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Found 9 results

  1. Long story short, I'm going to take some time off. The main reason for this is because one of my good friends passed away, who also happens to be my girl's brother, so time off is a must have and I'm going to take a week off to get into the right head space. And to be brutally honest, either way, I was probably going to take a break anyway because I feel as if I'm doing the same workload as I did in early January with the absence of the other generals at the time, and I'm also not happy with the current state of IHC. So I'm going to add another 3-4 days to try and get over that as well. I'll still be doing my shitty YouTube videos to give me something to focus on whilst I'm down south and will still be present for the commanders meeting tomorrow, however I will be gone until about the 3rd or 4th just to get over shit and rest up. Tomorrow's commander meeting will be held at about 8pm AEST instead of 7pm AEST. Do not contact me whilst I'm away on steam, as my nephew and housemate have access to my steam account and they will be playing other shit. If you really need something from me or need to let me know something, contact a Widow Squad member as they know how to directly contact me if a massive shit storm occurs or message me on the forums (I will read these messages when I return). Also I'll beat up ya nan if you try to message me on steam. Cheers 2727 - Stevo. P.S. Result from the poll above doesn't matter (had to put a joke in the post some how to lighten the mood, because I don't like other people feeling sad feels).
  2. Geoffrey the Gonk Droid was a droid assigned to the Storm Trooper Corps during the Galactic Civil War. He currently serves as the Storm Trooper mascot. The Clone Wars Geoffrey served briefly during the clone wars as a personal droid to the trooper known as 2727 - Stevo. He did basic tasks like gather information and file arrest reports. Upon the end of the clone wars and the commencement of Order 66, Stevo. also used Geoffrey as a distraction to help Jedi escape and, eventually, to help Stevo. escape from The Empire. Establishment of the Empire Geoffrey was the only member of Doom's Unit personnel who didn't leave with Stevo. to form up Doom's Legion, having been left behind so that the rest of the defecting troopers could leave. Geoffrey served as an assistant to trooper 4792 - Pleb at a base on the planet of Telos, until the planet rebelled against The Empire and he was heavily damaged. Geoffrey was repaired, however this caused his inhibitor bolt to go loose, allowing him to develop a personality. This led to Geoffrey refusing to follow orders of superior officers and his eventual transfer and abandonment at the junk planet - Artis Prime. The Return Whilst wasting away on the planet Artis Prime, Geoffrey managed to pick up nearby comms transmissions from a star destroyer, belonging to his original owner 2727 - Stevo. Upon receiving this transmission, Geoffrey jumped on the nearest drop ship that had recently arrived on the planet and returned to his former master. Initially he was going to replace the astromech droid know as J3T, but that didn't end up happening. Geoffrey was put directly under Stevo.'s command. The Present Since returning into the service of Stevo., Geoffrey has received combat upgrades and serves as Widow Squad's all purpose droid, as well as the ST mascot. (Image with combat upgrades): https://imgur.com/a/IjawCBK Please note: This backstory is being treated like a wiki and CANNOT BE BROUGHT INTO RP UNLESS IT'S BY STEVO. It can also be changed at any time.
  3. So basically, I believe, the regimental evaluations have delivered the desired result. Regiments, when picked, pick up their game to avoid "Old School" ST training and overall they seem to become better once feedback has been received at the end of the week. Only problem is that some (not all) regiments become lazy when they hear the news that they aren't up for evaluation. In order to remedy this, and after talking with Carnifex, the army is reintroducing the fortnightly "Elite Regiment" status. Now although previously this status thing turned into a shit show, there's going to be a few changes applied to... not... make it a shit show. Here's what you need to know 1. The generals will decide which 3 regiments get it. 2. Regiments will be changed fortnightly. 3. Regiments who achieve this status will have their name located near the location where Tarkin's rule board used to reside so many people can actually see it. 4. This is going to be used more so as a recruitment tool and a reputation thing. Many regiments that have half full regiments can work their arse's off to get the status, less people ask me stupid questions about "who's an elite regiment?" and people can say they are an elite regiment, even if you're not considered one by lore or whatever bullshit you want to spin. It's a win win for everyone involved. Now for the rules 1. Don't belittle other regiments just because you managed to get it. Anyone seen or reported to have been doing this will have to deal with a general (most likely me) and will cause your regiment to lose "Elite" status and possibly lead to demotions. Regimental disrespect isn't tolerated towards any regiment. 2. Don't try to suck up to a general, doing this will get you disqualified. 3. Don't talk shit if you don't get it. Doing this disqualifies you from getting during next time and can lead to further sanctions. 4. Don't belittle other regiments if you don't get it and you're already considered an "Elite" regiment by lore. Same procedure applies from rule 1. In summary, this system has been changed to lower the shit-showiness and make this an actual useful tool for regiments. This will be implemented after the next commanders meeting. Don't make me regret this 2727 - Stevo.
