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  1. Emerald

    Ban Appeal

    Don't really think you should be unbanned yet, You literally just posted one and it got denied. Wait a couple of Weeks to rethink over your Actions then maybe appeal. -1
  2. Emerald

    Ban Appeal

    -1 If you actually want to be unbanned, I'd advise you actually take the Application seriously..
  3. Emerald

    Hi I'm Ovi

  4. Emerald

    Vin Northal's T-mod app

    -1 I don't really know who you are and the Application is lacking detail.
  5. Are you able to jump into our TeamSpeak?
  6. Emerald

    Hi Im Dax

  7. Emerald

    Life In The Imperial Press Corps

    i like this video
  8. Emerald

    Card Scanner Hacker Tool (Suggestion)

    Yeah, It's just that Event Characters don't really have a use for it most of the time.
  9. Emerald

    Card Scanner Hacker Tool (Suggestion)

    We have a Keycard Cracker already on the Server.