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  1. |Stryker|

    DS-01 - A Night of Pure Passion

    Can't wait to run into restricted areas to explore, its always funnier when the red bois are on your tail. heck I'll have to reinstall gmod again to checkout this map
  2. |Stryker|


    looks very Darkrp and not much starwars, idk about that font aswell. other then that looks alright. also having like the f3 menu and stuff in here aswell and a more indepth player tab that shows you peoples Utime and steam link. and please make the text color on the promote/demote buttons white or black or unique like IG blue, idk would just make it flow better on the eyes.
  3. |Stryker|

    IG-88 Role

    the model is the best on the workshop but It hasn't been updated so its probably still broken with TFA Starwars guns.
  4. |Stryker|

    Port to S&Box?

    trilobite said he wouldn't port his maps over, but that was months ago so who knows now
  5. |Stryker|

    Matt Smith?

    I will now watch this movie.
  6. |Stryker|

    Piano's Tier 1 PAC APP

    +1 Known Piano for 2 years, Hes my long lost brother and is Deserving of PAC. Hes very responsible and would do great things.
  7. |Stryker|

    Not Feeling Great

    Stay Strong Archer, Like the Chief.
  8. |Stryker|

    Recruit Room Add Rule

    I don't fear anything ~Stan the Camera Man
  9. |Stryker|


    just contact the warning staff members and if they actually want to cooperate with you and talk about the situation and actually listen to you then theirs probs a chance of the warns being revoked
  10. |Stryker|

    Shower Thoughts - HELP

    I've seen allof these in r/showerthoughts
  11. Its exclusive till someone joins either there server or IG and downloads the map and puts it on there own server. But King Pommes is a smart guy, he'll probs just throw a customcheck on the map and if your not the server listed itll be a black screen that says some cool stuff. But anyone with a brain can get around that.
  12. |Stryker|


    Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum, Its smooth, slick and it does the mexican wave as a rainbow all the time if you want it to.. But It'll set you back 180-200 dollars, Ive had mine for almost a year now and it still works fine but hey everyone has there own peripheral preferences, I prefer Logitech over most other brands as I own a Logi Headset, Mouse and keyboard.
  13. |Stryker|

    Regional Government Needs you!

    got my answer, Goodluck to those who apply
  14. |Stryker|

    Imperial gaming | Future updates/changes

    Could just remove BodyGroupR and make it so the tool version shows up targeted on your own character in the C menu whether you have tools or not so that people could access it for there roles.
  15. |Stryker|

    Imperial gaming | Future updates/changes

    Teamspeak 5 Beta signup for those interested. https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads#ts5