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    What Trial Event Masters do in Training

    It's... ...It's beautiful...
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    The officers lounge...

    The officers lounge...that place where the people who run the ship can congregate and have fun... We're in such good hands people...
  3. Vaders Fist, Storm Commandos and Nova Troopers are currently empty, and we are looking for new potential commanders to fill their positions! If you want to apply, head to this LINK HERE Please follow all instructions at the start of the form and answer ALL questions to the best of your ability! Remember, how you respond to each question is a direct extension of character and personality and is how we gauge if you are suitable or not for the position. On Saturday, 6:00 PM AEST, I will hold a meeting with the most eligible few to come to the final decision of who shall receive these positions. Remember. Commanding a regiment is a responsibility you will be expected to uphold. Good luck! ~ Major General Hornet
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    Ban the person above you game

    Banned for assuming gender
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    Gary's Pac3 Tier 1 App.

  6. addamcor

    Taking a Break From IG

    Farewell Pavonis, and good travels ;-;
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    Drawing submissions!

    Hang on...I've got a google doc here of all the drinks on the specials list... Romodi’s Pleasure Juice: -White wine -Fizzy Soda -Felucian Berry Sauce in a spiral pattern on top -wine and soda stirred gently
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    Drawing submissions!

    It's the Imperial Bar man, of the officers lounge! renowned for serving drinks on his specials menu such as 'Hutts Delight' or 'Romodi's Pleasure Juice' To all who enter
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    Drawing submissions!

    How about the Imperial Bar man @Zeta? He deserves some love
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    IG Movie Wallpapers

    @ISBRommel Hornet - A sad Storm trooper Brigadier Story
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    DEVELOPMENT - Changelog - 7/05/2018

    Heeeeey!!! I remember reviewing that film for a media assignment
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    Decided to muck around in photoshop...

    Hornet wouldn't get a very good story would just be him yelling and crying in a corner
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    LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!!! IT IS HERE! I tried to get it to export to 1080P, but for some reason, Adobe didn't like that...i dont know why. I'll say this again, please watch the video before seeing the compiled results down below, i put a lot of effort into these videos, and i don't want to see all the effort go to waste. AWARD RESULTS:
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    Probably no point since the Grand Moff has ordered an execution of John Shover... Reason: Not giving him a first place in any awards
  15. addamcor

    Hi, I'm new

    It's not THAT gets bad when the secretaries show up and all the troopers make them prostitutes, or when the secretaries are EQUALLY drunk and ask the grand mop where the moffs are...
  16. addamcor

    This is absolutely disgusting.

    Hello Tex. I just wanted to clear up the term 'avoiding ST training' quickly 'Avoiding ST training' wouldn't be classed as those reasons you listed. going AFK because because of real life is perfectly acceptable, and my officers know to well that i am often interrupted by real life meaning that they have to hold a portion of the training without me. [Which i am very grateful for]. All we do is move you out of the way slightly, so when you do come back, you can resume the training. Which many ST's have done before and will continue to do. 'Avoiding ST training' is classed as when the player is NOT AFK, and isn't showing up to the training either because they don't like the trainer or because they simply don't want to do it. Avoiding ST training can also occur during the training session itself. Although. Having issues with the trainer is a common response, [Particularly mingey ST's whom i've had to punish have made this excuse numerous times in an attempt to get out of ST training]. However, to put it simply, it doesn't matter. You may have a teacher in school who you don't like, but that doesn't matter. You still have to attend there classes. Same story is for ST training. I also mentioned that avoiding ST training can occur inside the training session itself. Let me expand this. Many many times, ST's have come to a training session, and have then wanted to leave. Not go AFK, but physically get out of the room they are in. There are 3 common methods that ST's utilize to do this. 1: Sneaking out of the room 2: Lying to the officer or commander holding the training, that he needs to see a super important person for a super secret meeting, AKA Emperor Palpatine 3: Getting themselves arrested by shooting other troopers, to then go to the brig, to then try and perform a jail break. Pretty much all of these reasons will lead to a demotion. Or, if i am feeling generous, 50+ Granny crouches, which, if the ST refuses to do, leads to a demotion. However. A demotion isn't temporary. If it is noted that you have been demoted to recruit continuously, then admins are able to ban you for the reasons 'Constant minge' or 'Fail RP' Since if they have been demoted you this many times, then there is obviously a problem. Hopefully this cleared this point up for you Tex, [Sorry about writing an essay over one little piece, i may or may not have gotten carried away] Thank you for reading: ~ Hornet
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    Server Change Log - 04/05/2018

    Nice update! School has finished absorbing my soul with SACs and has left me sick, But i'll be happy to enjoy this update tomorrow!
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    ENTRIES ARE CLOSED! the announcement video is now in the works...however, school is taking my life for a week so it will most likely be delayed
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    ENTRIES ARE CLOSED! the announcement video is now in the works...however, school is taking my life for a week so it will most likely be delayed
  20. addamcor

    Star wars ranks

    This is like when Event masters make up ranks for themselves Event master: "Greetings troopers! I am your Brigadier General! and i will be leading the mission" Me: "But...Brigadier General is just a Brigadier" Event master: "No, it is different!" Me: "No, It's the same" I proceed to put forward an internet article stating the fact they are equal Event master: "NO! I'm higher!" Proceeds to put forward article mentioning different ranks were made in different sectors
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    IG Memes.

    @Lachlan CONSOLE Grand_Moff_Tarkin killed Alderaan using weapon_deathstar
  22. addamcor

    Twin Ion Engine: Defender

    @Anthony I'm fairly certain you need to present it to Cody, who will then later in the timeline propose it to Whitey
  23. addamcor


    RIGHT! Everyone is still making terrible suggestion for awards... 1. No awards for minges, they don't deserve awards. 2. This awards system isn't designed to label people as 'the worst BLANK'. The biggest potato award is a joke, and is designed to SOUND like a joke. Whoever will receive that award knows that it isn't serious. 3. A lot of the suggestions have already been done. For example, i have had people suggest the best pilot award, or something around pilots. Thats was literally done last month. 4. I try to stay away from awards that are so specific, we KNOW only one person can win it. It was stated in the pilot award last month that the winner did not have to be a member of the pilot regiment, and it could be anyone with a pilots licence. Awards like the best TMOD as well are terrible, since that is SUPER specific. The 'Best Event creator' Award would be a much better suggestion 5. I try to give some of the awards unique names, so that they aren't so bland. For example, this month there are things like 'The Voice' and 'The I'm no Soldier' Award. Whoever receives these awards gets a unique name added to them. If you REALLY want to suggest an award, which i usually don't accept, try think of these criteria before saying anything, because it gets kinda annoying. ~ John Shover
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    pinejack's PAC3 Tier 2 Application

    HUGE +1 - Pinejack has been a VERY long time member of this community - Is well renowned and trusted in the community - Has demonstrated trustworthiness by being accepted into the staff team - A LARGE Varieties of PAC creations, demonstrating a great competence in PAC, an eagerness to express ideas, increase ideas, and improve the immersion in his events - Generally a great guy - Detailed answers that demonstrate a high amount of effort into application - Eager to also help and assist others with PAC Good luck Signed: ~ Hornet
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    Vort's Tier 1 PAC (Re-app)

    +1 -Has been a long term member of this community -Is trusted by those around him -Has some unique PAC creations such as the facial visor when typing that demonstrates PAC competence. -Answers are detailed and have had effort put into them In conclusion, I believe that Vort does deserve the privilege to use PAC and that he has met all of my criteria for someone who deserves PAC Good luck Signed: ~ Hornet