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  1. Stevo.

    Should we bring Rishi back

    The problem with Rishi is that majority of the current playerbase doesn't like it. I like it, but I was on the map when the server was different a year and a half ago. Every time since that the map has been used peeps have left the server because they don't like the map.
  2. Stevo.

    Nova Skin Change

    Read the first post I made on this thread and read the part where I say I have no call on a management decisions. Then rethink what you have written above. Also another thing you’re wrong about with Widow, it’s not the only choice people have in the ST’s. Something I told Widow to do about a month ago was to focus more on the ST’s and start getting some higher ups because it was an issue. First attempt to set up an ST chain of command outside of Widow ultimately failed because everyone who was in that group wanted to be in Widow, not the ST’s. We currently have four people who are SGT+ out of Widow, a few more that went inactive if you want to count them. My problem with you isn’t that you want more for your regiment, everyone wants more, but at the same time these same people usually understand that no regiment is special on the ship. Every regiment has a job, and every regiment 99.9% of the time have the tools for it (newly created regiments usually don’t have what they need). My problem is that you speak about things you have no idea about. My hours allow me to know the history of most regiments, and thus I have a lot of knowledge about them. You don’t really know much about Widow, yet you’re quick to claim facts about the regiment. It didn’t matter ultimately how you phrased it, you were still wrong. I suggest you read my first post and the ask yourself whether or not you need the models. If the answer is yes, then I think you’re wrong and that’s okay to me. This is my last post here, do what you want afterwards as this thread will be muted for me. I’ve said all I felt I needed to say.
  3. Stevo.

    Nova Skin Change

    It's not a "these damn millennial's" moment, hence why I think you ignored my argument entirely and went for the widow stuff and this. You don't need the model change. What is it going to do for the regiment? Make you look more sparkly? Does the regiment not already have pauldrons to signify rank? Those are the the points I brought up in my post. Mentioning Widow Squad and then saying you're not responding any further highlights exactly why this is a vanity thing. And whilst we're at it (I'll entertain your lack of knowledge and stupidity here), Widow Squad was and still is needed. I don't expect you to understand since you've been on the server for five minutes compared to my almost two years, but a long time ago it was near impossible to keep anyone in the ST's, not to mention that the ST's were treated like shit and couldn't maintain a command structure for more than three seconds. The regiment has retained many people over LCPL and only about five people have been recruited over the past three months, all of which have been retained except one. I know about the numbers, I keep track as part of my constant note taking that's done on all regiments. And even if the regiment couldn't retain numbers as you say, that's pretty much every regiment at some point. It's going to happen to your regiment at some point most likely. Probably best not to comment on it negatively now. But once again, you know exactly you've brought up the arguments you've made, you brought them up to distract from the fact that you don't need them. It is a vanity thing and it is something you don't need.
  4. Stevo.


    How have I got a feeling that I will get in the top 3 for most of these awards again...
  5. Stevo.

    Nova Skin Change

    Alright, so I'm going to sort this out right here, right now. People keep thinking that I have a say when it comes to management decisions like loadouts and what jobs a regiment can be changed to and if a regiment can have their security level changed and whatnot. Well, sorry to disappoint you all, I don't have a say in any of that. Sure I'm in a position on the server that very few people who aren't staff have had, but I'm not a staff member and I don't have a say in any decision that is made (outside of my inclusion in the focus group earlier this year). So I'm going to use this post here to explain this to everyone who keeps asking me for shit, I can't help you and don't ask for me to "get behind stuff" as there is nothing I can do that will convince anyone to do anything in the staff team. I guess I could complain a lot like I did back in my Widow Squad days, but I've done that so much that people can see through it. Now regardless of my point above, I don't think the Nova troopers should have their models changed. It's not going to help the regiment in any way except confuse a whole bunch of people, it's not going to get people to join the regiment, it's not going to get people to stay in the regiment and I think the fact that the acting commander hasn't made this post speaks volumes - this is a vanity thing. Although I know this next point is going to trigger someones PTSD because I've mentioned it so many times, but I spent my early days in the Storm troopers. Those of us that stayed in the ST's stayed because we liked a part of the regiment in a time where ST's were treated like garbage and Widow Squad didn't exist. We had basic shit and we made the most of it. Nova, even in the state that it is now, is in a better spot than the ST's of old were. I think that unless the regiment is in as hot of waters as that period of the ST's you don't need anything added. As I mentioned this seems like purely a vanity thing that doesn't do anything to the regiment, and I don't think the regiment needs it either. And if a regiment doesn't need something, they shouldn't have it added.
  6. Stevo.

    Stevo Doin a Good job

    Go and annoy Jman for changes to the budget
  7. Stevo.

    Recruit Room Add Rule

    Just do what I do when I encounter fearRP (which is usually when someone tries to hold me hostage), just kill 'em.
  8. Stevo.

