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Everything posted by Wombatiacus

  1. Wombatiacus

    Hi, I'm back.

    Hi guys and girls thought I might let you know but I'm back and I prepare to stay for a very long-time. In case you don't know me I arrived on the server around February last year and have been apart of the Forums since April I believe. I was a Brigadier for 212th and I was also a Moderator so if any of you need assistance I may be able to help out. I am currently looking for a regiment so tell what regiment you recommend me to join. Other than that stuff I'm out and I hope to see you all on the server. Btw ever since my departure for the server I've been active everyday on the forums so no need to catch me up on any events or such that has happened because I'll probably know what your talking about. =)
  2. Wombatiacus

    Roblox Game Nights?

    I would love to join and play some Counter Blox with you
  3. I believe everything is wrong with us people
  4. Wombatiacus

    I have returned, my children.

    Hey Sloth! I remember you but you probably don't remember me . Welcome back! and I hope you enjoy your stay!
  5. Wombatiacus

    Foxs Trial Moderator Application

    Yes I love this application and your top bloke. +1.
  6. Wombatiacus

    Every Event needs their Debrief?

    The old rule for event’s was that offship event’s get a debriefing and on ship events normally don’t depending on the impact the event will have or how long it lasts. I like the idea of 25+ ppl and we have a debrief.
  7. Wombatiacus

    Trigon's PAC3 Tier 1 App

    Yes +1
  8. Wombatiacus

    i would like to become a lore character

    This is certainly an interesting... I remember watching the video and thinking this would be a good idea but normally people have to donate money for custom jobs/regiments. You also haven’t provided a link to any workshop on this characters model but if you have PAC3 you would be able to retexture the playermodel with paint.
  9. +1I'm sure you can tell why I'm giving you a massive +1, Good luck Joel!
  10. Wombatiacus

    Alright UHH

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay! xx Edit: Cool signature btw <3
  11. Wombatiacus

    Black Ops 4 Games Night (pre-date)

    Yeah I agree with this because lots of people don’t have PC’s that can run that sort of game that’s why they play Garry’s mod
  12. Wombatiacus

    Bathtub Thoughts...

    Quality shitpost I thought I was an excellent shitposter but I’m obviously not.
  13. Wombatiacus

    SWRP | Galen Erso | Community Input

    Voting for yourself is just no... @Whitey
  14. Wombatiacus

    SWRP | Galen Erso | Community Input

    Wait @Whitey We can’t vote for ourself right?
  15. Wombatiacus

    Im Back...

    Welcome back Robo.
  16. Wombatiacus

    Jesis' Introduction

    Hey Jesis! It’s so hard to type your name because it instantly autocorrects to JESUS .
  17. Wombatiacus

    Another one bites the dust

    Good luck Ham!
  18. Wombatiacus

    SWRP | Galen Erso | Applications

    That’s what I was thinking about and I read many websites on Galen to see if they were all different or were simpler. Wookieepedia had the best explaination of what Galen did and who he was but anyone can easily change that since it is a wiki.
  19. Wombatiacus

    SWRP | Galen Erso | Applications

    Cheers mate also you’re 5 posts away from being a a S H I T P O S T E R <3
  20. Wombatiacus

    SWRP | Galen Erso | Applications

    I forgot to say Good Luck everyone! <3
  21. Wombatiacus

    Adam's Trial Moderator application

    This guy is a BLOODY LEGEND! and a Lad. Deserves Moderator. Good luck Adam!
  22. Wombatiacus

    SWRP | Galen Erso | Applications

    Rogue one most of the action shortened. (Start of the movie till Galens death). Coming off from what @Bevan was saying he did mine and research Kyber Crystals as they could contain a large amount of energy. If the DS-01 had only a few Kyber Crystals it wouldn't be able to destroy much so the Empire went and sought out large amounts of Kyber Crystals. The planet that we saw the Kyber Crystals being harvested from was Jedha a planet that Jyn Erso was familiar with due to her being taken there by Saw Gerrera a few years back since her mother died. This is when Jyn got rescued and got put on a mission by the Rebel Alliance to hopefully learn more about this weapon of mass destruction. The first part of Jyn's mission was to kidnap and take the defected imperial pilot who was on Jedha with Saw Gerrera. She got placed with a Rebel Captain called Cassian Andor and his imperial reprogramed droid "K-2SO". At first Jyn hated the two and then fell in love with Cassian at the end of Rogue One. So they got to Jedha and were stopped by an imperial convey (10-20 Storm Troopers and 2 Tank Troopers). Cassian noticed some movement in the crowd and realised some of Saw's goons were about to attack the convey for their compacted Kyber Crystal so they can sell it for a good amount of credits. Before this happened and before they saw the convey they met 2 force worshippers named Chirrut Imwe and (I forgot the other one). These two force worshippers saved Jyn and Cassian and then they all got captured because during the fight Cassian shot one of Saw's goons. The then got taken to Saw Gerrera's base of operations and got locked up except for Jyn because Saw Gerrera and Jyn know each other from the past. Saw Gerrera shows Jyn the message the imperial pilot had which was from her Galen Erso and she then starts to cry (It was a pure heart ranching moment). The DS-01 slowly comes into picture and right after all the imperials leave the city of Jedha they blast it with a small amount of LAZER and completely blow up the city and most of it's surrounds including Saw's base which Jyn, Cassian, two force worshippers, K-2SO and the imperial pilot escaped from. Saw Gerrera saw that he wouldn't make and died (A truly heroic death). They then get back to the base and find Galen Erso's where about and decide to go there. Jyn thought they were going to rescue her father but before they took off one of Cassian's officials told him to not bring back Galen alive (Try and kill him for short). They make it to the planet and crash due to the environment and weather being so tough. Cassian then took the imperial pilot with an armed gun to go shot Galen Erso. One of the worshippers took notice of this and warned Jyn of what they're doing and she decides to go. Director Krennic Orson then arrived in his big shuttle. Jyn didn't know this because she was to busy climbing up a long ladle from the bottom of the cliff straight to the top of the platform where her father was situated. Director Krennic then had an argument with him and shot all the other scientist and left Galen, by this time Jyn was crawling over the side of the platform and Cassian called in a Rebel fighter attack/bombing run. One of these bombs hit the middle of the platform when Galen and Krennic were standing and Galen got the brunt of the explosion so he was left dying on the floor. Jyn killed a few Storm Troopers with her pistol then she rushed over towards her father who was dying. She starts crying and Galen says a couple of words then dies. She gets pissed at Cassian then they go on to gain the DS-01 plan and boom the film ends. But yes @Snow and @Gregis He did research the Kyber Crystals and did work for the Empire not knowing that he was helping the building process of the DS-01. Sadly he didn't know until it was to late. Galen has a whole lot more jobs to do then just build the DS-01.
  23. Wombatiacus

    Matt Smith?

    My opinion doesn’t matter... What? I have a voice I must REVOLT against this, wombats have rights to express their feelings on someone who they don’t like but not say anything to their face because that would end badly. Some people like him and some do not... I was one of the people who do not... pfft my opinion does matter
  24. Wombatiacus

    Matt Smith?

    I thought it was good . I found it to be very interesting but it added way to much stuff and aliens into it which made it succ.
  25. Wombatiacus

    Rivers' Introduction

    Welcome and I hope to see you around the ship! Good luck with VF!