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    This case, just got interesting. Whitey or Wolf, who will Hornet choose???
  2. Butcher232

    reelisticcs introduction

    @reelisticc, welcome to the community. Wanna play on Mineplex
  3. Butcher232

    Tonberry's PAC Tier 1 Application

    +1. Great guy, great pac's - a match made in heaven.
  4. Butcher232

    New saber combat addon

  5. Butcher232

    Support Model (SCAR)

    +1, its a small minuscule part of scar that improves role play - pretty neat actually.
  6. Butcher232

    Archer's Trial Moderator Application

  7. Butcher232

    Emerald's Support Team Application

    +1, and now for a Love Island GIF. BOOM!
  8. Butcher232

    IG Logo change (SHIT POST)

    I don't know, I love your artistic skills, but the borderline advertising is meh.
  9. Butcher232

    Kendricks Goodbye

  10. Butcher232

    Game Night's

    Name: Butcher Discord Name: Butcher232#3602 Game Request: Anything I have and actively play (see below) Game's (you play): Garry's Mod Fornite (XBOX + PC) PUBG Payday 2 Prison Architect Evil Genius Realm of the Mad God Rainbow Six Siege (XBOX)
  11. Butcher232

    Microphone Problems

    Clear this for me @Sudo, when you speak in-game on singleplayer - does the overlay in the bottom left corner of you screen appear? If we deduce this issue than we can conclude if it is either a hardware or software issue. If you can provided me these details (aswell as the manufacturer and the approximate age) hopefully we can come to some sort of conclusion.
  12. Butcher232

    Taking a step back

    But... but with @Martibo's right hand slave developer gone, the server will crumble without Martibo having his bitch colleague creating hooks.
  13. Butcher232


    This thread is pretty self explanatory, feel free to share you favorite quotes below.
  14. Butcher232

    What other games do you play?

    Garry's Mod (ofc why would I be here if I don't lol) Fornite (but on my own cause I have no freinds) PUBG (better than fortnite) Payday 2 (because I am psychopathic and enjoy robbing banks) Prison Architect (because I am psychopathic and enjoy putting people in prison who rob banks) Evil Genius (please, please tell me someone knows and still plays this game...) Realm of the Mad God (some shitty decent game my freind hooked me on) Rainbow Six Siege In summary, I, Butcher Two-Hundred-and-Thirty-Two, enjoy alot of games apart from Gmod. Completely unrelated, but I have exposed @Gr8_Gatsby playing Minecraft. (Note; I have not launched up Minecraft since I was 9 so... I sourced this off a guy I know)
  15. Butcher232

    Getting to know the server population

    (insert generic greeting here) 😉
  16. Butcher232

    Butcher's PMC Application

    Steam & Personal Details Steam Name: [EN] Butcher232 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:91516932 Steam Profile link: Click here! Current Age: I prefer not to disclose. ARMA 3 Details Do you own ARMA 3: No, but I plan on purchasing it. In Game Name: Butcher ARMA Player ID: N/A ARMA 3 Clone Wars Member (Y/N): No. Applicants History & Reasons Recruited By (If Applicable): N/A Have you had any warns or Bans on any of Imperial Gaming's Servers in the last 6 months (If so state them): N/A Have you had any Mil-Sim experience (If so state them): N/A What role/s do you believe you are suited for in our PMC Mil-Sim (Fireteam leader, Specialist, AT, Medic, Marksman or Rifleman): Medic or Marksman. Have you had any experience in these roles: None, but I do believe I can learn and adapt quickly to your requirements. Why did you decide to apply for our PMC Mil-Sim Unit: I decided to apply because I quite like the look of Martibo's approach to ARMA3 I, personally, feel that this is something that I would love to be apart of, even though I have no experience with ARMA3. What do you believe you can bring to one of our PMC Mil-Sim Fireteams: Honesty, loyalty and professionalisn, Can you usually attend our event times (Thursday and Sundays at 6:30pm AEST for a 7:30pm AEST Start) and if not will give acceptable notice to your Fireteam Leader: Thursdays I may have to miss out when Union season is on (ends soon). However I should be able to make the other times, if not I will give notice to my Fireteam Leader. Scenarios You are alone watching our vehicles and see a militant whom is unarmed walking towards your vehicle what do you do? I would first inform my fireteam leader over radio and than I would approach and ask for his/her identification, if he is not partnered with our PMC than I will question the individual. If the militant refuses to leave the area I would detain them and call in for transportation as I would not dessert my post without Command authorization. While under direct enemy fire you get an order from your Fireteam Leader to get up and lay suppressive fire potentially getting yourself killed what do you do? Orders are orders. I obey my Fireteam Leader, although advising him of the risk, if after I inform my Leader of the risk and he tells me to follow the order I would than follow the order as precautiously as possible. Under what circumstances would you detain civilians? I would detain civilians if they are; Tampering with PMC equipment. Interfering with contracts after receiving warnings to cease behaviour. Entering restricted areas after receiving warnings to turn back.
  17. Butcher232

    Ummm yeah so height difference???????!!!!!!

    Legend has it, than when Romodi the Great and Powerful unholsters his mighty physics-alterererator-gun-thing he resembles the Hunchback of Notre Dame, unfortunately due to his high ranking position as Tarkin's bitch aide, he has had all the evidence removed however, via an artists rendition of Romodi the Great and Powerful's hunchback, we can provide some concept art. Romodi also suffers from Postural Kyphosis. But on the flip side, @Cody suffers from abnormally long toes (see below).
  18. Butcher232

    Introduction :)

    welcome back
  19. Butcher232

    Butcher's PMC Application

    Alright, thanks mate.
  20. Butcher232

    Morgan's Event Master Application

    On this occasion, I agree with the top shagger/anime weeb/child furry, Twinkie.
  21. Butcher232

    A Swift TMod App