  4. Long story short, some stuff has happened, need to move the Commanders Meeting ahead to Friday at 7pm AEST FOR THIS WEEK ONLY!!! The week after will have the meeting return to normal time. Commanders will be messaged individually regarding a different topic before this week's meeting. That is all I'll beat up ya nan Stevo. P.S. @Whitey pin this please
  5. Stevo.

    I had an idea so I made this

    Alright, so I said I was going to make this weeks ago, but a busy Uni schedule, making YouTube videos (and not at the same time) and my performing schedule have caused me to spend less time doing other things outside of them. So basically, here's a whole heap of shit that will probably get the the server back on track. 1. Low the server cap. The server cap can make or break a server. If you have 128 and only 40-50 people on the server, newer (stupid) people won't want to join as much. If a server has 40-50 people with a 70 player cap, the server seems a lot of enticing to newer (stupid) players. So hurry up and lower it, or I'll beat up ya nan. 2. Lower the regiment offering. This one is a controversial topic but needs to be brought up. A server with so many people can only support so many regiments, with the server in the state it was in 2 months ago, it was quite easy supporting the 25 regiments that were on the server. But now that's not really possible. Whilst sub regiments are fine, there are a lot of regiments that should die for a while. 31st, TT, Magma, Shore, SC, Shadow and Shore have always been regiments that have struggled to stay afloat. Don't delete them permanently, but keep them off the server until the population goes up at bit. 3. Get rid of the Brigades This kind of ties in with the last point, there's not enough people to sustain all the regiments comfortably, which means that there's less regiments in the brigades, which means what's the point of them? Everything (including the ISB and Navy groupings) should be reverted to unofficial status/what it was before until shit gets better. 4. Make Rishi the base map instead of the SD Player perception, like player count, is also important to a server. Whilst the SD is a good map, it feels really empty at a certain amount of players. Rishi on the other hand has points where large amounts of players hang around (C block courtyard/main bunks area) where new players see people and see an accurate representation of the player count on the server. Using this map worked once to build server pop, and it should work again. It also allows for better and more creative events. 5. Cut down the god damn mod list!!!!!@#!@#$!#%@!@!@%@$!@#@!&^#)!($)^!&%(!^%(*^@_%$(!#%^@#&%^@_!(&^$ I have told staff about this ridiculously sized mod list/pack/whatever-the-fuck for ages. 200 and something mods is too much. It causes newer players to wait for eternity to join the server, sometimes fucks up current players's games because Gmod was designed for a max of around 100 mods at a certain size. Find the stuff you never use, or use very rarely, and BURN IT!!! 6. Get a Facebook page and get some advertising going. As a guy who now does social media consulting, this will take like 3mins to set up, and cost like $3 to get 1400 eyeballs for the server. Iz gud deal. But seriously, a good tool to get eyeballs. 7. Publish a timetable for events Majority of newer players since the creation of SWRP swing from server to server just for events. Having a timetable with an estimate time for events would help keep these guys around or have 'em show up at a time to boost the player count for an event. It would also decrease the amount of questions regarding when events are happening. 8. Unban everyone. I bet the title of this point go your eye didn't it? Well, just unban everyone who hasn't been banned in the past 3 months (you know, except Big Smonk and Crispin - those guys can die in a hole). They can always just be perma-banned or banned again if worse comes to worse. P.S. If the staff have a problem or thought I should have gone to them with a post like this, feel free to take it down.
  6. Stevo.

    2727 - Stevo.

