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Imperial Gaming Official Server Rules (Updated)

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This is a megathread of rules that apply to the Imperial Gaming server, these rules may be changed or added at any time without warning. These rules are still be worked on/edited so there will be changes.  


General Rules:

  1. No RDM (Random Deathmatch) outside of RP.
  2. No breaking NLR (New Life Rule) no matter what.
  3. No RDA (Random Arrest).
  4. No Minging.
  5. Restricted Areas are AOS (Arrest on Sight).
  6. No FailRP (Fail Role Play).
  7. No Metagaming (Do not use information from OOC and use in RP).
  8. No Racism.
  9. No Bullying/Harassment.
  10. Do not bully other regiments (Regimental Disrespect) .   
  11. No inappropriate names / non RP names.
  12. No Micspam.
  13. Troopers are NOT allowed to shoot Jedi in events unless Jedi directly attack them - if Sith become involved all troopers are to disengage.
  14. Sith specific locations (eg Sith Temple) are KOS unless entry is approved by Darth+.

Shock Rules:

  1. No RDA (Random Arrest).
  2. No tasing members involved in events (Event Characters).
  3. No abusing tasers (Only to be used during arrest).
  4. When placing someone in jail ensure that you note the time of when you put the RFA in [COMMS]. This arrest is your responsibility.
  5. Must [COMMS] the arrest code when someone is arrested.
  6. You have the right to ask anyone to show their ID and but if you want to search someone - you must have a valid reason.

Flying / Piloting Rules:

  1. No ship ramming (Flying into players or other ships).
  2. Do not enter a ship unless approval has been received from higher ranks or staff.
  3. Do not climb or jump onto ships.
  4. No shooting other ships unless allowed to by an Event Master in an event or in a combat simulation.
  5. No camping event character spawns (Rebels/Event characters).

Sith / Force-User Rules:

  1. Do not use powers (Lightning, Combust) you have not learnt.
  2. Powers you have learnt are not to be abused.
  3. Igniting your lightsaber is considered a discharge of your weapon and you can be arrested.
  4. No force choking in events.
  5. Stick with troopers in events at all times (Unless chasing down a Jedi).
  6. Sith must have valid reason to enter certain areas (Bridge, brig, MHC ETC)
  7. Sith in regiments can not lead any trooper (Unless Told To).

Regiment Rules:

  1. Do not mass promote members in your regiment (Promoting them extremely fast).
  2. Do not bully other regiments (Regimental disrespect).
  3. Private - Corporal:  Must have a valid reason to use [COMMS].
  4. Sergeant - Warrant Officer must have a valid reason to use [COMMS] on ship but may use [COMMS] when off ship (Missions/Events).
  5. Lieutenant+ may use [COMMS] at any time.
  6. Officer+ may tryout for a Pilot License.
  7. CPL>SGT must do the SGT test to receive the rank.
  8. MSGT>OC must do the Officer test to receive the rank.
  9. SGT+ must assist in training new recruits, failure to do so actively may incur a demotion.
  10. Jetpack users must not abuse their jetpack in missions / events.

Bounty Hunter Rules:

  1. You can Only receive hits from LT +.
  2. You can only have hits placed on SGT +.
  3. You can not involve your regiment in hits.
  4. You must still follow server rules while in hit mode.
  5. You can not kill anybody but your hit. You can however kill people guarding your hit and only the guards.
  6. Do not advertise in COMMS your hit services (This can be considered FailRP).
  7. If you get caught doing a hit you will receive a jail time of 30 minutes.
  8. When completing a Hit you must put in OOC “Hit complete”. If failing a hit you must also put “Hit Failed” in OOC.
  9. You can do hits in public however you may be arrested.
  10. You can’t receive a hit on someone who already has an active hit on them.
  11. You can’t receive a hit on the same person within 3 hours since their last hit.
  12. If Caught advertising your hit through voice communication you may receive a 5 minute jail time.
  13. Being attached to a regiment means you are the Commander's Assistant.
  14. Your job is to help train, recruit and run the regiment.
  15. You do not have a military rank, you do not need to salute anybody and nobody needs to salutes you.
  16. You have clearance level 3.
  17. If you do not follow these or the server rules you can have your job revoked from you effective immediately at the discretion of the management team. When you donate to the server it says this in the Terms and Conditions. Please note that if you complete too many hits players may not like you and you will receive a lot of complaints. This is not anybody else's fault but your own.

ISB/DT Rules:

  1. No random arresting (RDA).
  2. Do not use tasers in events.
  3. Do not abuse your rank/power.
  4. You have the right to search anyone and ask for their ID (Must have a valid reason to search).
  5. Do not interrogate someone who has not committed a crime.
  6. You are able to interrogate someone if they are a suspect.
  7. You are able to interrogate Event Characters / Rebels.

TV/Messhall Rules:

  1. No videos longer than 15 Minutes.
  2. RP is still active when watching the TV.
  3. No explicit content.

PAC3 Rules:

  1. Do not break RP or immersion while using PAC.
  2. Do not stretch body parts or limbs to an extreme extent.
  3. Do not download packs from the internet.
  4. Everything you use in PAC must be made from you or other people on the server.
  5. If told to remove something from your PAC by a staff member you must remove it immediately.
  6. All other server and ship rules apply to you whilst using PAC.
  7. You are to only use PAC to improve the immersion and role play for yourself and other players.
  8. Do not ask people to look at your PAC application.
  9. You agree that any PACs you have on your client whilst connected to our server may be viewed/downloaded by a superadmin+ at any time for any reason.
  10. Do not apply PACs to other players or entities.

Tryout Rules:

  1. Keep the props to a minimum when building tryouts.
  2. Do not disturb other tryouts.
  3. Do not start tryouts without permission (Always ask for permission in COMMS prior to starting tryouts).
  4. Do not mass recruit (No more than 3 players are to be accepted per tryout).
  5. Do not abuse your Toolgun and Physgun privileges when building tryouts.
  6. You must remove your tools once you are finished your tryouts. (Typing kill in console)

PermaKill Rules:

  1. Perma-kill can only be granted by a Senior Admin+.
  2. When you have been permakilled you are bound by the rules that you are given to you by the Senior Admin+.
  3. You may be PK'd if caught placing hits on people.
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