas with the Admins / Assistants being the first port of contact.

TS3 & Forum Assistant - Cody

Cody will be assisting the advisors with all issues in regards to TS3 and Forums. This is not limited to Moderating the Forums for any content that is not appropriate or behaviour that is in breach of the community rules.


Support/Resolutions/Staff Training Manager - Chopz

Chopz is managing these areas with the Admins / Assistants being the first port of contact.

Support Assistant - Carnifex

As previously Carnifex will supervise as the lead for the Support Team. This is not limited to the selection of new support team members and the general day to day duties of providing help where required.

Staff Training Assistant - JMan

JMans role is to make sure all Moderators have received the necessary training to help better moderate the server. Where there seems to be an issue or flaw with a Moderators training JMan will make sure they are brought back up to a suitable level for the community. He will also develop the staff guidelines where required.

Resolutions Assistant - Fliqqs

This is a new concept that has been brought in to help the community. Fliqqs will assist Chopz with the resolution to any issues that members of the community may have with other members, including problems that have developed between two members in OOC or an issue that has escalated from RP. They will also handle all Ban Appeals & Ban Requests. If the issue is severe enough then the management team will step in but otherwise the portfolio remains with these two.


Event Manager - Welshy
Welshy will provide update to be inserted here once complete.


This new process is here to spread the workload across all individuals whilst also rapidly reducing the workload of both Wolf & Whitey so they can focus on other parts of the community. Please make sure from now on that you use the correct contacts for any issues you may have. 

Remember also that the Admins still moderate the server and the best method of contact is by sending them a forums message. This allows your message to be logged and actioned easier. Do not just add them on steam and pester the individuals, they are entitled to their privacy and downtime.

Thanks ANiX .


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