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  1. Allucious' Introduction

    That’s fine. I was on yesterday obviously not when u were on but steam message
  2. Allucious' Introduction

    Would have been kind of you to at least tell me you left Shadow....
  3. Kolto's Event Master App

    Definitely need to add some more detail. Good to see you’ve actually is listened and at least attempted to improve your Application. Please add more detail to the Application is general especially the events they are probably most important. I’m not yet going to rate your Application. Best of Luck and please fix it up.
  4. Proctor/Goliath's Developer application

    Would be a good addition +1
  5. It's too true

    Well... Sadly... It is the truth
  6. REGOAU Ban Appeal

    Has been a while deserves to be unbanned.
  7. Fives EM App

    ^^^^^^^ Didn’t you leave the server?
  8. Dank M3mes

    Wait what..... What happened to ma boi Chris!?!!?!
  9. No longer Crimsafe [Resignation]

    o7. Good Luck with your IRL issues, you made the right choice
  10. I am Le back [Kinda]

    Welcome back start of many?
  11. I’m leaving

    Only for a few nights that is. I will be going away for a holiday late tonight and returning sometime on Monday. I will be still be on the forums but just not on the server. Cya then!
  12. Hornet's PAC3 Tier 2 Application

    +1, that tactical face palm tho
  13. Checkpoint Guarding Imporvements

    We used to have TVs at guarding posts but they were removed so I doubt they’d be coming back
  14. Myth's Introduction