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  1. Stevo.

    EM Application - Joshv

    -1 Never showed proper maturity on the server, has made very questionable decisions regarding both events and his regiment, attempted (at least on one occasion) to encourage troopers to disrupt others and basically disappeared without a trace.
  2. Stevo.


    I honestly don’t know how I get votes for half of this shit.
  3. Stevo.

    A week away - Hornet

    Good damn it, just when I have troubles actually getting on the server you have to take a break *Geoffrey is not pleased*
  4. Stevo.

    Picking a new Imperial Awards Host

    Geoffrey will remember this... And he never forgets his enemies...
  5. But what if I need a banana smoothie? How am I supposed to get my smoothies now Q_Q
  6. Stevo.

    New to SWRP and GMOD

    Welcome. Make sure you stay away from Carnifex, I hear he eats hats, but I think it would be a pretty safe bet to say he eats helmets too. No headgear is safe.
  7. Stevo.

    Introduction :)

    Ew not this guy again. *Jokes* Welcome back.
  8. Stevo.

    2726 - Habib

    Trooper 2726 - "Habib" was a undercover informant under the command of Lieutenant General Stevo. He served in the clone wars as a member of Doom's Unit with the designation numbers 2726, was a founding member of the mercenary group; Doom's Legion and also briefly served in the Stormtrooper Corps. He is currently assigned to a classified army listening post on a moon called Dxun, located in the Onderon system. The Clone Wars During the clone wars, Habib served as a private in Talon Squad before being transferred to Doom's Unit after the battle of Onderon. He eventually become a commanding officer in the regiment focusing on intel management, and held the record for the most troopers arrested. Months before the commencement of Order 66, and whilst stationed on Kamino, Habib discovered that almost all clone troopers had chips inserted in them for various purposes. He eventually informed his regiment of this, leading to Doom's Unit being one of the biggest defections during Empire's formation. Aftermath of Order 66 After the commencement of Order 66, Doom and his troopers organised to aid the escape of many Jedi. Habib, being one of Doom's most trusted troopers, was responsible for organising smugglers to transport Jedi to remote systems where they wouldn't be found. This worked until Doom's Unit was exposed by another commander and the entire regiment attempted to flee the Empire. Every single member of Doom's Unit escaped except Geoffrey the Gonk Droid. After leaving the Empire, Doom and his troopers formed the mercenary group known as "Doom's Legion", with Habib being Doom's right hand man. Doom's Legion After many dealings and assisting Jedi, Doom was assigned an unsuccessful mission, which led to Doom and many of his troopers left stranded in the Unknown regions. Doom and his troopers eventually were saved by an unknown entity that gave them the gift of additional life, and cured their genetic deterioration. This very same entity told Doom to join the Imperial army to save the Jedi. Doom knowing that he had a debt to the Jedi for saving his life on many occasions, accepted and came out of hiding with his men and joined the Imperials. No longer having the disabilities of clones, they easily infiltrated the Imperial army, Imperial navy and Imperial Security Bureau. Habib ended up joining the army as a stormtrooper. Joining the Empire, Leaving the Empire Upon joining the army with Stevo., Habib found it hard to adjust to being a trooper. Initially becoming a sergeant in the Stormtrooper Corps, he found himself gathering information on other regiments and military branches. Eventually Habib gathered enough information to expose several ISB plots and investigations. His greatest discoveries included the introduction of the Tier System, the investigation on Commander Alex and the investigation on Lieutenant General Stevo. Upon realising that Habib was wasting his skills in the Stormtrooper Corps, Stevo. released Habib from the army and recruited him as an army informant. Habib eventually created a network within the Empire (made of of ex-Doom's Unit members and general members of the military), and provided information over to MHC (which eventually become the army branch of IHC). Habib now currently serves as an informant for the army, providing important information regarding other military branches, regiments and keeping an eye on certain space m-*REDACTED*. (This backstory is being treated like a wiki, DO NOT USE THIS IN RP UNLESS BROUGHT UP BY STEVO! This information may be changed at any time)
  9. Alright, pretty much like the last time, put in your name, rank, regiment, what regiment you want to apply for, answer the questions and submit. The current regiments up for commander-ship are VF, 442nd, SCAR and Jump troopers. Make sure you read the paragraph at the top, and read everything else, if the instructions are not followed you will be disqualified from eligibility. Also only apply if you want to become a commander of a regiment. Applying then messaging a general saying you don't want it anymore may cause you to be blacklisted from future commander applications. If it is deemed that no applicant meets the criteria, then another round of applications will be sent out. Applications close at 6pm AEST on July the 14th. Cheers Stevo.
  10. Right, that’s probably never going to happen person above me (didn’t want to quote him because then he would most likely respond). Anyways, going to be back tomorrow as said in the commanders meeting, I’ve got my head on straight now. That and work called me back and said I couldn’t take another week/week and a half off. Thanks to the plebs who posted nice shit, it’s muchly appreciated. Also I’ll beat up ya nan.
  11. Stevo.

