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@Solvan attempted to run a game of cards against humanity but it didn't get enough attention, I believe. So I'm going to retry it.


The game will be played on the site

For those who don't know what cards against humanity is, it's a game that consists of 2 types of cards. Black cards and white cards. The black card is the card that you have to fill the blanks in. So one could be "what do you drop on the kids of africa". You then respond with a white card such as "mecha hitler". 


How to win: a card czar is selected each round, they pick which card is the funniest. The winning card gets a point. 


TL;DR/How to enter: reply on the thread with your steam username. 

Playtime will be decided soon


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Playtime will be this week saturday 6:30 AEST. If there are any issues with this time tell me. 

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