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Found 1 result

  1. So basically, I believe, the regimental evaluations have delivered the desired result. Regiments, when picked, pick up their game to avoid "Old School" ST training and overall they seem to become better once feedback has been received at the end of the week. Only problem is that some (not all) regiments become lazy when they hear the news that they aren't up for evaluation. In order to remedy this, and after talking with Carnifex, the army is reintroducing the fortnightly "Elite Regiment" status. Now although previously this status thing turned into a shit show, there's going to be a few changes applied to... not... make it a shit show. Here's what you need to know 1. The generals will decide which 3 regiments get it. 2. Regiments will be changed fortnightly. 3. Regiments who achieve this status will have their name located near the location where Tarkin's rule board used to reside so many people can actually see it. 4. This is going to be used more so as a recruitment tool and a reputation thing. Many regiments that have half full regiments can work their arse's off to get the status, less people ask me stupid questions about "who's an elite regiment?" and people can say they are an elite regiment, even if you're not considered one by lore or whatever bullshit you want to spin. It's a win win for everyone involved. Now for the rules 1. Don't belittle other regiments just because you managed to get it. Anyone seen or reported to have been doing this will have to deal with a general (most likely me) and will cause your regiment to lose "Elite" status and possibly lead to demotions. Regimental disrespect isn't tolerated towards any regiment. 2. Don't try to suck up to a general, doing this will get you disqualified. 3. Don't talk shit if you don't get it. Doing this disqualifies you from getting during next time and can lead to further sanctions. 4. Don't belittle other regiments if you don't get it and you're already considered an "Elite" regiment by lore. Same procedure applies from rule 1. In summary, this system has been changed to lower the shit-showiness and make this an actual useful tool for regiments. This will be implemented after the next commanders meeting. Don't make me regret this 2727 - Stevo.