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Everything posted by Butcher232

  1. Butcher232

    A Sheevy Christmas

    I would like to buy shares in the production company.
  2. Butcher232

    Mordicai's Meals | Post #2

    Just forget the: Large PotatosTub of salted butterVial of Salt, Pepper & PaprikaBottle of Oil And she'll be right. (Unless you're on a low carbs meal plan)
  3. Butcher232

    My Inactivity

    same here lol (this is a horrible joke but eh)
  4. Butcher232

    Deathstar Map Broken (FIX)

    The real 'broken' thing is you not upgrading windows mate. (jk love you)
  5. Butcher232

    Eclipse's Trial Mod application

    +1. Good luck mate.
  6. Butcher232

    Inquisitor Troopers

    @Ash I know it's no my place but I must say a few words if you do not mind. I, and I am sure many others too, are with the idea of the implementation, why you may ask? 1. RST have a 66-word legends article whereas Inquisitor Troopers 956-word canon article. 2. RST is a tough regiment to command, and I am sure Theta is doing a fantastic job, but as Havoc stated RST has struggled many times - even once being disbanded by Whitey, the emperor at the time. 3. The models. RST models are literally re-coloured stormtrooper models, the Inquisitor Trooper models are a lot more idealistic in the terms of detail and overall quality. Now, I know they are currently a bit 'scuffy' but that's only because they were made in a concise period of time. However, when I was RST commander on another community custom models were being developed so... Now just a final few words; Kindly do not call the suggestion stupid, as all suggestions are never right, nor wrong. Also not a good way to portray yourself after posting an application for Trial Moderator. You do not dictate if it is a regimental swap or new regiment (your "therefore it wont be a regiment swap but a new regiment." came over as slightly hostile to me) that is for the management team to deliberate on. Whitey previously stated that no new regiments will be added, so I suggest not trying to rebut his argument with someone that could come across as hostile. I am sure if RST is replaced the new commander, whether it be Theta or not, would gladly offer transfers into what is figuratively a re-branded RST with extra responsibilities. Thanks for reading mate, have a good one. +1
  7. This trailer looks quite wonderful, props to the advertisement team and our lovely tic tac.
  8. Butcher232

    Butcher's Ban Appeal

    Steam Details Steam Name: [FG] Butcher232 [IG] Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:91516932 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/butcher232/ In Game Details In Game Name: Butcher In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: Stormtroopers Ban Details How long was the ban for: Indefinite (Permanent ban) Which staff member banned you: [224-00] Rigsby (Whitey) What date did the ban occur: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 What was the reason for the ban: ‘Attempting to Poach Members’ Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: I contacted a previous senior administrator/staff manager of a community which I am currently involved with if he would ever come back and chill on the server or discord for a bit to say hi, as him and I was quite close and he left abruptly, with no intent to quote-on-quote ‘poach’ a member of the community. I do understand that my hastily typed message - as I was in the middle of some medic RP - did come across as poaching and was interpreted in the wrong way, but I assure you that I had zero intent to poach a member out of my second home. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I have been a member of Imperial Gaming for almost a year now (in fact in 2 days I would celebrate a year on IG), I have managed to maintain a clean record of absolutely no infractions. Which I believe, is sufficient evidence regarding the fact that I had no intention of breaking the rules, especially a perma-bannable offence. Members of Imperial Gaming, I had zero malicious intent and I candidly apologise for my actions. It started off as a bit of a meme and I had no way of foreseeing the current situation it has escalated to presently. I sincerely regret sending that private message. Thank you for taking the time to read my ban appeal, I apologise if there are any grammatical or spelling errors.
  9. Butcher232

    IG PVP Tournament (Media Team Suggestion)

    Have a hunger games and tributes from each regiment. lol. But in all seriousness, I like the suggestion.
  10. Butcher232

    Butcher's Ban Appeal

    @Whitey / @Head Coach Frank / @Chopz Please lock this thread.
  11. Butcher232

    Butcher's Ban Appeal

    I had no malicious intent.
  12. Butcher232

    Butcher's Ban Appeal

    Why does having [FG] affect anything? And how many times do I have to repeat myself, I had no malicious intent in any way shape or form. I was asking him if he ever had any interest in joining back.
  13. Butcher232

    Butcher's Ban Appeal

    I must clarify, the first message was hastily typed "Come back to FD.", everything else was not hastily typed. As I stated in my appeal, it started off as a meme - which I do not believe is a viable excuse regarding the severity of the current situation. But I do not believe that a simple joke should warrant a permanent ban. Although, if Wombat is reading this and he didn't pick it up in our DM's. I do apologise mate. Again, my attempt was not malicious. Thanks for the response, Bailey.
  14. Butcher232

    Fallout 76 Server for IG?

    just have a fallout 76 server with abilities to create a faction or something lol, not reg groups
  15. Butcher232

    Power Player Confirmed

    Quite close to the power play badge lol. https://gyazo.com/5485014ac54e4149ee71cfaac292ad49
  16. Butcher232

    Keycard Editor || Sudo

    Alright idea. Have no doubt the dev team would be able to pull it off. +1.
  17. Butcher232

    SWRP | Galen Erso | Community Input

    Kosmos is bae.
  18. Butcher232

    Building Lessons

    More people knowing how to use precision alignment? Whiteys gonna get replaced soon lol. #precisionalignmentsquad anyone?
  19. Butcher232

    Credit Store Prices

    Do you realise how overpowered the pulse cannon is?
  20. Butcher232

    One of my Maps (Being Updated)

  21. Butcher232

    Rivers' Introduction

    Hi, welcome to your second home - you must have parental approval to leave this second home. Just a few things to start you off; Regional Government have cookies, if you want cookies make friends with them. Engineers also have cupcakes, but dont trip over any exposed pipes, you will die from the engineers, not the fall. I am you favorite squeaker, no-one else, say otherwise and I will deafen you with my prepubescent voice. Have fun at your second home.
  22. Butcher232

    Vanilla's Backstory

    anime weeb. nice backstory mate.