    Made an Imperial Gaming theme track.

    So what you're saying is we need something that deafens everyone within a 10 kilometre radius? Alright, I can do something along those lines.
  12. Fuck me, I use the forums on my account for the first time in like 5 days and this is the first thing at hits my lap. In answer to your thingy @Superior Jacob you just need to comms in for permission from the Generals when you want to cloak and you are usually granted. Can't do it whenever you want, otherwise you'll get pinned for it.
  13. Long story short, I'm going to take some time off. The main reason for this is because one of my good friends passed away, who also happens to be my girl's brother, so time off is a must have and I'm going to take a week off to get into the right head space. And to be brutally honest, either way, I was probably going to take a break anyway because I feel as if I'm doing the same workload as I did in early January with the absence of the other generals at the time, and I'm also not happy with the current state of IHC. So I'm going to add another 3-4 days to try and get over that as well. I'll still be doing my shitty YouTube videos to give me something to focus on whilst I'm down south and will still be present for the commanders meeting tomorrow, however I will be gone until about the 3rd or 4th just to get over shit and rest up. Tomorrow's commander meeting will be held at about 8pm AEST instead of 7pm AEST. Do not contact me whilst I'm away on steam, as my nephew and housemate have access to my steam account and they will be playing other shit. If you really need something from me or need to let me know something, contact a Widow Squad member as they know how to directly contact me if a massive shit storm occurs or message me on the forums (I will read these messages when I return). Also I'll beat up ya nan if you try to message me on steam. Cheers 2727 - Stevo. P.S. Result from the poll above doesn't matter (had to put a joke in the post some how to lighten the mood, because I don't like other people feeling sad feels).
  14. Stevo.

    Hostage situations in events

    -1 A lot of the time the person captured is someone who’s not worth trying to rescue a lot of the time, very rarely is a MJR General or a Admiral taken hostage, what’s the point of trying to negotiate for someone who can easily be replaced in RP? Also I don’t believe that every time it ends in a firefight, many times I’ve seen the bad guys get away with their hostage. Chef does have a point however when he brings up that we almost always get the bad guy in the end, with the ship they’re given exploding or some shit. 1. There are a lot of troopers who try to RP in these situations, I suggest you try listening, viewing and looking at the comms when these situations happen. 2. Majority of the time, it’s the event characters that end up starting the shooting when the troopers are trying to RP. 3. What else can happen after the failure of the negotiations? Do we ask them nicely in RP to get off the ship? Like that’s going to happen, the enemy is going to resort to shooting people every time because that’s the only option they have if they’ve kidnaped a guy who can be easily replaced in RP, or they can give up which rarely happens. Ultimately I think the choice should always be up to the event master as to what happens with the event. Would it be nice if there was veriation in hostage situations? Sure. Would it be nice if the bad guys didn’t get blown up in the end or didn’t get shot up for a change? Yeah, but the formula works. And in the cases that the formula isn’t followed, I’m not a fan of putting useless rules into what can be done for events.
  15. Stevo.

    Sol's Trial Mod Application

    Look, I don't like to comment on stuff like this, the staff are going to pick who the staff want for the position. But if Zach says you weren't staff on Fade and your claiming you were, I've got to -1 this application. -1