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Dempsey's Milsim Application

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Application Template (Copy and paste below and answer the question to the best of your ability).

Steam & Personal Details

Steam Name: Dempsey

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:61334793

Steam Profile link:

Current Age: 16 turning 17 in August


ARMA 3 Details

Do you own ARMA 3: Yes

In Game Name: Dempsey

ARMA Player ID: 76561198082935315


Applicants History & Reasons

Recruited By (If Applicable):  Bailey (Omo)

Have you had any warns or Bans on any of Imperial Gaming's Servers in the last 6 months (If so state them): I have not

Have you had any Mil-Sim experience (If so state them): I do have Mil-Sim experience, I've played with the Australian Mil-Sim unit SOCOMD for the past 2 months.

What role/s do you believe you are suited for in our Clone Wars Mil-Sim  (Section Commander, 2IC, AT, Heavy, Medical, Marksman or Rifleman): Section Commander, 2IC or a Rifleman

Have you had any experience in these roles: Not in a Mil-Sim situation so I understand there's a difference but I do have a lot of experience leading regiments and squads in CWRP on Garry's Mod. But I do have experience in all these roles

Why did you decide to apply for our Clone Wars Mil-Sim Unit: I really want to play in a ARMA 3 Star Wars Mil-Sim

What do you believe you can bring to one of our Clone Wars Mil-Sim Sections: I believe I can bring a good friendship, have some banter with the guys, help lead a Section or lead my own and help myself along with others to improve themselves

Can you usually attend our event times (Wednesday, Friday & Sunday at 6:30pm AEST for a 7:30pm AEST Start) and if not will give acceptable notice to your Section Commander:  I can attend Friday and Sunday, not Wednesday because I have training.



You see an enemy section approach from the North-East and you have not been detected. What do you do?: I would notify my Commander instantly, not through radio unless it was necessary because the hostiles might be able to pick up the radio transmission. I would hold fire and tell others to do so whilst awaiting orders.

You notice a friendly body on the ground and they are unresponsive. What do you do?: Check their pulse and look for any wounds, I would then call for a Medic whilst doing my best to stabilise the trooper.

You notice on a scouting patrol that another section is under heavy fire. What do you do?: Depending on the mission my squad has, I would assist if I was allowed to but if our mission was a stealth mission and to get some intel on the enemy locations I would hold my fire and continue on with the task at hand.




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ARMA3 In Game Name: Bailey

ARMA3 Mil-Sim Section: 1-3 (or 1-5, still sorting it out)

ARMA3 Mil-Sim Rank: Lance-Corporal

Member Rating (+1 or -1): +1

Reason Behind Rating: Dempsey has extensive MilSim experience and would make a fine edition to the IG MilSim, he is also one of my good mates who I play with regularly. He has attended SOCOMD (An Australian Military Simulation Group) with a similar amount of people to us. He has qualifications in Anti-Tank, Marksman, Auto-Rifleman, Assisted Auto-Rifleman and Pilot on SOCOMD. He understands that he'll have to reacquired these qualifications on the Imperial Gaming Arma 3 StarSim.

However, I thoroughly believe he would be a very good addition who already knows how to lead, as well as how to play properly.


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