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1 hour ago, Regret said:

PAC3 is a sign of trust within the community. You only have 2 days of in-game time since the last reset i don't believe your activity alone you should be eligible to get PAC3 access.

You're exceptionally skilled with PAC3..Simply no denying that..But PAC3 is something that can be abused hence why it should be held only by trusted members of the community.

Until we see picture/proof of PAC3 abuse it's just a rumor so please...If anybody has Footage of Bossky abusing or written record with a report. Do share.

PAC3 while it does enhance the Role-play of the server if used right it isn't required to play..PAC is a privilege not a right.

Neutral - You were an Active member of the community months ago before the reset. You simply don't have the activity to prove you've been active within the community within the last few months

PAC is a privilege not a "Bribe"


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Based on your PAC creations I am giving you a +1, I haven't encountered you yet to be a minge, and I have seen you around the community a fair bit


However, based on other community feedback I would recommend improving current status within the community



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