    2727 - Stevo. General 2727 Stevo. was a member of the Imperial army in the High Command unit. He was trained to be a republic commando, served in the Clone Wars under the nickname "Doom" and was commander of both Talon Squad and Doom's Unit. He was also previously the leader of mercenary group Doom's Legion and most recently the Brigadier of the Storm Trooper Corps as well as the founder of Widow Squad. He was mainly deployed on the planet of Kashyyyk during his time in both the Republic Army and the Imperial Army. The Clone Wars Initially starting out as a Republic Commando trainee, Stevo. eventually left the commandos and joined the bulk of the Republic army in the Clone Wars. He fought in the clone wars as a member of Talon squad (which he eventually became the commander of) under the designation numbers 2727. Eventually after many Talon Squad members perished after a mass explosion and battle in the Onderon system, Stevo. gained the nickname "Doom", for defeating hundreds of battle droids during the battle and holding the line, and was given his own regiment called "Doom's Unit". This regiment was made up of the surviving members of Talon Squad whilst also having members from the Shadow Clones and the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit. By the end of the Clone Wars, "Doom" became the Marshal Commander of his detachment, and became well known for his use of heavy weapons, defending tactics and ability to counter enemy strategy. The End Of The Clone Wars - Order 66 Upon the commencement of Order 66, "Doom" and his troopers were amongst the very few regiments to defy the order, having removed their control chips months prior. This however proved to be for nothing, as Doom's Unit's generals had both been killed prior to Order 66. "Doom" used the confusion, his high position in the army and lack of preparation however to aid with the escape of many Jedi before being exposed himself months after. Now detailed under the de-classified document 006J, "Doom" and his troopers were eventually exposed whilst helping many Jedi escape to other systems. They managed to escape and disappear from the face of the galaxy, with brief sightings as a mercenary group called "Doom's Legion". Dealings With The Force - Joining The Empire After many dealings and assisting Jedi, "Doom" was assigned an unsuccessful mission, which led to "Doom" and many of his troopers left stranded in the Unknown regions. "Doom" and his troopers eventually were saved by an unknown entity that gave them the gift of additional life, and cured their genetic deterioration. This very same entity told "Doom" to join the Imperial army to save the Jedi. "Doom" knowing that he had a debt to the Jedi for saving his life on many occasions, accepted and came out of hiding with his men and joined the Imperials. No longer having the disabilities of clones, they easily infiltrated the Imperial army, Imperial navy and Imperial Security Bureau. Imperial Days, Widow Squad, The Oppression Of O'Hare (Little will kill me for mentioning that name) Initially starting out as an ST private under his old name, Stevo. stood out when compared to his fellows because of his leadership experience. Rising up the ranks quickly, Stevo. achieved the rank of Sergeant, he was given command of his own squad of troopers. Whilst initially under the name Window Squad, the name of the squad was changed to what we know today as Widow Squad (insert link when regimental backstories come out), an elite group of Storm Troopers. It was also during this period after multiple deployments that Stevo. gained a hatred for the rebel alliance. After fighting against rebels on the planet of Kashyyyk his face was permanently scared after a piece of shrapnel from a rebel improvised explosive hit him. It was then that the rebels reminded him of the CIS. After the promotion of Commander Little, Major O'Hare was promoted to commander of the Storm Trooper Corps. Not much is remembered of O'Hare, however this was the period where Widow Squad was disbanded, due to two of the three squads in the squad system being unable to perform to standards. This is also the period in the Storm Trooper Corps where O'Hare's "Anti-initiative" policy crippled the Storm Troopers, robbing it of various troopers due to deaths or early retirements. Brigadier Zach, The Storm Trooper Revival And MHC Once O'Hare had disappeared during Ibuyn incident, LT. Zach was promoted to commander, and eventually Brigadier. Being a ex-Widow Squad trooper himself, Zach reinstated Widow Squad, whilst also creating Beta and Theta Squad. Colonel Hornet was eventually promoted to High Colonel during this same period. Whilst the other squads eventually disbanded, Major Stevo. kept Widow Squad afloat with troopers Alex (who eventually become a commander of the Storm Troopers), Pebbles and Storm (also known as Gulliman). After the disappearance of Zach, and the injuries High Colonel Hornet had sustained, Stevo. was the only trooper left to command the Storm Troopers. With only three higher ranking troopers in his detachment left, Stevo. turned