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Basic Rules

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These are some basic rules that must be followed when playing on the server, these rules apply to all ranks and failure to follow them will result in immediate removal from the mission.

  • All Troopers may only utilize what is included in their kit as retrieved from the loadout flag and what is included on their gear list for their rank as indicated on the official loadout sheet, additions to the kit can only be approved by members of the Platoon Command Section.
  • All Troopers must have their rank abbreviation in front of their name while on the server , the abbreviations for the various ranks can be found on the official platoon structure document.
  • Any Troopers trolling or directly disobeying the orders of their Section or Platoon Commander will be removed from the mission.
  • Troopers failing to follow the basic procedure such as discharging of their weapon or throwing of grenades without permission or while in HQ will result in a removal.
  • Upon receiving your kit at spawn you are to immediately line up with your section, do not roam around the spawn area, await the arrival of your Section Commander who will brief you on the details of the mission.

Additional rules will be added in the future.



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