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Crisp Mil Sim Application

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Steam & Personal Details

Steam Name: Crisp2daMax

Steam ID: 76561198149651332

Steam Profile link:

Current Age: 20


ARMA 3 Details

Do you own ARMA 3: Yes

In Game Name: Crisp

ARMA Player ID: 76561198149651332


Applicants History & Reasons

Recruited By (If Applicable): Emerald

Have you had any warns or Bans on any of Imperial Gaming's Servers in the last 6 months (If so state them):

Have you had any Mil-Sim experience (If so state them): Ever since the Arma 3 servers for IG have been launched i have been participating in all events. Prior to that I played a bit of conquest  a few years back.

What role/s do you believe you are suited for in our Clone Wars Mil-Sim  (Section Commander, 2IC, AT, Heavy, Medical, Marksman or Rifleman): I have been playing rifleman for the most part so I am definitely suited for that role. I have a bit of AT experience as well. 

Have you had any experience in these roles: Rifleman is the role I have done the most so definitely my most experienced role. Have conducted a numerous amount of breaching, clearing along with my buddy in Cody's Squad. My AT experience is more limited after filling in for a member of Bravo 1-1 and successfully eliminatind AT-TE and a few droidekas. 

Why did you decide to apply for our Clone Wars Mil-Sim Unit: It provides a more wider variety of combat scenarios then the obviously limited gmod [star wars RP] which is more roleplay focused. Personally the clone wars is also one of my favourite periods of star wars in terms of lore so I also like that aspect. Fighting alongside a coordinated group is also awesome and very enjoyable.

What do you believe you can bring to one of our Clone Wars Mil-Sim Sections: I am on at every event. I obey orders to the letter and if I don't know something I make sure to know it the next time so I can keep improving myself. I believe I can bring some positive vibes as well to the squadron I'm in as everyone seems to enjoy each others company.

Can you usually attend our event times (Wednesday, Friday & Sunday at 6:30pm AEST for a 7:30pm AEST Start) and if not will give acceptable notice to your Section Commander: I most definitely can.



You see an enemy section approach from the North-East and you have not been detected. What do you do?: Comms in through radio to my squadron leader that I spotted a group of hostiles giving a number of enemies ,direction and a bearing. I would wait on my Squadron's leader orders on how we are to proceed.

You notice a friendly body on the ground and they are unresponsive. What do you do?: Immediately comms in to my CO that friendly is down giving him an idea of where we are. Immediately proceed to move him out of harm's way unless ordered otherwise and examine injuries. If injuries are severe I am to call a medic and given him directions to our position as well as details relating to his injuries. Apply first aid as necessary until the medic arrives such as stemming any bleeding with tourniquets and bandages.

You notice on a scouting patrol that another section is under heavy fire. What do you do?: Notify your CO through comms that friendlies are engaging in a firefight and seemed pin. Make sure to give a direction and bearing and await further orders from CO.

Edited by Crisp

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ARMA3 In Game Name: Wauler

ARMA3 Mil-Sim Section: Bravo-1-2

ARMA3 Mil-Sim Rank: PTE

Member Rating (+1 or -1): +1

Reason Behind Rating: Crisp is very good at what he does on GMod and is quite good at rifleman in the mil-sim from what i have seen. 




Edited by Mauler

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ARMA3 In Game Name: PTE pinejack

ARMA3 Mil-Sim Section: B:1:2

ARMA3 Mil-Sim Rank: Private (PTE)

Member Rating (+1 or -1): +1

Reason Behind Rating: A good member of the community who is active on the server, would I think would do great if allowed to permanently join a section on the Mil-Sim server. 

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