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Aretmis's Event Master Application.

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22 hours ago, Stevo. said:

Once again you’re ignoring the point. The point isn’t what led up to the conversation and threat, the point is that you shouldn’t be threatening players at all. If you cannot see that point, then you should not be a staff member.

I won’t be replying to any further messages and will let others post their opinions.

Yes, I know I shouldn’t have told you to “shut up”, I was tired and angry at that point, and I’d like to apologise for my childish actions.

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On 5/11/2018 at 5:56 PM, Emerald said:


Hello Artemis, 

While reading your Event Master Application, I have noticed some major flaws and as of now I don't believe you are ready to take on the position as an Event Master.

  • Boring Events.
  • Not that well known.
  • Grammatical Issues.
  • Low Playtime (Both before and after server update).

If you are able to fix up your application, I may consider changing my response.

Good Luck.

Changing to a -1, completely untrustworthy. Plus, it was wrong of me to do but still, I trusted you. 

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