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ARMA 3 Clone Wars Mil-Sim Application | Replying Policy |

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To be able to reply on any application you must meet the following conditions and your reply must follow a certain standard.

Replying Rules

1. You must be a current approved member of a section on our ARMA 3 Clone Wars Mil-Sim (This is denoted by you having a specific TeamSpeak Tag 952606660_preview_501st_legion_by_what_the_frog-d96ubuq.png.2f4ac75b3a7ffe489bd689e4fff49eca.png and a current approved slot in a Section ) and there is to be no random +1's/-1's, you must know this person very well before commenting. 

2. If you are not an approved member then your comment will be hidden, Serial offenders will be warned on the forum and ongoing will lead to a possible ban on our ARMA 3 Server.

3. No Arguments are to happen in applications. If arguments do occur your application may be denied and/or the individual will be warned on the forums.
4. All other forum rules must be followed whilst applying to an application.
5. Applications can only be accepted by a Recruitment Specialist. 


Replying Template

ARMA3 In Game Name:

ARMA3 Mil-Sim Section:

ARMA3 Mil-Sim Rank:

Member Rating (+1 or -1):

Reason Behind Rating:


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