    Revive Shadow

    You can do whatever you want. No one is stopping you from doing anything except revive Shadow or any other regiment. SCAR has it's own issues which I will address now that Gatsby has told me what I need to know, but that's not your problem, nor do you need to know how I'm going to deal with it. Here's some responses to your other points: - Got no idea what this inactivity 14 day rule is, tell me the regiment and I might be able to do something about it. - When you leave a regiment to join another, it's up to the commander on whether or not you get demoted. If a commander needs a SGT to bring experience into the regiment, I don't really mind if they recruit a SGT. That being said, you can't have too many of one rank in your regiment in the higher ranks. Only Shock/Riot and the ST's can get away with that, but that's because they both have sub-regiments. - The three day rule is put in place to stop reg-jumping. Choose what regiment you want wisely, because you stuck there for three days, even if you join the ISB/Government/Navy. But once again phrased differently, I don't care what you do, that's up to you. My job is to just make sure that the army is helping anyone who needs and getting the army running smoothly, and at the moment it mostly is, there's just a few problems that need to be patched up. If you want to wait until Shadow gets revived, that's fine. Outside of that, what you do is up to you.
  9. Stevo.

    Heidy-Ho there!

    Welcome Just make sure not to book a meeting with me to ask me to give you permission to leave the storm troopers and we should get along fine.
  10. Stevo.

    Revive Shadow

    Look, there's no problem with Shadow, the regiment is a perfectly fine regiment. There have been many regiments that have had highs and lows, that have been the best and been the worst. 442nd is a good example. This time last year the regiment was one of the best in regards to activity and ability, now it's not so good. Here's the reason why we currently have regiments, like Shadow, that don't do well: 1. Lack of competent commander candidates This is the number one problem with regiments currently. Sure, everyone wants that coveted commander position, but 1 out of 20 people can actually stay in the position for a reasonably long time and less can be good commanders that can revive/actually run regiments. The reason why numpties get put in charge of the regiments and then the regiments die again is because people get put in charge that can't handle the role and IHC has to focus on more important regiments like Shock and the ST's. We have around 24 regiments (including sub regiments) to take care of and things slide through the cracks a lot because of how much ground we need to cover with the small group we have (sometimes we have many men out at a time like me). 2. Sheep culture This is a problem that is bigger than the server, but unfortunately most people are like sheep - they follow the majority. Humans are always in packs, it's part of our biology and it's effects our opinions. If some stupid guy who's new to the server and hasn't been around for as long as someone like myself, they'll say that Shadow or 442nd is a bad regiment because it keeps dying. Stupid guy 2 then listens to the original stupid guy and believes what he says and then avoids Shadow because he now thinks it's a bad regiment. Now from experience, no regiment is inherently bad, it's all about the commanders and how they run things, but stupid people who think they know everything don't understand that and tarnish the reputation of regiments. 3. Very little people can give a stuff to revive regiments once they have them This kind of covers similar grounds to my first point, but majority of people do not know how to revive a regiment/don't care enough to do so. Reviving a regiment is 10 times harder than it's made out to be if you want quality over quantity and quality always leads to longevity. The problem is most people don't understand that or think that reviving a regiment is hopeless. This is pretty much reflected by the amount of veterans on the server who have revived regiments. I can probably count members of the server who have pulled off a revive on one hand, and we can't move most of them into other regiments because most of us are in high ranking positions where we can do more good from. So when you have no competent candidates, the regiment in question is being dragged in the mud and nobody cares enough to revive the damn thing, you're kind of stuffed into a corner. This is the position that Shadow is in. Whilst I've been busting my hump at work/helping the ST's without being on the server though, I have devised a plan to combat these points. I might be back sooner than I thought and once I'm briefed on what's going on once I have returned, fixing these regiments is on the top of the to do list.
  11. Stevo.

    New Arrest Policy

    They don’t need to tell the recruits? This isn’t a training thing...
  12. Hi all Going to make this quick because I’m typing this on a phone with one hand and I hate using a phone to type. You probably have noticed that I haven’t been on for a couple of days, and that’s because in that time I got promoted at work. Normally people would be happy about something like this, but the dickhead who had my position before me left a whole bunch of shit to clean up. As as a result of that, I need to take a break for a couple of weeks to get shit sorted. I will be back at around the 23rd of August, unless I die, which in that case I leave all of you nothing. And don’t worry if you’re subbed to the YouTube channel, I luckily pre recorded videos for the next month. Cheers Stevo.
  13. Stevo.

    EM Application - Joshv

    -1 Never showed proper maturity on the server, has made very questionable decisions regarding both events and his regiment, attempted (at least on one occasion) to encourage troopers to disrupt others and basically disappeared without a trace.
  14. Stevo.


    I honestly don’t know how I get votes for half of this shit.
  15. Stevo.

    A week away - Hornet

    Good damn it, just when I have troubles actually getting on the server you have to take a break *Geoffrey is not pleased*