Widow Squad into the backbone of the Storm Troopers, eventually reviving the Storm Trooper Corps in a very short period of time. Having served for a rather short period of time as commander, Stevo. achieved the rank of Brigadier, whilst Hornet replaced him as commander. After serving some time as Brigadier, Stevo. was then asked to join Imperial Military High Command as a Major General, and later as a General. Stevo. currently serves as the IHC Army Overseer and still is the Overseer of Widow Squad. He tries his best to save Jedi whilst fighting the rebels he hates with a passion. (This backstory is being treated like a wiki, DO NOT USE THIS IN RP UNLESS BROUGHT UP BY STEVO! This information may be changed at any time) (A video/audio/extended version of this backstory may be uploaded separately)
  7. Someone said that they would beat up my nan for realz if I didn't do one of these, so here it is. If you don’t know who I am (I’ve been around for a while so if you don’t you’re blind), I am Stevo. I’m currently LT. General of this pack of plebs that apparently belong to the Imperial Army. Although a lot of newbies know who I am now, a lot of the veterans around here remember me for my 5mins as an ST sergeant, but not the 2mins I spent as an ST corporal, maybe as the founder of Widow Squad too I guess. Also if you didn’t know additionally, I used to be the the old ST Brigadier (was the longest serving ST until trumped by commanders Alex and Hornet). I like long walks on the beach, beating up nans, calling people plebs, getting stuck in elevators until I commit suicide, asking how much it would cost for an MHC version of ST armour, doing meetings until my eyes bleed and talking to people/chilling with the bois (I bet you didn’t expect those last two after all of that). I would say I’d see you around, but I’m pretty sure I just got called into 52 meetings during the time I was typing this. Cheers Stevo.
  8. Hey guys, it's your fave part time nan beater/full time space mexican slayer/not-admin here! Basically to cut to the chase, the past few weeks have taken a lot out of me (those who have been around and who I've talked to will understand what's been happening) due to me coming on the server and instantly being asked to do 27 different things by 27 different people, and doing 7 hour shifts on the server to make up for downed MHC members (love you Fox, Cards and Chef... You know... Platonically). On top of that I haven't been sleeping very well and my health issues are playing up again. Not to sound like a pleb or anything, but I'll be taking the next 5-7 days off the server. I'll still show up for the commanders meeting ( @Imposing @Ridge message me when the meeting is on please) just so I can threaten to beat up all the commanders nans, I'll still be checking in once a day in TS for 5mins or so to check up on the regiments I'm helping out currently (we're currently organising a plan to take on the space mexican menace) and if you really need anything else (I'll murder your family if you do this), add me on steam and I'll see if I can help. Hopefully I don't turn into a wreck and die/don't get promoted to general when one of the other-ones dies (It probably won't happen, but I didn't get a promo once when I went away for a week as an ST ). Cheers Stevo.
  9. What is your In-game name: LT. General 2727 - Stevo. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52828629 Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Rustyatthis Play time: A few hours short of 5 weeks Have you used PAC Before: No, but I've got some people who are willing to teach me. I'm pretty quick at learning this kind of stuff. Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I've been part of the server for almost a year now. In that time, I've improved my RP skills, become a slightly more serious person in game, I've become the only player General in MHC and I've tried to help as many people as possible during my turbulent journey in this joint. Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): I really want to build on my character in RP. I've spent the past few weeks developing my character as a secretly sceptical person, who goes as far as using controlled body doubles and clones to avoid death, but on the surface is somewhat unprofessional to provide a false sense of vulnerability to my enemies. I think that having PAC3 would help me with growing that further. Additionally, people kept hearing me complain about missing my old ST armour/E11 and got annoyed, so I made this. Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I've been around for a while, I have no warns, I've been trusted with positions that other players have rarely had access to, I've also helped with the implementation (and continue to) of somewhat large scale concepts and improvements to the server in the past. If I had PAC I wouldn't abuse it (it's kind of hard to abuse it to a point anyways), I wouldn't use it for offensive stuff, I'd just use it for RP reasons. Everything else I could say I've already mentioned previously on this application. Cheers Stevo.