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Demonic's Mil-Sim Application

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Steam & Personal Details

Steam Name:

clarinet man.

Steam ID:


Steam Profile link:

Current Age:



ARMA 3 Details

Do you own ARMA 3:

Indeed I do

In Game Name:

Holiday (will change name to CDT Demonic if accepted)

ARMA Player ID:


Applicants History & Reasons

Recruited By (If Applicable):


Have you had any warns or Bans on any of Imperial Gaming's Servers in the last 6 months (If so state them):

I do believe that I have been warned around 2 months ago for RDM, however it is a false warn as the person believed I disconnected to avoid punishment, meanwhile I just had dinner.

Have you had any Mil-Sim experience (If so state them):

I have served in quite the few amount of units for a noteable amount of time in my 3 years of owning the game.

Special Air Service Regiment (Australian SAS): 8 Months of duty, reached the rank of specialist.

501st MEU Parachute regiment: 3 weeks of active duty. Regiment fell through.

11th Marine Recon division: 2 Week active duty. Still serving, will leave regiment for this one.

What role/s do you believe you are suited for in our Clone Wars Mil-Sim  (Section Commander, 2IC, AT, Heavy, Medical, Marksman or Rifleman):

I have had the most experience in the Marksman role. I much prefer acting as overwatch for teams clearing buildings, watching roads, flanks ect. However the role of sniper operates out of my effective range. 

Have you had any experience in these roles:

I have served 2/3 of my regiments as a marksman. 

Why did you decide to apply for our Clone Wars Mil-Sim Unit:

Because I have a played in all types of mil-sim environments, everything from Halo to vanilla Arma. And I believe a Star wars environment would be a very enjoyable and returnable experience to act in milsim.

What do you believe you can bring to one of our Clone Wars Mil-Sim Sections:

I could bring well-coordinated tactics and fluent control of situations in any of the platoons or squads required for me to serve in.

Can you usually attend our event times (Wednesday, Friday & Sunday at 6:30pm AEST for a 7:30pm AEST Start) and if not will give acceptable notice to your Section Commander:

Indeed I will.



You see an enemy section approach from the North-East and you have not been detected. What do you do?:

Considering the ROE (stating that you may only fire when only fired upon) I would simply radio in the section's location and size, and ask for permission to engage. Should that permission be granted I would priorities AT and AA (or snipers if present) and move on to smaller targets (such as ARmen)

You notice a friendly body on the ground and they are unresponsive. What do you do?:

Call a CLS, drag the body behind cover and wait. If there is no CLS present. I would either provide my own medical aid or I would carry the body back to the LZ for extraction.

You notice on a scouting patrol that another section is under heavy fire. What do you do?:

I would ask for permission from the patrol's commander to open fire, as only having myself engage would jeprodize and possibly endanger the Patrol's location and lives.


Things you can and cannot do/rules:
1. You may bump your application every 7 days after the last bump/post by a user (1 week)

2. Any user may provide feedback by +1 and or -1 your application along with constructive criticism/feedback as long as it's not personally attacking the applicant or another member of the community.
3. Advertising your application in chat box, personally telling people and any sort of social media will lead to your application being denied and cannot reapply for a minimum 4 weeks.
4. Failing to answer questions can lead to your app being denied.
5. False information can lead to your application being denied.
6. Failing to meet the requirements can lead to either your app being put on hold or denied.
. You may not increase the font size of the application above size 14 except the title which may be size 24.
8. Please be considerate of others when using colours in your application, all answers must be left in white.
9. Remember that your application is a reflection of yourself, your professionalism and maturity. Not showing professionalism and maturity in your application will lead to it being denied.
10. If your application is denied you may not apply for 3 weeks minimum.


I accept that I am applying for a permanent position in one of Imperial Gaming's Clone Wars ARMA3 Mil-Sim Sections, and that I have been given this privilege to make the experience of others better. I understand that advertising my application can get it denied. I accept that I may be removed from the ARMA3 without prior warning, as long as a valid reason is given. I have read all the rules and understand them completely, if not I will ask a higher staff member for a better explanation.

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