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  1. Demonic

    The Current Situation with SCAR

    I'd like to ask who this 'older kreel' is, he seems quite the wildcard, and has left the regiment in quite the predicament. I love that you're willing to respond to the sudden influx of complaints and questioning voices. And how you're taking steps to further improve scar. Good luck my man.
  2. Demonic

    Tmod applicaition-livebait

    Live, I've known you for a long ass time (2 years) and I also know that you can do better than this! re-do the entire application if you have to! if you really want this position, then fight for it. And a half-assed application like this doesn't really scream 'fight'. NEUTRAL.
  3. Demonic

    SCAR Specialists

    @Whitey Sorry, thought I'd butt in here. But have you considered giving the SCAR members PAC ONLY to make/use the outfits of their respective roles? You can have the PAC members make outfits for the roles, and the SCAR members are relieved of their PAC position once they have left the role. I think this should be taken up with MHC, specifically the Leading General of the specific role the regiment want to take place. I'm sure y'all could find a suitable role for Kreel. Anyways, good luck all <3
  4. Demonic

    IMPERIAL AWARDS - MARCH [The real one]

    The only thing Emerald wins is my Heart <3 (Until he shot me, that was kind of rude. Now he has nothing to win.)
  5. Demonic

    Server Changelog 04/04/2018

    Looks great. Can't wait to see it for you guys
  6. Demonic

    Text carry Story!

    When suddenly! A holocommunicater displaying supreme chancellor palpatine states to 'execute order 66'
  7. Demonic

    Inferno Squad Defensive

    Looking good guys :-D
  8. Demonic

    I got tired so I made this

    Why are people downvoting this??? He's taking a break... Oh no wait Stevo, you need to make an apology for wanting a 5 second breathing-window between every meeting. That'll keep the -1's out. I ask again, why is there downvotes on this post!?!? Love you stevo, hope you're feeling better by the time you get back to work. Hopefully things are okay with your personal life and I wish you the best of luck
  9. Demonic

    This is Imperial Gaming Right Here !

    My apologies for coming onto a public forum and making a comment. Also, I wasn't dissing the server, as it may seem. I was just joking that the post was referencing that the entire empire was royal guards. Anyways y'all are looking fine, probably shouldve said that with the comment. I'll 'go away' now
  10. Demonic

    This is Imperial Gaming Right Here !

    Or the power of like- eight people :-P
  11. Demonic


    Nothing, nothing at all Hehe
  12. Demonic


    Ahhh, that explains thing thing between Pablo and Maxine...
  13. "This is a message programmed to transmit a signal after my heartbeat stops. This will be my final entry. It's more than likely the old man's reading over this now, if you are, kindly go roll around in some bantha dung. If you aren't, well I guess I can continue. If I've been executed, it's probably by treason, if I've escaped, it's probably from the lack of food and water. And Considering you're reading this message, it's one of the two. That man, that strange man Galen Erso, I was right about him. I consulted him, and together we constructed a plot, a scheme to cripple both the Empire's economy and stability. He was the designer, I was the manipulator. He found ways inside the station that I wouldn't even dream of thinking about, and I would throw off any suspicion coming his way. Trust me, saying "Move along, do not dare to indulge yourself in the interruption of Sith business!" 50 times over really does a number to your throat. Nevertheless, it worked. A small fault in the defenses, small enough to not be noticed, but big enough that a proton torpedo could make its way to the reactor (Which was hard given the increased security with the ongoing construction.) One person did find us out however. Poor Shekelbourg, he's had his time in the dueling arena I think, surely I would've wiped him but he insisted trial by combat. I hope the information that came after his dying breath was worth the trip down to the airlock. Anyways, if you're reading this, I'm dead. And if by some miracle this runs into the Rebel's hands, let them know that- %^$^%^*(&$%*@#" *TRANSMISSION CUT* (This is my final entry in the series.)
  14. Demonic

    Demonic/Valarie PAC 3 Application

    @Ridge Deny please xx
  15. Demonic

    Anthony's Trial Mod Application

    Very well said, +1